29-03-2020, 20:28
I was 15 years old when growing up next to the Copenhagen airport watching the planes flying every day.

I began to dream of working in aviation, which paved my way to Armenia.

The runway was closed today to park the aircraft
29-03-2020, 20:22
“Let me say it again and again. Artsakh is not a Republic of Armenia, ARTSAKH IS ARMENIA.

 Here the philosophy of the day is different, life has a different mission, bread has a different taste, man has a different value, word has a different weight, and wi-fi is a bad quality.

The joke on your Facebook domain doesn't solve the question here. Here are the real, flesh, blood, rhythm of life with its own pulse, philosophical slowness and inexplicable self-assured confidence whose straightforward, confrontational sincerity awakens, warms, and holds them together at the same time.
29-03-2020, 19:34
RA Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan posted on his Facebook page:

"The reference to the temporary restrictions applicable to the types of economic activity in this reference is simple and accessible."
29-03-2020, 19:12
The number of people infected with the new coronavirus crossed the 700,000 threshold on March 29, making it 704,000 401 as of 9:15 pm Yerevan time.

According to the Coronavirus Research Centers, the death toll is 33,226, 149,219 have been cured, and the number of infected is 521,956, 26,000 of whom are 344. The United States is the number one infected with the virus - 133 thousand 39, where 9 thousand 461 new cases of infection were registered in one day. In the United States, 3 362 people have died from coronavirus, 141 have died in the previous day, and 4 378 have recovered. Italy is the second most infected (97 thousand 689, new cases 5 217), where the largest death toll was recorded - 10 779, of which 756 died in the last day.

China is the third most infected with 81,439. The Chinese authorities have announced that the spread of coronavirus has stopped in the country, which is confirmed by the statistics. Only 45 new cases have been registered, most of which, according to the Chinese authorities, are productive. Spain is the second largest city in the country in the past day with an increase of 5,554 and 624 deaths.

To date, 6 606 deaths from coronavirus-associated COVID-19 have been reported in that country. The total number of infected is 78 thousand 799. Fifth, 6th and 7th, respectively, are occupied by Germany - 60 thousand 659, Iran - 38 thousand 309 and France - 37 thousand 575.
29-03-2020, 19:09
Manila International Airport crashes and burns at Manila International Airport in Philippines

Plane owned by Lion Air. The plane was due to fly to Haneda International Airport in Japan, initiated by the Philippine Ministry of Health, which was to send drugs to the city of Haneda to fight coronavirus. As a result of the explosion

All 8 people on board were killed - the flight attendant, the doctor, the nurse, 3 staff members, the patient and his escort. The causes of the crash are not yet known.
29-03-2020, 18:56
The number of people infected with coronavirus continues to rise in Armenia. We have 424 confirmed cases at present, 3 of which have resulted in death. The most complex and responsible of these days is the work of health workers.

kayqer.ru talked to Yana Khachatryan, a student at YSMU General Medicine, who works first as a volunteer and then as a nurse in a hospital with people infected with coronavirus.

"How long have you been working with people infected with coronavirus?" How did you decide to become a volunteer?

It has been about a week since I first volunteered and then as an employee. More precisely, since March 16, when a state of emergency was declared throughout the country.

-What do you most regret?

I regret that I did not offer my help earlier, I lost a great day sitting at home.

-Who do you miss most and how often do you meet your close ones?

So it turns out that I'm still coming home, meeting only my mother, a long distance away. I miss my little sister the most - we don't meet these days.

"Will we work or security?"

Debt Sense Clearly, people who choose this profession must prioritize the health of others. I'm still young with energy and energy.

"The greatest regret you have felt these days."

Sorry, I never regret anything.
29-03-2020, 18:51
Information security expert Samvel Martirosyan wrote on his Facebook page:

“Now they are giving people 'gifts' in the name of Serge, and in the end they want and steal their bank card information. I read the comments and I am not surprised to hear. Most surprising are those who want tens of thousands of money. I don't know what can be done anymore. ”
29-03-2020, 18:20
Our children and their parents, who are currently undergoing treatment for cancer and blood disease at the Hematology Center after Prof. Ryolyan.

They express their gratitude to all the doctors and health workers who these days are fighting unequally against the invisible enemy and saving lives.

We also join in applauding and expressing our gratitude to all health workers.
29-03-2020, 18:17
Aries. In the morning you can have important meetings, do serious things, do whatever is close to you. The impact of positive trends will gradually decrease. The mood will deteriorate, some trademarks will fail a number of things, and waste money.

In the evening there are possible family disputes and disagreements over the future. You will receive unexpected support from those who have always opposed you. And the supporters will behave strangely, they will not approve of your ideas.

Taurus. Be more careful when communicating with an unfamiliar man, especially if the latter is charming. He will gain your sympathy and confidence for a few minutes, but will not justify himself in the future, and at worst may strike your self-esteem. Even today, it is advisable to discuss practical issues with representatives of the weaker sex.

It's a good day to work on your own, get creative, and solve important professional issues. Can you get unusual items? You will not complain of self-esteem.

Twins: It's a great day to interact with women. They can be reliable partners for you, unselfish supporters, nice conversations. From the point of view of love relations, the day will be successful. If you want to make it unforgettable then use your bright imagination, and pay attention to the inner voice prompts.

Unexpected cash inflows are possible. Don't rush to spend them, try to save some. All financial matters today need to be taken seriously.

Cancer. An eventful, unforgettable day awaits. The stars are on your side today. You only need to save your own strength, not to go against circumstances when you are unable to change anything. Pleasant encounters, including love, are possible. Some celebrities may fall in love at first sight, and feelings will be mutual.

The day is convenient for working, getting new jobs. You will be able to focus and provide solutions to all problems. Get new supporters. From a financial point of view, the day is a success.
29-03-2020, 18:14
Two weeks ago, the funeral of 86-year-old Sheila Brooks was held in American Heilsowen, DailyMail reports.

A few days later her cousin Susan Nelson became ill and died of coronavirus.

Susan Nelson, 65, (pictured) who had no underlying health conditions, became ill, and died of suspected Covid-19 after attending family funeral.
Now 16 members of the family who attended the funeral have also been infected during the funeral.