29-01-2020, 21:37
Garbis Pashoyan wrote on his Facebook page:

“In the comments of the article a citizen accused me of treason, as if I had betrayed Nikol Pashinyan. Of course one can go back and forth with humor, but in any case, I think it is worth seriously responding to this accusation.

I can really be accused of treason, but only if I don't know the details and subtleties of the phenomena.

I have never been to Nikol Pashinyan's team, moreover, I have always criticized his activities before the revolution. Articles saved. The only bridge between me and his political team has been the revolution. In particular, Nikol Pashinyan has offered me and dozens of other civil society figures to temporarily put aside their differences and move to joint action. As a result, we have all welcomed the idea of ​​revolution and decided to support the movement.

After the victory of the revolution, Nikol Pashinyan assembled all of us in the same office of the CC and offered to provide institutional content for the joint struggle for cooperation. As a result, many of us have received positions in various fields.
Initially, I didn't expect to get any position, as I thought the former critic would hardly receive such a proposal. And I haven't really received any suggestions from the Prime Minister and there has been no communication at all. Just a cold greeting and no more.

Weeks after the revolution, Ararat Mirzoyan contacted me and offered me a job. After thinking, I decided to agree. As life has shown, I was mistaken in my choice because I was not competent in the position offered. I could use my modest abilities in another field, but in any case, I'm not sorry, because it was a very important experience.

As we have seen, institutional cooperation failed at least in my case, and after the famous scandal it had to be stopped. The mistake was mine and I had to take responsibility for it.
I would add that we parted with Ararat Mirzoyan in very warm conditions, wished each other good luck and agreed that each of us was on his way.
After retirement I had several options; Either I had to get out of politics at all or become a pro-government propagandist expecting a new job offer.

But I chose the third way; With my modest abilities and modest knowledge, I gradually grew to become an opposition figure. To my conviction, I have chosen the right path because Armenia needs an opposition word like air and water. I don't know how much I can accomplish this goal, but I try anyway.

I assure you, if I had no disagreement with the policy of the caravan team, then I would have given up everything and taken care of my dreams and would have been a pizza deliveryman by moto. But the disagreements are really overwhelming: from a flat income tax to a lack of assets, from foreign policy to mining. I could not take all this into account when taking office because it was a newly formed, revolutionary, and transitional government.

If there had not been a famous scandal, it would not be ruled out that I would have been elected an MP. Back then, I really wanted to be an MP. But now I'm glad it didn't come true, because I wouldn't be stretched out and had to resign.
Now, after all this, please judge for yourself whether I am a traitor or not.
Hopefully, I will no longer have the opportunity to talk about this topic. I just want to add that everything is still ahead. "
29-01-2020, 21:26
Different representatives of the new government like to label different public and political figures. If anyone criticizes the new authorities, a government official comes forward and declares that their opponent is in the best interests of the former.

Viktor Yengibaryan, a member of the "My Step" faction, is quite sharp in this case. Speaking at the end of last year, Yengibaryan said of the figures pointing to the failures of their power: "There are no political circles that have been deprived of their 'greed' and are making every effort to return and re-establish the mess we have eliminated." Some go to criminal cases, so they say our government has already failed. "
29-01-2020, 21:20
Former Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan, on ArmNews TV, referred to the Artsakh Liberation War, remembering episodes from the actual military operation.

Referring to the current domestic political situation, in particular, those who were active in the Artsakh movement and are currently pursuing legal cases, Ohanyan said: “Many people today are involved in various criminal cases. In the case of the heroes, the wording must be very careful. however, there is a presumption of innocence. Manvel Grigoryan, for example, is a hero in Artsakh, if he has health problems, what prevents him from receiving treatment at home while also taking part in court proceedings, ”he said.

According to him, the three Presidents of Armenia and the current Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan played a great role in the state building.

Referring to the events surrounding the second RA President Robert Kocharian, Seyran Ohanyan said: “I am against having the 2nd President of the State involved in the March 1 case in unequal conditions. He can be free and participate in those trials, he cannot be hindered. I attend so many sessions, there are about 800 witnesses on his side, or at least on my own, let one of them say that somebody called me or Kocharyan to call, something to change. Will that man change his order? "

During the air, Ohanyan avoided talking about the political situation in Armenia.
29-01-2020, 21:12
Why is Larisa Minasyan "paying attention" to Hayk Babukhanyan?
29-01-2020, 20:59
Hovhannes Shiraz House-Museum has released a photo of a statement saying:

“Such a statement could only be made in Gyumri.
Nowadays, this is just unbelievable… ”
29-01-2020, 20:51
An entertaining video featuring one of RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's bodyguards is circulating on the Internet.
29-01-2020, 20:30
In the framework of the "Revue" program of 168TV we talked with Artur Hambardzumyan, a lecturer of the AAC, co-founder and former member of the "Civil Contract" party.

- Mr. Hambardzumyan, how do you assess the actions of the police against some opposition figures, were they pressured by the authorities, were they trying to silence the opposition, or were they regular actions?

- This was neither a political persecution nor an attempt to silence, it was an ordinary beating. There are people who come to power and use that power to appease their inner fears, instinctive tendencies of revenge. This was Nikol Pashinyan's instruction, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the acting chief of police to unconditionally serve his master.
29-01-2020, 20:27
Security cameras in Novosibirsk have shot a 34-year-old man stabbing his pregnant girlfriend.

According to kayqer.ru, the incident happened on January 27 at the entrance to a residential building. It is said that the 32-year-old woman rented a house there to hide from her beloved. She was in her eighth month of pregnancy.

The man found the woman and retaliated with a knife.

The injured woman had difficulty climbing to the third floor and calling an ambulance. He was hospitalized, but doctors were unable to save either him or the child.

The man was taken into custody. He confessed to having committed the crime on the ground of jealousy because he was convinced that the child's father was not himself.
29-01-2020, 20:15
In the territory of the Republic:

Precipitation is expected in the afternoon of January 29, 30, and 31, and February 2-3. Rain is expected in most parts of the region on the evening of January 31, with winds ranging from 15 to 20 m / h.

Wind southwest - 3-8 m / s.

The air temperature will go up by 4-5 degrees on the night of January 31, and will drop by February 1.

In the city of Yerevan:

Precipitation is expected in the afternoon of January 29, 30, and 31, and February 2-3. Snow is expected on the evening of January 31, February 1.
29-01-2020, 20:14
"Today, the Fifth President of the Republic uses the mistakes made by Nikol Pashinyan against these authorities. Kocharyan wants freedom, and in order to get it he must put himself in the position of a political prisoner and draw attention to himself, ”Karo Yeghnukyan, a member of the Sasna Tsrer party, told First News.

Referring to Robert Kocharyan's interview, Armenian Conservative Party leader Andrias Ghukasyan said that the time of the ECHR conclusion is approaching, and these fermentations are also connected with it. "This is an attempt to create a political background, in parallel with the situation, so that the ECHR does not consider Kocharyan's article as wrong ... The investigators will face a difficult dilemma. The aggravation of the events should also be reflected in the political field, and Kocharyan should attach his interview to his next complaint, saying that he is a politician, ”he said.