22-06-2020, 08:01
Journalist, host Nver Mnatsakanyan was infected with coronavirus. Producer of 1in.am news site Artak Yeghiazaryan informed NEWS.am about this.

"Mr. Mnatsakanyan has been isolated for exactly one week. The answer to the test on the evening of June 19 was positive. Now he is feeling well. We hope he will return to work in the coming days," he said. However, his test was negative yesterday.
22-06-2020, 07:17
We have said in the parliament that there is not enough evidence to deprive Gagik Tsarukyan of his immunity. Edmon Marukyan, the leader of the "Bright Armenia" faction, said this today during the briefings in the National Assembly, referring to the rejection of the motion to detain PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan by the court.

"I asked the Attorney General if it was possible for the parliament to be disgraceful for depriving him of his immunity. It happened yesterday, 87 people now, I'm sure he has questions for those who persuade them," he said.
22-06-2020, 07:07
The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention announces new information on those infected with coronavirus.

YEREVAN, June 22 - Sputnik. The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Armenia has increased by 320 in the last day and reached 20,588. The information is provided by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the center, 10,980 people (+178) are currently receiving treatment, 96,843 tests (+1089) have been performed, and 9131 (+129) of those infected have recovered. 360 (+10) cases of death were registered. For other reasons, the total number of deaths is 117 (+3).
22-06-2020, 06:19
NSS expects public support (video)
22-06-2020, 06:13
Naira Zohrabyan, a member of the Prosperous Armenia parliamentary group, wrote on her Facebook page. "In order to facilitate the work of the relevant bodies and not to harass me at the entrances of our house from 7 in the morning, I would like to inform you that on June 22, 2020, I will leave the house at 10:14, I will have a mask, ID card, RA NA deputy's certificate. PACE Certificate, Detox Alcohol, Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Sephora Discount Cards, Chanel և Dior Cards and Love by Kilian Perfume.
I will walk to the National Assembly, cross the St. Anna Church, the statue of Arno Babajanyan, the Writers' Union building and enter the National Assembly from the entrance of Baghramyan Street to work.
So you can be in our yard at about 10 o'clock. I do not expect thanks for this operative information. I have the honor. "
22-06-2020, 06:03
Weeks ago, we wrote that Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan will resign. His and Prime Minister Pashinyan's relations are tense and it is impossible for them to agree to continue working together. Avinyan's resignation postpones the epidemic situation in the country and the strained internal political relations. Pashinyan left this watershed for more calm days.

At the same time, Pashinyan continues to advertise to the public the replacement of Avinyan, the leader of the "Republic" party Aram Sargsyan.

Aram Sargsyan has managed to be the Prime Minister of Armenia և Pashinyan is sure that in this difficult situation this appointment will ease his burden. According to Pashinyan's relatives, the appointment of Aram Sargsyan will also be a good signal to the public on the Artsakh issue, as he is Vazgen Sargsyan's brother and the public should see associations.
21-06-2020, 22:41
Apparently, Nikol Pashinyan's government is not going to prolong the state of emergency. They want to implement all the controversial political programs, to put it mildly, until July 13 and go to enjoy their "earned" rest. Then they will say that the country is at war, the critic of the government is a traitor, don't go out, don't complain, Coronavirus, flan, fstan ... What can I say, let them do it.

This is the death sentence of this government team. And I am not at all against them signing that decision themselves. Do it, guys. With pain.

The 88 deputies of the "My Step" faction will carry out a constitutional coup tomorrow, fulfilling Article 300 of the RA Criminal Code (Misappropriation of power ...
21-06-2020, 21:51
Nona Vanetsyan, the wife of Artur Vanetsyan, the leader of the Homeland Party, posted a family photo on her Facebook page.

The photo shows her two sons, her daughter and her husband.
21-06-2020, 21:21
Armenian-Russian "brilliant" relations are gaining new heights.
Pashinyan stated that he could not take part in the events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War in Moscow due to the epidemic.
It is clear to everyone that the epidemic is not the real cause. For Pashinyan, the epidemic has never been an obstacle to implementing his own political calculations. On the contrary, Pashinyan was even cured of the coronavirus in a record short time to take part in an event in Moscow.
Now he says he won't go because of the coronavirus. It means that either Moscow has made it clear that it is an unwanted guest, or that it has somehow retreated.

We think everyone understands why Pashinyan is not on the Kremlin's wish list. You can never become a strategic partner by handing over the high positions of the state system to the Soros and carrying out anti-Russian activities.
21-06-2020, 21:00
In Europe, before the Crusades, the troops of the local princes increased so much that the clergy decided to direct all this negative energy out of Europe. Pope Francis II declares a crusade. The situation was similar in the Islamic world, when the role and number of military fraternities increased so much that they needed to be calmed down.

The psychic government is creating a new ideology within Sufism, Islamic mysticism, which seeks to bring the ideology of Ayarism to the brink of extinction. It turns out that Al-Khalifa considers Photovat to be the official ideology of the entire caliphate.