Вчера, 02:11
Civic activist Artush Chibukhchyan writes on her Facebook page: "Interestingly, the user (named after Georgi Kutoyan) who tried to delete the information about Kutoyan made changes to the page of the deputy director of the Emergency Situations Ministry Astvatsatur Petrosyan. He was called an insult and a liar. "
Вчера, 01:51
The son of the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, Levon Kocharyan, on his Twitter page reflected on the death of former head of the National Security Service Georgi Kutoyan, writing: "# 90s".

In response to the post, one of the users wrote: "The 90s was almost 11 years ago when, at the behest of the ruling elite, they fired on civilians."

  Levon Kocharyan did not indifferent to Twitter and replied to the user:
Вчера, 01:46
“If the health threat disappears, Manvel Grigoryan will be transferred from the intensive care unit to the ward. Other technical issues have also arisen with the connection of the equipment, as we are already dealing with vascular problems, ”former MP Manvel Grigoryan's lawyer Arsen Mkrtchyan told 168 TV.
     He noted that Grigoryan had consciousness and did not respond to the change of precautionary measure because he was in a very difficult situation.

The Ombudsman is convinced that the final decision to change Manvel Grigoryan's restraint was made neither in court nor in the prosecutor's office. The decision was made at the level of the head of state, which he thinks is the result of a political decision.
17-01-2020, 22:41
The body of former NSS director Georgi Kutoyan was found by the woman. Artur Melikyan, the Deputy Chairman of the RA Investigation Committee, Head of the RA CCA General Investigation Department, stated this in a conversation with journalists recently.

Asked by reporters who owns the apartment where Kutoyan's body was found, Melikyan said he does not know. He was also unaware of who owned the weapon found at the scene.

 It should be noted that according to the statement Kutoyan had only one apartment, and that apartment is located in Shengavit administrative district of Sh. At 44-1 Zoravar Street, Kutoyan's body was found in one of the buildings on Paruyr Sevak Street.
17-01-2020, 22:08
Glock 17 or Glock 21? This is an important issue as the Glock 21 is a 45-caliber weapon and the sound of the shot would be heard in the neighborhoods as well. In addition, the 21 gunshot wound had to be at least 20 cm in diameter. Usually at the level of these ministers they donate 21 models ...

Next question: yes, glock 17 is the most widespread weapon for hired killers. More than 40 capsules and one pistol were recovered from the scene. Was there a single gun at work?

Next issue: glock is one of the unique guns that has the option of automatic fire mode. That is to say, 40 shots from two glock can be performed in a very short time. Guard with 19 bullets. Did the shooting take place automatically?

I would like to remind you that Kutoyan was not involved in any post-revolutionary criminal cases and was in possession of exclusive information on the links between the organizers of the PPP terrorist attack and the Soros office, but later ...
17-01-2020, 21:40
Aram Sargsyan, chairman of the Republic Party's political council, told the First News Channel about the death of former head of the National Security Service Georgi Kutoyan, who said that the full investigation and disclosure of the case was a matter of honor for the law enforcement system. "I consider human psychology from suicide to assassination attempts to be inaccurate because every person is an individual, and depending on the situation, what he or she is going to say is a mere point of view. thoroughly research. The post of the head of the National Security Service is, of course, a very serious one, Mr. Kutoyan was a person with very serious information, and the relevant bodies have serious things to do in this regard. It's hard to say anything, ”Sargsyan said.

According to him, today's authorities have no restraint in detecting such a case. “Today's government has no problem with endangering the lives of anyone. This power is not the power to order murder. To think that Mr. Kutoyan's murder could be ordered by the current authorities is simply nonsense. In this regard, the most active authorities should be interested in easing the atmosphere of tension in the country and revealing what has happened, ”Aram Sargsyan said.
17-01-2020, 20:48
The last time I remember Georgi Kutoyan was in front of the cameras on May 11, 2018. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan represented the newly appointed Director of the National Security Service Arthur Vanetsyan. The Prime Minister thanked former National Security Service (NSS) Director Georgi Kutoyan for "making the most of the latest domestic political developments". There has been no media reports about him since then. What did he do, what did he do? Where was he?

When Georgi Kutoyan was appointed Director of the National Security Service after Gorik Hakobyan, I remember his words. He said he was taking on the new post with great responsibility; "Mr. President," said Serzh Sargsyan, "I am convinced that under your general guidance and with the support of Mr. Hakobyan, my colleagues and I will do everything possible to maintain the long standing reputation of the National Security Authorities."

What does this mean; That there is no past and present among the leaders of national security is an ongoing process because it is about state security. As Kutoyan used to say, "With Mr. Hakobyan's support, my colleagues and I will do everything possible to maintain the long standing reputation of the National Security Service."
17-01-2020, 20:31
As we have already reported, today the body of former NSS director was found with gunshot wound.

According to ArmDaily.am, Kutoyan had recently returned from England, where his sister lives. He lived with his father in Shengavit district, not Paruyr Sevak's apartment, where his body was found. The former head of the NSS did not use alcohol, so the brandy bottle is at least strange. In a conversation with us, one of Kutoyan's relatives said that he had met George Kutoyan in the New Year, that he was in a good mood, had many plans, and those close to him could not understand why he went to the apartment where he did not live.

It should also be noted that a Glock pistol and more than 30 bullets and shells were found in the apartment of former NSS director Georgy Kutoyan's apartment, suggesting that the pistol may have been recharged twice.

We had earlier reported that the pistol found at the scene was his lawfully obtained weapon. It was received from the head of Georgia's security service. The "Glock" pistol is considered one of the best weapons in the world, as the sound of the shot is very low. That is probably why the neighbors did not hear the shot.
17-01-2020, 19:50
Today MP Aren Mkrtchyan's health has suddenly deteriorated. He was taken to hospital. But by the evening he had left the house and went home.
17-01-2020, 19:09
Journalist Karine Harutyunyan wrote on her Facebook page: “Hayk Harutyunyan -23.09.2019
     Ashot Karapetyan-28.11.2019
     Georgi Kutoyan -17.01.2020
     In fact, it takes the customer one and a half to two months to prepare and execute a human being. I am not a specialist, but in my opinion, it is quite a short time, with the speed of the experienced, the behavior of the sharp steps.
     These killings are reminiscent of the 1998 killings.
     Henrik Khachatryan - September 6, 1998
     Vahram Khorkhoruni-10.12.1998
     Artsrun Margaryan -9.02.1999 (21.01.1998-assassination attempt)
     Do you think there is a connection between these two series of murders? By the way, we know what happened to these murders twenty years ago. And the historical facts of twenty years ago, plus the fact of firing on the people of ten years ago, without leaving our eyes and minds and keeping our minds awake, let's not even let the snake beneath the tail. And by the way, what was the NSS for so long, followed, with whom the political perpetrator came into contact, who were his visitors, and with whom did they come in contact? : If there is a hair missing from the head of the current government, I think the first thing for the people to do is to break into the NSS building and lock everyone working there into their famous paddocks. "