27-03-2020, 16:54
At the press center of the government the questions were answered by Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Armen Harutyunyan and Rescue Service Director Vrezh Gabrielyan.

They spoke about the steps taken by the Ministry of Emergency Situations to prevent coronavirus.

Vrezh Gabrielyan touched upon the case of the infection with a coronavirus MES employee and mentioned that the latter was infected by his wife. The employee did not interact with other employees while they were infected.
27-03-2020, 16:42
On March 24, commander Tigran Avinyan made a new decision restricting the right of people to move freely throughout the Republic of Armenia until March 31, 20:59 at 23:59 to prevent possible spread of coronavirus.

They can leave the house only in case of extreme need, and the person leaving must necessarily have a printed or handwritten movement sheet.

kayqer.ru has recently received an alert from a reader that in Yerevan, one of the 3rd supermarkets is selling movement papers for 500 drams. The reader, unfortunately, was unable to take a photo.

We invite the attention of the relevant authorities, we can provide the address and the name of the supermarket.
27-03-2020, 16:40
The country is in a state of emergency, the crisis is inevitable ...

The people today need their state apparatus and head of government more than ever.

He needs the Prime Minister who brought him to power to live well to get rid of the so-called "captivity" ...

But what do we have today? We have a runaway prime minister and an ignorant government (parrot).

We have Nicole, who, being the head of the country, unaware that there are day laborers in the country, is unaware that most of the country is under loans, and when the MPs raise this issue during the Government question and answer session, you pass the yard slang, Have you forgotten that you have outlawed that lifestyle or made it special for you to feel a little boy?
27-03-2020, 16:36
If Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan hadn't been on today's live Facebook airtime, I probably wouldn't have touched on it, but when I saw the great populist calling live people and breaking the most basic rules of ethics, I wouldn't give them straightforward questions and answer them privately stop circulating # NICOLE, GET the hashtag anymore.

#NICOLE, GO and the sooner the damage to our statehood will be less.

#NIKOL, GO, because staying there is no longer a threat to public safety, because we saw your eagerness to rally darken your consciousness and not feel the danger of a worldwide epidemic threatening Armenia.

You didn't feel that danger even when everyone was calling you to close the borders of Armenia; you didn't feel it because at that time Coronavirus was just a “dog” for you.

The lack of state-of-the-art thinking led to the fact that 320 people were infected with the virus in Armenia in just a few days.

This would not have happened at this speed if you and your entire team had put aside your personal ambitions for the sake of the state.

#NICOLE, GO, because it is because of the work of you and your team that the coronavirus has already reached the army, where we already have infected soldiers and it is not yet known how much more they will increase unless extraordinary measures are taken, which may also considered late.
27-03-2020, 16:25
Famous Russian composer, singer Igor Nikolaev is suffering from bilateral pneumonia. His health is estimated to be of medium severity, Cosmolskaya Pravda writes.

To test for the possibility of being infected with Coronavirus, he was tested and waiting for an answer.

According to media reports, Lev Leshchenko had been hospitalized with the same complaints. After the study it was confirmed that he was infected with coronavirus.

Igor Nikolaev's health problems emerged after a meeting with Lev Leshchenko. Lev Valerianovich, 78, had just returned from a trip to the United States. Unable to stay in quarantine, he went to the birthday of the famous producer Alla Cruto. Here he also met with Nikolai Baskov, Oleg Gazmanov, Alexander Buhnov, Irina Allegrova, Alsu, Valeri Leontev, Ani Lorak, Alexander Serov and others. The singer's wife, Yulia Proskuriakova, wrote:

“Please rest and leave us alone. If you are so worried, leave us alone and let's wait for the results. ”
27-03-2020, 15:56
The estimated time to repay the infection will be in late May. Speaking to kayqer.ru physicist Hamlet Abrahamyan said. The scientist emphasized that his judgments are based on data published by specialist virologists and epidemiologists. Although not strictly scientific, they are statistical considerations.

