5-11-2020, 09:05
Fights for the Stepanakert-Lachin road. ANNA News:
5-11-2020, 09:02
The war will end, all wars, even a hundred years, will end one day, yes, the war will end ․․Important, how and where ․․․ There will be pain, memory, longing, anger and destruction on our land and in our souls ․․․ There will also be traitors who try to put their betrayal in the pockets of others ․․․ The end of the boys of Homeless B must be hellish ․․․ I hope there will be a few smears left to blow them up, I hope, ․․․
We have nothing to give to the Turks, we have stood for our homeland նենք We will upgrade, our house will stand ․․․
And Turks of all nationalities must die, we must kill ․․․
The most important thing is to be Armenian and stay human in war and peace ․․
5-11-2020, 08:31
At around 10:30 the enemy left 1 armored vehicle, 1 truck և a large amount of manpower on the battlefield and was thrown back ․ Defense Army:
On November 5, at around 10:30, the enemy forces attempted to attack in the eastern part, using armored vehicles.
As a result of the competent actions of the Defense Army units and reservists, the enemy, leaving 1 armored vehicle, 1 truck, a large amount of manpower on the battlefield, was thrown back.
The operative situation remains under the control of the Defense Army
5-11-2020, 08:29
Mnatsakanyan on Pashinyan's letter to Putin about the violated ceasefires
At today's briefing with journalists, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, referring to the letter of the RA Prime Minister addressed to the President of the Russian Federation վերաբերյալ on the letter on starting consultations to determine the size, said և "As for our contractual relations and the functions arising from it, all the necessary work is being done." To the observation that the Foreign Minister met three times with his Azerbaijani counterpart to establish a ceasefire, but they were not observed, Mnatsakanyan said. "Let me remind you more: three times the leaders of the three co-chairing countries have made a direct contribution to the ceasefire, three times Armenia has seriously secured that agreement, but Azerbaijan has violated it three times because it was probably directed by another player, Turkey. . "For the third time we have a situation when Azerbaijan is unable to be responsible in terms of implementing its agreement."
5-11-2020, 08:04
These elections are exceptional. Trump received about 5 million more votes than in the previous election. International expert Suren Sargsyan wrote about this on his Facebook page, titling his post. "American Electoral Crisis".

He, in particular, noted. "Biden has won more votes than any other president in US history. About 100 million people voted in advance through the postal service, which is an exceptional number.

At this point, however, Biden seems to be ahead of Trump by just one vote. An election with such close numbers means an unequivocal appeal by the other candidate, as according to preliminary data, Trump will have 268 votes. This is why Biden's victory is delegitimized և Trump does not accept his defeat.
5-11-2020, 07:51
The Artsakh Defense Army destroyed two subversive groups of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on the northern front.

This was reported by WarGonzo channel.
5-11-2020, 07:47
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, the Ararat Investigation Division of the Ararat Regional Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee of Armenia is preparing materials on the November 3 shooting in Ararat region.
On that day, at around 8:40 pm, the Ararat Police Department received a call from the Ararat Medical Center that a citizen had been taken to them with a diagnosis of "penetrating abdominal injury, acute internal bleeding."
5-11-2020, 07:39
"Putin could enter into a military confrontation if Erdogan continues to hold the same position, rejecting, most importantly, the demands of the Russian side in the Caucasus and Syria," he said. Erdogan must develop a new regional and international strategy to counter Russian and European pressure, in particular tensions with French President Emanuel Macron, which are backed by many European countries, including Germany. The Germans do not hide their nervousness over Erdogan's attempts to block the US-German initiative in Libya. Thus, Erdogan can return to the arms of the Americans to withstand all attacks, to which he seems indifferent, as he believes that he has more trump card than Russia, the longtime and traditional enemy of the Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey. "After the conversation with the Russian leader, Erdogan stated that Turkey will continue to act according to its own vision and agenda, no matter what others say or do," the daily writes. Details: https://shabat.am/en/article/239922/Erdoghani-arjev-karogh-e--karmir
5-11-2020, 07:28
Azerbaijan is living hard days not only on the battlefield, but also in the rear. "Fact"
"The Artsakh war, which has been going on for about 40 days, is quite severe and cruel in its kind. Much has been said about the peculiarities of this war, and one of its essential circumstances is Turkey's active involvement in this war. According to factual data, according to many experts, the "godfather" of unleashing the war is Turkey.

In addition to the fact that Turkey supplies arms and ammunition to Azerbaijan, according to international media reports, it has also taken full control of the army and does not allow Azerbaijani generals to interfere in these affairs, who have become the puppet of the Turkish military. Information is circulating that the Minister of Defense Zakir Hasanov was also "fucked".
5-11-2020, 07:08
The Turkish nationalist organization "Gray Wolves", banned in France, does not exist, but in any case, it is unacceptable to ban the symbols spread in many countries. This was reported by the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen announced the official banning of the Turkish nationalist organization "Gray Wolves", which "propagates hatred" and is "involved in violence."

"It is known that the" Gray Wolves "movement, which was banned by the French government, does not exist. "However, it is unacceptable to ban the symbols that are spread all over the world and do not cause any harm," the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

It should be reminded that the participants of the "Gray Wolves" extremist movement in the suburbs of Lyon recently desecrated the monument commemorating the victims of the Armenian Genocide.