27-03-2020, 13:43
Post of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan posted on Facebook:

"Address by the third President of Armenia, Hero of Artsakh Serzh Sargsyan to the people of Artsakh

Dear Artsakh people,

My sisters and brothers,

The timing of the nationwide regular elections in Artsakh coincided with a world full of times full of serious challenges and dangers, in which preserving people's health and saving lives is an absolute priority for all states and nations.

Perceptions of security, protection, effective governance, even simple human behavior, caring for one another, and public relations are changing or changing every day.

Some see it as a new war, some as the worst crisis in human history, others view it as a serious threat to their national security, state borders are closed, the highest "red" level of epidemic danger declared, and so on. Yes, saving human lives and effectively managing states in a crisis is the most important thing for everyone at this stage, and then comes the difficult post-crisis era of neutralizing economic harm and ensuring the dignity of citizens.

The authorities of Artsakh, I hope, will assess the situation soberly and correctly, calculate the dangers and make decisions that will not endanger the lives of their citizens. My fighting friends, including those in power, I am sure know best the value of human life.

Please be vigilant, take care of yourself and your families, those in need of care, and maintain your health and life. This is also a life-and-death struggle, just like in the war that we won together with dignity years ago.

Living in dignity for Artsakh was first and foremost the self-determination of its own destiny on its own land, for which it was too expensive to pay. About three decades ago, through the righteous struggle and struggle, we have won the right to live freely and in dignity at the cost of the lives of our thousands of brothers and sisters.

For years, our negotiations on the international recognition of Artsakh's right to self-determination have been based on the results of your national and local elections in accordance with all international standards.

Foreigners and organizations interested in the Nagorno-Karabakh issue have always urged me to visit Artsakh and see how Artsakh builds a democratic society and nation-state based on these elections through these elections.
27-03-2020, 13:10
A London resident has recovered from a coronavirus and told how other patients in the hospital died before his eyes. This is reported by The Mirror.

Joseph Wallis, 40, fell ill after visiting a pub with friends. He had a week of cough and fever for a week, not enough air. The man did not seek medical attention.

As the man's condition worsened, ambulance took him to the hospital for coronavirus infections. Her diagnosis was confirmed within 30 hours.

Wallis was taken to a six-person hospital. During the three days that the man spent in the hospital, he witnessed two of his neighbors die. "The old man couldn't breathe on his own, and then I never saw him again. The nurse told me that she was dead. The other patient was taken to the resuscitation department but was also unable to rescue her. He was old, he had other illnesses, ”Wallace said.

Witnessing the tragedy of others, the man has decided to warn people about the need to abide by state rules. “We have to take this seriously. No need to organize parties and meet friends. Otherwise more people will die, ”he said.
27-03-2020, 13:05
The updated list of temporary restrictions on types of economic activity due to emergency situations has been published.

Decision of the RA Chief of Staff:

Guided by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia No. 298-N of 16 March 2020 on Declaring a State of Emergency in the Republic of Armenia:

Establish temporary restrictions applicable to types of economic activity throughout the territory of the Republic of Armenia in accordance with Appendix N1.
Provide that prohibited types of economic activity are permitted to engage solely in compliance with the rules set forth in paragraph 2 of this Decision and that the inevitable (or immediate) presence of a person or persons for the performance of any particular type of economic activity is permitted; if the following rules are followed:
1) Exclude crowding and, where possible, provide measures to manage the entry process by restricting people's access to a confined area until a certain number of people are inside;

 2) Marking at the points of payment of the points of sale of the points of sale and, where necessary, at least one meter apart from the points of sale, in order to exclude queues and ensure social distance;

3) Commercial establishments selling food and / or non-food items not prohibited by Schedule N1, serve only retired people every day from 10:00 to 12:00, whilst ensuring the disinfection of the storefront prior to service.

At the request of the Registrar and at the request or request of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia, for the purpose of preventing the spread of new coronavirus disease in the Republic of Armenia, for the needs of its elimination or for other specific purposes, it shall be permitted to carry out appropriate work or activities by individual entities prohibited by Annex 1 to this Decision or service delivery.
The following restrictions apply to certain types of economic activity not prohibited by Appendix N of this Decision:
1) Business entities classified as “61” (telecommunications) in the list of Annex N 1 serve the citizens online or remotely and only on urgent need can the service be delivered by delivery;
27-03-2020, 12:34
Ten newborns infected with coronavirus have been hospitalized in Pavia, northern Italy.

According to local media, RIA Novosti reports.
27-03-2020, 12:19
On March 27, the Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan visited Tsakhkadzor YSU Rest House, where there are 90 contacts.

