29-11-2019, 07:46
Gianni Ongo Moli, a prisoner in the US, worships Robert Kocharyan. Political scientist Styopa Safaryan wrote about it on her Facebook page.


"The Facebook page is about Vardges Markosyan (husband of actress Gayane Aslamazyan) arrested in the United States, who, according to the US Department of Justice, was arrested in 2014. from December to 2016 October for money laundering and transportation of about $ 3.5 million worth of 40kg of cocaine.


- Vardges Markosyan has appeared in the US and on social networks with the names "Gianni Ongo", "David Petrosov", "Laram Narman" and as a journalist Mkrtich Karapetyan has revealed, he is a fan of Robert Kocharyan.

- It is not known yet whether he and his sister have been transporting drugs to Armenia, but it is known that in the same time frame, 2016. During the border crossing at the Zvartnots Airport of RA, drugs were transported from USA to Armenia and confiscated for 4 years of imprisonment. One of Kocharyan's supporters, Narek Mutafyan, only 3 of the 13 people in the “glorious” court system were “let go” of the case, one of whom was notorious Narek Mutafyan, not only not sitting for 4 years, but later assisting Robert Kocharyan 2 Actively participating in the assault and robbery of my phone at the entrance to my home, then prosecuting Judge Anna Danibekyan.


The person who worked with him and his Armenian drug cartel in the US was never found. - I must say that Narek Mutafyan's "actress" sister Anahit Mutafyan is one of Gayane Aslamazyan's "soap operas".

- Along with these "accidental" overlaps and corruptions in the city, there are many rumors about the drug business and the family of one of the former presidents. - I think RA law enforcement agencies should work closely with the US Department of Justice to find out how much of that 40kg of cocaine has entered Armenia and through whom.

Unless, of course, Armenia has law enforcement agencies… ”
29-11-2019, 07:37
Liana Voskerchyan, Armenia's representative at Miss World 2019, told why she spoke about her personal secret during the competition. Days ago, during one of the Miss World stages, she reported that she had a skin problem called vitiligo 3 years ago. Due to this condition some parts of the skin are discolored. After the discovery of the 20-year-old beauty there were rumors that she was just trying to pity her.

“There were many opinions on my speech within the # headtoheadchallenge. First of all, I want to thank everyone who inspires and supports me. You are my strength and inspiration in this contest and in life in general. As for the issue I raised, let me say that I was talking about it for the first time in front of such a large audience (many of my friends and relatives didn't even know about vitiligo, as I was hiding it carefully).
29-11-2019, 07:30
About $ 10 million has been raised in the framework of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Telethon
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Serj Tankian and Alexis Ohanyan accepted Nikol Pashinyan's challenge
I don't know, I can't say. David Harutyunyan about the change made on Wikipedia
During the 2019 telethon of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund $ 9,856,000 has been raised.

People from Armenia, Artsakh, different countries of the world brought their donations.

22nd National Telethon Funded by Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Holds “I Have My Sweet Armenia” under the heading "Living Water and Sun Communities".

The first 4 hours of the 12-hour pan-Armenian event were held in Yerevan this year, and the next 8 hours were broadcast from Los Angeles. The funds raised during Telethon 2009 will be aimed at implementing potable water supply and solar energy projects in Artsakh, as well as in three regions of Armenia - Tavush, Lori and Shirak. Overall, more than a hundred communities will be beneficiaries of the project and will be provided with 24-hour water supply, free heating and electricity.

The mission of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund is to develop a pan-Armenian networking system that aims to ensure a balanced, sustainable and interdependent development of Armenian, Artsakh, and Armenian communities worldwide.

Last year, during the Telethon-2008, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund donated $ 11 million 109 thousand 633 dollars.
29-11-2019, 07:19
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Intensive gardening is being tested for the first time on the native breeches. Two years later, they plan to produce at least twice as much crop.

YEREVAN, November 29 - Sputnik. Armenia is experimenting with new, intense ways of growing apricots. One hectare of such a garden would be twice as much apricot. Karen Baghdasaryan, Head of Project Management at Spayka, told Sputnik Armenia correspondent.
29-11-2019, 06:52
Flights to Yerevan are not blocked by fog. The relatives of the passengers who have alerted us are anxious and have no information about their relatives.

“Due to the fog, many flights are either not scheduled or are delayed. It is a normal process that depends on no one and is conditioned by adverse weather conditions. The plane arriving from Moscow to Yerevan left for Astrakhan, landing at the reserve airport. While it is still fog, does the commander of the aircraft decide whether to go down or return? At 07:00 he left for Novosibirsk and

to announce that he will not return by 10am, "Acting Chief of the Air Traffic Regulatory Authority Stepan Payaslyan told LURER.com.
29-11-2019, 06:46
Facebook user Armen Samvelyan writes on his page:

“Last Tuesday (June 19) I learned that both of my bank cards had withdrawn 229,000 drams through Idram Payment System. According to Idram's preliminary version, someone found out my password and took my money.
29-11-2019, 06:40
Shredded head deforested poacher and taken to hospital with bloodied friend
A terrifying incident took place in the Taborinsk region of Sverdlovsk region. Two forest rangers, 51-year-old Andrei Kirgintsev and 48-year-old Sergey Vorokhobov, have become victims of a poacher they are being pursued.

The latter resisted and fired at the poachers, insulting Kirgintsev. When the bullets ran out, Vorokhobov fought the criminal, stabbed the hunter in the head, and stabbed him with a knife. Despite the terrible injuries he suffered, the ranger was able to gather strength and neutralize the poacher, causing him a severe injury. Then Vorokhov drove his friend out of the woods, calling for ambulance and police on the way. Despite all the efforts, 51-year-old Kirgintsev died of blood loss. Doctors are fighting for Varokhobov's life.
29-11-2019, 06:29
In a conversation with Sputnik Armenia, National Security Veteran Petros Petrosyan recounted several episodes of work by legendary Soviet spies Gevorg and Gohar Vardanyan, including their "friendship" with a senior NATO officer.

YEREVAN, November 28 - Sputnik. Nelly Danielyan. They are said to have been the best known 100 spies of all time in the world, but for Petros Petrosyan Georgy Andreevich and Gohar Levonovna are in the first place. Petros Petrosyan, a friend of legendary Armenian intelligence spouses Gevorg and Gohar Vardanyan, a veteran of Armenia's security system, told Sputnik Armenia.

Petros Petrosian's book The Endless Legend:
The book "The Immortal Legend" by Petros Petrosyan
“I have been in contact with them since 1951 when they came to Armenia. At that time I was the deputy head of the foreign affairs department of the State Security Committee, then the head of the department, ”he recalled.

Petrosyan has known many people for his work, but he is convinced that we did not have professionals like our spouses.
29-11-2019, 02:07
Analyst Sargis Mikaelyan wrote on his Facebook page: “Speed ​​up the trial of the March 1 case, gentlemen. The Witnesses are at serious risk.

Even if Hayk Harutyunyan's suicide and Ashot Karapetyan's death are unrelated to the case and are coincidental, one thing is for the witnesses still at serious moral and psychological risk: The mere fact that there is a suspicion in the public that the death of these men is one way or another will already have serious pressure on the rest of the Witnesses.

 Not to mention the possible real risks. The longer the trial is delayed, the harder it will be ... ”
29-11-2019, 02:02
How does Gurgen Dabaghyan meet his wife Ina at the airport?