27-03-2020, 19:43
American environmental scientists say the behavior of viruses in the environment largely depends on their structure. A study by Stanford University researchers on the possible transmission of SARS-CoV-2 has been published by Environmental Science & Technology.

Scientists may not quickly understand how the new virus behaves in the environment, but often it all depends on whether it is "wrapped" in lipid layers or "naked". If the virus is "dressed", it helps prevent it from meeting the host's immune system, and "naked" viruses can spread easily in the water.

Scientists have studied and found that water filters overcome the problem of SARS-CoV-2-like viruses entering the water. On this basis, it is assumed that water may not be the main route of transmission of coronavirus.
27-03-2020, 19:41
The paramedic decides to publish restrictions on a number of businesses.

Guided by Paragraphs 2, 6 and 7 of Government Decree No. 298-N of March 16, 2020, and Article 20 of the Appendix to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, Instruction No. 17/2020 and Decision No. 19 of March 27, 2020,
27-03-2020, 19:41
The new coronavirus virus has changed the plans of OgentAr company in Goris.
The company, which produces three-dimensional printers, has also begun to manufacture plastic face shields and glasses because of the new situation.
"We produce three-dimensional printers, they are mainly educational in nature, designed to motivate children to make their own. This gives the chance that if the children have a printer, they will be able to get a second one for them. That is, they can print some parts of the printers, and the rest of them will already have their own printers on the market, ”said Arthur Khojabaghyan, co-founder, founding director of Goris Development Club, company.
According to Khojabaghyan, orders were received both from schools and colleges, and from individuals.
Programmer-engineers are convinced that these printers can revolutionize public service as well;
"The situation with Coronavirus comes to prove that if people had three-dimensional printers in their home, they wouldn't have to leave the house to get many things. The file could be downloaded from the Internet, printed and used. "
According to the printer, based on the drawing of a file, it is possible to print a three-dimensional object, such as the text or picture is printed on paper by a regular printer;
“And for what purpose it can be used, it depends on who the user is. For example, they come to us and say, 'You know, you can print machine parts with these prints,' so everybody can make something according to their specific field. "
27-03-2020, 19:34
Aries. Work hard today to get serious and to be as concerned about others as you are at the beginning of the day. The creative potential is growing, and new areas of success are possible. The day is perfect for working with more experienced colleagues, their knowledge and skills will be helpful to you.

The second half of the day differs from the unfavorable emotional background. For this part of the day, it is not advisable to schedule meetings, especially with people who are conflicted. Disputes with older relatives are possible.

Taurus. The day is fine from the outset, opening up great opportunities for many of the markers. Work to find the right fit for your talents, regret the great effort and spend time on small and insignificant things. You are good at handling organizational issues, giving subordinates intelligence, and displaying leadership skills at the right time.

When it comes to money and love, you are fortunate enough to be jealous. It is a good day to discuss important matters with your loved ones.

Gemini. Your ingenuity will soon be rewarded. You feel so immediate and happy with your surroundings that it is unlikely that anyone will be able to resist your charm, even though today's acquaintances are unlikely to have serious consequences.

You manage to settle disputes with relatives and find common ground with the people you recently argued with. Great shopping can be done today, especially for home appliances. It would be better to give up on far-reaching trips.

Cancer. It's a good day to start an important business or project with which you have high hopes. Success at work seems to be by chance, but in reality it is the result of the efforts you made earlier. Career promotion as well as interesting business suggestions are possible. The profits are increasing.

You find common ground even with those you haven't been in for a long time, not because you make concessions. You just say what you think and you understand it correctly.
27-03-2020, 19:25
Italian Alberto Belucci was born in 1919, during the Spanish Epidemic, which killed nearly 600,000 people. He fled the Nazis three times during World War II. And now the 101-year-old Beluchi has been infected with coronavirus and has recovered, NTV reports.

"Mr. Belucci was born in 1919 during another tragic pandemic; he has seen everything - hunger, pain, progress, crisis and recovery. After crossing the 100-year-old border, fate put him in front of this new challenge, invisible and terrifying at the same time, ”said the deputy mayor of Rimini.
27-03-2020, 19:24
The challenge of the "Zayachi Stone" collective has become a trend on social networks. Employees of Sputnik Armenia also decided to deviate a bit from the coronavirus news feed and at the same time entertain readers sitting at home.

We accepted the challenge and joined the international # unochallenge. It wasn't easy, but it was fun.
27-03-2020, 19:18
Daniel Ioannisyan wrote on his Facebook page:

“The answer to my Coronavirus test came. I am back in Artsakh in the morning.

There is no voting left for the people of Artsakh. I'll write about the observation in a little bit later. "
27-03-2020, 19:10
On March 12, 2020, Azeri citizen crossed the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in the direction of Artanish village of Gegharkunik region and voluntarily surrendered to the border guards.

In this regard, ArmLur.am contacted Artanish community leader Sulik Shushanyan.

"The incident happened about 10-15 days ago, the border guards reported and immediately handed it over to the relevant authorities, and I do not know what the border wanted to cross," said the head of the Artanish community.
27-03-2020, 19:00
Hundreds of people in Iran have died from the use of poisonous methanol to try to protect themselves against coronavirus, writes the South Morning China Post.

The unrest among Iranians has led to hundreds of deaths and more than 1,000 casualties, including a five-year-old child whose parents forced him to drink poisonous methanol to protect against a new type of coronavirus, which left the child blind.

According to Iranian media, more than 300 people have died as a result of methanol in Iran, another 1,000 have been taken to various hospitals. According to the source, the use of alcohol in Iran is banned, so residents rely on illicit drink sellers.
27-03-2020, 18:47
“There are tense moods in Artsakh these days. According to the residents of Stepanakert, there were never so many negative expectations before the elections. The reason is not just that the incumbent relinquishes power to the next, and the degree of legitimacy of the new one will probably be very uncertain; Who will come and what kind of leader will be for Artsakh, in a sense they do not know.

The point is that a considerable number of foreigners appeared in Stepanakert, there was an obscure activation, with 130-150 people being reported with serious interest, making active moves in the capital and some large communities of Artsakh, holding secret meetings, holding secret meetings. some arrangements are made.