He presented to the Director of the Radioisotope Production Center Hovhannes Zohrabyan on Facebook that he has been organizing medical preventive measures for 13 days.
27-03-2020, 12:09
During a conversation with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, one of the citizens cried. It is worth mentioning that the prime minister was calling citizens on live telephones and talking about how they cope with the state of emergency and how to overcome social difficulties.

One woman from the townspeople mentioned that somehow they made it. “My husband is not working, he is sick old, I have a second-degree disabled mother, I keep him, I don't work. My husband is registered with "Ideal", has been on vacation for the second month and is not working. We take loans, pay off loans, pay utilities; We already have a loan of 5.8 million drams. The only income these months is my mother's pension of 40,000 drams. "

The husband, in turn, said his monthly income was 170-200,000 drams depending on the amount of work, but he was given two months off on his own.

“Last time I took a loan of 500,000 AMD, of which I repaid 380,000 AMD of the previous loans. At the moment I have 5,000 drams in my pocket, I have to apply to the banks again in two days, to see where I can get support. "

At that time, it was heard on the phone that the ailing mother was crying live.

The woman's brother also joined the conversation. “I am 46 years old, nowhere are they hired even as a driver. It is age restricted; it is accepted for ages 35-40. I don't want money from anyone, I don't want Paros. I'll take care of my worries, but at least get some work done. "

Nikol Pashinyan noted that the point of this call is to understand how social assistance packages can be designed to reach those who need them. "This support should be such that people can overcome this difficult period."

Despite the difficulties, the man said that he was very happy about the "coup". Pashinyan smiled. "It's not a revolution, it's a revolution."

"If someone says something bad about you, I keep you on my teeth because I trust you and believe you," the citizen said. "We will do everything to justify your hopes. I do not know how long it will take. We now have to see if the packages we offer will support these families. "
27-03-2020, 11:56
The situation in Lori region will be catastrophic ... Either strict measures will be taken or adults will not be able to handle all our problems. Yeah, I'm panicked by the inactivity of the police (or whoever needs to watch) There is no proper surveillance in the villages and even in the cities, people play blokes in the neighborhoods, the kids play with each other in groups ...

 What if someone became infected, everyone would become infected ... Situation Awareness 0.001%
One or two police cars are enough to turn around and be able to appear anywhere at any time, if not afraid of being infected, let them be fined.
27-03-2020, 11:43
Health Minister Arsen Torosyan continues to walk around in isolators. He is in Tsakhkadzor, where citizens are isolated in various holiday homes.

The Minister also visited the Writers' Union rest house, where 80 citizens are isolated, including pregnant women.

Dr. Spartak presented the situation of the citizens, noting that everyone is feeling very well, there are no worries.

"Life inside continues, with many even wanting to extend their stay here for another 14 days," the doctor said.

The Minister was also at YSU Rest House and Tsakhkadzor Sports Complex. In all places the citizens are in good condition, they are regularly heated, they receive food three times a day.
27-03-2020, 11:41
Armenian trucks conditioned by disinfectants due to the state of emergency due to the spread of coronavirus in Armenia and Georgia have been unable to cross the Armenian-Georgian border for days.

АrmDaily.am has been receiving alerts and videos for more than 10 kilometers in Bagratashen for days.
Today we have learned that there has been very little progress since the phone conversation between the prime ministers of Armenia and Georgia, the 10-kilometer line being only 1.5 kilometers ahead. Yesterday, about 30 trucks were allowed to cross the border, while the number of waiting trucks exceeds 300.
27-03-2020, 11:36
"As Nikol Pashinyan says in this situation, there is no day laborer, how come we are his people, have we believed in him?" A private taxi driver from Echmiadzin said this during a Tert.am poll.

“There is no business. I have all the essentials: gloves, mask, alcohol, even chlorine, but no movement. I don't know what we are going to do, ”he said, adding that they had been trying to make a living on a small income, and now he is being told that he is working in the shade and will not be helped.

Another survey participant mentioned that while the state of emergency was selling lotto, crossword, there are no buyers now for known reasons, it is a fact.

“There is no such thing as a day-to-day concept, there are people who make small daily deals and make a living, but today they cannot live with it. I now have a lot of 200-300 drams to live on, ”he said.

One of the citizens mentioned that she used to earn 2000 drams a day, now she can't.

“You cannot give money for light or gas. If people do not work properly for two months, they will lose money. Anyway, from the banks that have taken the money, the time will come to pay, they will say. Living on 2000 drams a day was difficult in the past. I went a thousand times, fought for Pashinyan to get a pension, how much he raised, deceived the people, is still cheating to this day, ”he said, adding that he is aware of the governor's statement that there is no concept of day labor, they are, who are in the shade.

“He was fighting for his place of residence, there was nothing in favor of the people. Under Robert Kocharyan, the same name and Serge Sargsyan do the same for the people. Nikol Pashinyan will not be a leader either, ”the pollster said.