27-03-2020, 21:51
27-03-2020, 21:25
Today is International Theater Day, in which we talked to actor Vilen Sargsyan. The latter is more active in theater than in cinema and soap operas, but he has his own complaints about the situation in the theater. The actor is nominated this year for "Artavazd" theatrical award for Best Picture Actor for his character embodied in "Bedroom Comedy".

Speaking to Tert.am Life, the actor mentioned that he was nominated for the first time and spoke about theater and performances, expressing his subjective dissatisfaction.

“To be honest, I've learned from our theater that I'm nominated. Since I had never been nominated, it was very unexpected for me. I have no prizes and will find it difficult to talk about the awards. I think getting a prize is some appreciation of the work done, which naturally inspires the artist, but I don't give it much importance myself, ”said Vilen.
27-03-2020, 21:12
Dozens of children have been infected with coronavirus in the suburb of Pavia, Milan. Some of them are not even a month old, and the smallest is only 6 days. Doctors at the local medical center told the local La Provincia pavese periodical.

None of the children, however, had an intrauterine infection. They all got the infection after they were born with their relatives, especially in their relationships with mothers. Most children are in good health.

Only one child had to be admitted to the intensive care unit. He was taken to Milan to seek medical help.
27-03-2020, 21:04
The US government has provided $ 1.1 million in the fight against Armenia's coronavirus.

The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) reports that the additional congressional financial assistance provided by the US Congress will help Armenia overcome the crisis.

Additional US medical assistance will help Armenia develop laboratory systems, activate incident and event-based surveillance, and assist technical specialists in response and preparedness.
27-03-2020, 20:58
By RA Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan's decision, restrictions were imposed on some branches of Yerevan City, Sas and Nor Zovk supermarkets.

It has been decided to ban the operation of the following branches (supermarkets) for the following 6 hours: 1) "CITY" LTD. 24/7 building, Hovhannisyan district, Avan, Yerevan 46 Building, Komitas Ave., Yerevan 2) Sas Group LLC 20/1 Kajaznuni Street, Yerevan ․ 3) "Nor Zovk" LLC Yerevan, Muratsan 113/4.

Hakob Avagyan, Head of the RA Health and Labor Inspectorate, was instructed to provide the businessmen with information on this decision.

And Police Chief Arman Sargsyan was tasked with ensuring complete control over compliance with the requirements of this decision.
27-03-2020, 20:56
A coronavirus has been confirmed by one of the members of the Armenian national team who participated in the Olympic Boxing Tournament in London. The other team members are under the direct supervision of doctors.
27-03-2020, 20:41
Interview with Vice President of Heritage Party Narine Dilbaryan and political commentator Menua Harutyunyan / Part 2 /

- Does the political crisis exist or not?
Narine Dilbaryan: There is a crisis of government that has nothing to do with what Menua says: The seizure of power is ridiculous because it did not seize power, Serzh Sargsyan was able to show restraint as a result of his long political course, he left quietly.
27-03-2020, 20:28
Sipan Petrosyan, a football coach in China who was in Armenia, has recently returned to China. In the video, he tells how and in what ways he came to Armenia from China.
Video from Voice of America
27-03-2020, 20:09
Varuzhan Avetisyan wrote on his Facebook page:

"In his latest interview, Vitaly Balasanyan said that he had slapped those members of the Sasun Fraser who were carrying weapons on him.
No one held a gun on him. And he didn't slap anyone. To put it mildly, he couldn't.

He was trying to present himself as an impartial mediator. But we knew him very well, and we knew he was a stalwart of the regime.
27-03-2020, 19:53
Ani Samsonyan, Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, writes on her Facebook page:
“Dear friends, colleagues, citizens,

I would like to apologize to all of you that in 2018 I approved the inclusion of Arman Babajanyan in our pre-election list in the Governing Council of the Enlightened Armenia Party.

I am really sorry that this man appeared in our team and I feel guilty that he appeared in Parliament.