27-03-2020, 18:39
His Holiness Pope Francis blesses the balcony of St. Peter's Cathedral on the occasion of the COVID-19 epidemic.
27-03-2020, 18:37
Singer Mher Armenia posted a post on his Facebook page praising Gagik Tsarukyan, which has been the subject of much debate.

Many users in the comments advised Mher to go about his business and not go into politics, some with harsh wording. Mher was also one of the tough formulations, who even wrote curses to users.
27-03-2020, 18:32
Speaking to Sputnik Armenia, the spokesman for the health minister said how the coronavirus funeral will be held.

YEREVAN, March 27 - Sputnik. The funeral of a 72-year-old woman who died of coronavirus in Armenia will be carried out according to epidemiological instructions. Sputnik Armenia spokeswoman Alina Nikoghosyan told the information to Sputnik Armenia.

"His coffin will be closed," Nikoghosyan said.
27-03-2020, 18:27
Yerevan Mayor Taron Gevorgyan's spouse Satik Martirosyan has been diagnosed with malignant tumor (metastatic melanoma).

Without losing a day, you need to start expensive drug immune therapy, then chemotherapy, surgery, and more. Moreover, medicines for this phase of treatment can only be found from abroad, and the timeframe cannot be broken. The family needs financial support. The one-year immunotherapy course requires about $ 50,000.
27-03-2020, 18:17
In the United States, men over 50 have been hospitalized after the coronavirus was complicated. Lung testing showed what the virus had done to its respiratory system. The British Daily Mail has published a picture of a study conducted at George Washington University.

When the man's health worsened sharply, the doctor ordered a three-dimensional diagnosis of the lungs. As a result, a 3D image of the lungs was obtained, the green painted part of which is the result of virus infection.

The doctor decided to publish the picture to explain to everyone what the virus is doing to the human body.
27-03-2020, 18:14
A state of emergency has been declared in the Republic of Armenia due to the coronavirus situation since March 16 and strict anti-epidemic measures have been taken since March 24, including restrictions on the free movement of persons.

While the number of people infected with coronavirus is increasing day by day, and Armenian citizens are waiting for new information from the authorities every minute, Nikol Pashyan said on March 26, early in the morning, as he notes: about success. ” Pashinyan captioned the video "Armenia's new achievements in international rankings."

AntiFake.am has reviewed the data of Pashinyan's reports, as well as tried to figure out which organizations have developed them, whether those data can be so important to our state or not at all.

About the Varieties of Democracy Dataset (V-Dem)

Nikol Pashinyan presented a report developed by V-Dem Institute. "This (data in the report - ed.) Is very important for Armenia's international image." But the study of the V-Dem Institute suggests something else.

Thus, the V-Dem Institute is an independent research institute of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and the head office of the program established by the Chair of Political Science of the same University. The institute was founded by Professor Stefan I. By Lindbergh in 2014.

It should be noted that almost all Western universities have research institutes attached to their various chairs which carry out professional research and analysis.
27-03-2020, 17:46
Coronavirus death toll in Italy sets new record in one day 969 people have died, according to Domenico Arcuri, Commissioner for Emergency Situations, according to CNN.

"Today there have been 10 950 cases of coronavirus infection in the country, 589 people have recovered," Arkuri said during a briefing Friday evening.

"Unfortunately, 969 people died," he said.

In Italy, 86,498 cases of coronavirus were confirmed, 9134 of which resulted in death.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on March 11 the outbreak of the COVIND-19 coronavirus infection. According to the latest WHO data, more than 559,143 people have been infected worldwide, and more than 25,278 have died.
27-03-2020, 17:38
Hayk Shadow, who became famous after writing and performing the music of Nikol Pashinyan's "Citizen's Song", which has become the hymn of the revolution, presented his new video "Return" today.

He is the brother of Mkhitar Hayrapetyan, a member of the Civic Contract Party. In February, he wrote another song based on Nikol Pashinyan's poem "Say Yes" to the Constitutional Referendum.

In this case, the author of both the music and the words is Hayk Shadow.

Return to the world we know,

Return. to find that path,

Maybe we get it again,

This planet will live long.
27-03-2020, 17:28
American-Armenian reality star Kim Kardashian of the reality show posted a video on her Instagram page that was not to the liking of many Turks following her. Ermenihaber reports.

The Instagram star with 163 million followers, who, like many in quarantine, self-insulated at home, ordered a popular eastern dish, Lahmajo.

In the video, Kardashian asked if they knew what Lahmajo was and said it was an "Armenian pizza."

The video about a very widespread Lahmajo in Turkey has angered Turkish users. They wrote various comments under Kardashian's photos. Kardashian's video was also responded to by prominent Turkish singers Demet Akalen and Ebru Polat.

Akalini wrote in English under the photo published by Kardashian: Lahmajo is Turkish, and Polat writes in Turkish; "Lahmajo is not an Armenian pizza, respect me."

Lahmajo is often referred to as Armenian and Arabic pizza. It is also widespread in Turkey.

The Kardashian sisters, as is well known, often incite the wrath of Turkish users on the Internet. The Kardashian sisters are often targeted by Turks, especially after US Senate support for the Armenian Genocide Resolution.
27-03-2020, 17:08
Former NA Vice Speaker Arpine Hovhannisyan wrote on her Facebook page:

“Nikol Pashinyan said that observers in Artsakh should pass a test.

Question 1 How do you ensure that the observers already in Artsakh pass that test, who went - who went, who not yet - only they will deliver?

Question 2 Why has the Ministry of Health not clarified where and in what order? I have checked from different places, but where is the official message?

Question 3: How will the reporters leave for Artsakh and where?

Question 4 Who will provide the test document? "