“I think the spread of the infection has not reached its peak yet. I think the spread of the infection will continue for a month or more. " According to the scientist, usually by going through the creature and undergoing various modifications, all viruses become somewhat "dumb" and less aggressive. This is why viruses have so far failed to eradicate humans. He also said that it was senseless to expect any drug that would cure coronavirus in the near future.

"A possible drug, if it is, will not be against the crown. It is going to be against one or more of the symptoms. There is no cure for the virus. The only drug against the virus is human immunity, which is formed either after infection with the virus or through a vaccine, which is actually the same infection with the same virus, but with a low dose, "the scientist said.[center][/center]
27-03-2020, 15:45
American blogger TikTok from Lars, California, posted a video on his social network where he gently licked the toilet. A few days later the boy announced that he had been infected with coronavirus, the Daily Mail reports.

The 21-year-old American confessed that he made the video to become famous and take part in the "Coronavirus Challenge".

This challenge was launched by 22-year-old TikTok blogger Ave Ave Louise. The girl licked the toilet in the plane.

It is noted that the video was removed from the American site.
27-03-2020, 15:42
RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan has today completed his visits to the Monte Melkonyan College, a short distance from Dilijan, where Armenian citizens who have returned from Italy have been living for 12 days. The minister wrote about it on his Facebook page.

“Today's highlight was the Monte Melkonian School, a short distance from Dilijan, where our compatriots who have returned from Italy have been living for 12 days. All of them will be tested tomorrow, and as a result, they will either go home or remain in control. In any case, everyone was feeling well and in a good mood, ”says Arsen Torosyan.
27-03-2020, 15:38
A man isolated from a coronavirus virus in Mexico has sent a dog to the store for a list of unnecessary supplies, according to The Mirror.

A man named Antonio Munoz wanted to eat chips on the third day of self-isolation and took a clever step to meet that need. He sent the dog to the store for sale in front of his home.

"Hi Mr. Salesman, please sell Chitos a chance, the orange-red is very spicy," wrote Muñoz, and the paper was fastened to the dog's neck.

The man in the letter also warned the seller that the dog could be bitten if it is not treated properly.

The man then took a photo of the dog returning from the store in a large package and shared the picture on his Facebook page. This story has amused many, and in a very short time hundreds of users have shared it.
27-03-2020, 15:29
On March 27, Operativ.am posted: "59-year-old woman dies of Alaparsi pneumonia. It turns out, according to unofficial data, three deaths from Coronavirus have been registered in the Republic? ”Based exclusively on assumptions, but the information was not clarified with the Paretat or the Ministry of Health before being released. Paretatun had reported on March 26 that the deaths in Gyumri on the same day were not due to coronavirus disease.

We know that the death of a 59-year-old woman in Alapars today is also not due to coronavirus disease. We urge the media before publishing information on this topic to verify it with official bodies. We would like to reiterate that there has been one death due to coronavirus disease in the Republic so far.

 Once again, we assure you that any information about cases of coronavirus disease is properly and promptly disseminated by the Paretatun and the Ministry of Health through appropriate platforms. We urge the media to follow and disseminate officially approved information.

Please be reminded that according to the RA Government Declaration of State of Emergency, current and new cases of new coronavirus infection in the Republic of Armenia, health status of persons, sources of infection, other persons contacting existing or potential infectious persons, passing (testing) and number of detainees, publications on measures taken by the Authorized Body in the field of health and related data, information materials, interviews, Public dissemination, transmission (hereinafter, all together) of the broadcasts, including their publication on websites and social networks, is carried out by the mass media only with reference to the information provided by the court (hereinafter referred to as official information), fully reflecting official information (without editing).

In the event that the reports provided for in paragraph 23 of this Decision are published by the mass media without official information, the media shall publish the denial, disclosure, or clarification of the information contained in that report by the court clerk within two hours of receiving / publishing it. At the same time, the media must ensure that it is disseminated on the same platforms as those used when publishing the program.