29-01-2020, 20:04
Human rights activist Arsen Babayan wrote on his Facebook page that at this moment, someone is trying to break his Facebook page.

"Right now I'm trying to break my facebook. Don't worry, I have the most complicated security system, ”Arsen Babayan wrote.

It should be reminded that in early January, the Facebook page of Politik.am editor Boris Murazi was hacked. He stated that the authorities were thus trying to put pressure on him.
29-01-2020, 20:00
Such a situation has arisen now that everyone is trying to prevent the spread of the outbreak in China, and our Foreign Ministry has urged Armenians to refrain from going to China.

I would like to remind you that this was the case four years ago when the disease called Zika began to spread in South America, particularly in Brazil. At that time, the situation was more serious, because in August a large number of people from all over the world would come to Brazil to attend or watch the World Olympics. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced at the time that influenza threatens the whole world and that in only two Americans can the disease affect about 4 million people.
29-01-2020, 19:58
Amram Makinian, a supporter of CC President Hrayr Tovmasyan, wrote on his Facebook page: "Statement by Hrayr Tovmasyan, President of the Constitutional Court

The news program of the Public Television of Armenia (TV) today aired a feature-length report on Constitutional Court President Hrayr Tovmasyan, which is a cynical breach of the presumption of untrue data, blatant bias in "criminal evidence" and the presumption of innocence.

Such gross violations by the mass media are twice as reprehensible when they are committed by a publicly funded TV company, which did not even consider it appropriate to present the position of the defense when preparing its outright political report.

Moreover, it is not clear in what legal procedure the Public Television had access to the said "information" when the Special Investigative Service has never made any public comment on the allegation in this criminal case.

Given that the inadmissibility of publishing preliminary investigation data within the scope of this criminal case and violating the principles of thorough investigation and publicity of the case have exceeded the permissible limits, in the coming days, our legal team will take action to recover and disclose violations of the rights of the defense.

PS Some may have misunderstood the observation made in yesterday's interview of the President of the Constitutional Court on libel lawsuit. "
29-01-2020, 19:54
Garnik Isagulyan, the leader of the National Security Party, spoke about the arrests of Narek Malyan, the leader of the VETO public political movement and members of the Adekvad Brotherhood at the Mirror Club, the situation in Artsakh and internal political processes.

Details in the video:
29-01-2020, 19:50
Deputy Speaker of the RA National Assembly Alen Simonyan has stated recently that the former director of the National Security Service Arthur Vanetsyan has petitioned for CC President Hrayr Tovmasyan in terms of providing services. Vanetsyan, however, denied it.

Daniel Ioannisyan, Program Coordinator of the Union of Informed Citizens, said: "Vanetsyan mediated not only Hrayr Tovmasyan, but there were people for whom Vanetsyan also mediated and tried to mediate. Artur Vanetsyan should have the courage to tell honestly what suggestions he has made to Nikol Pashinyan as a mediator, let him tell the public. "
29-01-2020, 19:25
Today, those who are out of the army are in the high ranks of the government, which is abnormal. The young man who comes into life tomorrow must serve. Those who do not serve, those who leave the army, help Turkey, as the young people will look at Pashinyan and see that he has not served and become prime minister, thinking that they too can become and become supreme commander. Serving in the Army is just a matter of honor. Former Deputy Director of the National Security Service Gurgen Yeghiazaryan stated at a press conference that instead of raising that spirit, television commends the authorities all day long.

“It is impossible to praise this government at all, because even the snake does not bite the drinker of water. All the dissidents in the history of the USSR, all the sworn enemies of the USSR were insured against harassment three days before and after the holiday. No puppy thought of isolating them from society. If you have a familiar dissident, do not ask. In those days, those people who were always trembling were in the mood for happiness, ”he said.

According to Yeghiazaryan, yesterday the public witnessed another madness. "It doesn't make any difference to me what they were looking for - weapons or drugs. Yeah, those guys were going to the police with drugs and guns. Underneath all this is a scoundrel who comes from a man from Nicole. This has made Armenia a great place to live. Hey boy, tomorrow with the same drugs and weapons they'll lie to you. If you have a bodyguard, you will lie on the same asphalt. Whatever you do abnormally, it will come to your head, just so it won't pass. "
29-01-2020, 19:11
Aries. Professional success today will depend only on how well you can focus on the complex and equally boring work. The principle is very simple: the less you like what you are busy with, the more diligently you need to do it. Don't put anything you can do on your shoulders.

With practitioners you can practically keep you in any form, the only thing to avoid is authoritarianism. Listen to the opinions of others and at least show them that you care. This way you will avoid conflicts.

Taurus. Today you are thinking too much about money, and very little about earning it. The result is quite normal - your financial situation remains in a deadlock. Be careful, you will have the opportunity to climb the career ladder, and you should be able to make the most of it. With ingenuity you will be able to rotate your unfriendly fingers.

The day is very convenient to start a romantic relationship. It is impossible to resist your magic, but you must not abuse it, otherwise you will gain new enemies.

Gemini. You are bewildering, which is why some are trying to stay away from you, fearing for their sight and sober mind. Take advantage of the right moment to win the heart of someone who is not indifferent to you - today it can be done for the future.

The emotional and resilience inherent in you hinder you to work productively, to communicate with employees and management. It will be difficult for those who are starting to work in the new field - they will have to overcome many obstacles.
29-01-2020, 17:47
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is currently in the post of 2010 from January 2011 May was imprisoned in 2008 on March 1, 2007, on charges of organizing mass disorders. During his imprisonment period, Pashinyan posted articles on his website www.nikol.am, referring to the activities of current and former officials, representatives of international organizations, ambassadors, journalists and other individuals, some of whom are currently on the road as prime ministers, copied from his family. at armtimes.com.

Some of these publications will be presented to the public as part of the Retro Press series.

Nikol Pashinyan referred to Petros Ghazaryan, who currently holds the position of Director of Media and Analytical Programs at the Public Television, but Pashinyan had a diametrically different opinion at the time.
29-01-2020, 17:24
The meeting between Armenian and Azeri Foreign Ministers Zohrab Mnatsakanyan and Elmar Mammadyarov started 5 hours ago. There is no official information on the outcome of the meeting at this time.

Given that Nikol Pashinyan insists that there is no negotiation document on the table, the parties, after such a long meeting:

1. Netflix watches all the Vikings seasons.

Together they read Tolstoy's "War and Peace" in Swedish.

3. Play Station Play, the game is hot, forget about watch time.
29-01-2020, 17:19
LGBT leader Edmon Marukyan posted a video on his Twitter page

"The Azerbaijani delegate turned blue :)"