21-06-2020, 19:37
GALA talked to political scientist Armen Hovhannisyan about the actions taken against the PAP leader, the consolidation of several political forces, other internal political developments and external factors.

- Mr. Hovhannisyan, what does it mean for different political forces to make statements and activate them in the same period, what are the reasons for these processes?

- I think the motives of different units and groups may be different, but it is clear that the stimulus for that activity is the crisis with the king. This moment is perceived by them as an opportunity to take power. It is obvious that this perception is openly encouraged and strengthened by the Kremlin and the Russian-Armenian oligarchy. Absolute consolidation is hardly possible, but the unification of several major players is happening before our eyes.
21-06-2020, 19:32
The coronavirus has violated the plans of couples who were going to get married according to all the traditions. But even in this difficult situation, young people find a way out.

There are many weddings in Armenia in spring and autumn. But the coronavirus has violated the plans of young people who were going to get married this spring or summer. First of all, the barracks forbids gathering with a group of more than 20 people, and secondly, even during a small event, all safety rules must be observed. Of course, many couples did not refuse to have a big and luxurious wedding, but simply postponed it. However, the heroes of our article decided to get married in these conditions and confess that not everything turned out badly.
21-06-2020, 19:14
The leader of "Adequate" party Artur Danielyan wrote on his Facebook page ․

"It's clear to everyone that there are two camps. There was someone who was trying to continue the third way, and it turned out to be very exciting. This added that we do not demand the resignation of the Prime Minister, and the "Prime Minister" caught him, wrote in one of his lectures that this is a meeting with Serzh Sargsyan ... and that's it. Like it or not, little lyrics leave everyone with two choices: either you want the "prime minister" to resign or you don't.

At the same time, let no one think that they can hide in the little lyrical camp, but secretly or, more openly, hide under it. It's me who writes "camp of the little boy" for simplicity, in fact the little boy has nothing to do with that camp, he doesn't make any decisions in that camp. So all those who want to solve the problems of the little lyricist under the pretext of continuing the revolution must understand that they must get the approval from the fathers of the so-called "revolution". Of all those who have flooded Armenia with evangelical sectarians who want to rebuild the Promised Land (that is, Israel), all those who, in an instant, can make a star out of an unknown idiot with one touch of a finger. It is an army, an army whose soldier's brain can not be washed, not even that of a general. First of all, that brain is already well washed, and secondly, now they are the ones who are brainwashed. How else can one think that the Nzhdeh and Dro Dashnaks will be allowed to drive Israel's local zombies? How can it be assumed that Zurabov's orchard, with Ushakov's approval, can get a "prakhod" from the Facebook administration? People have suffered billions of dollars here, worked for decades to come up with your thick skin and steal from them. In other words, in your opinion, "Nabucco", TANAP, "NKR" will make a big fuss because Vanetsyan has a road map?

In order to steal that "revolutionary" resource, the owners of the revolution must believe that the kidnapper will destroy Artsakh, the genocide, the nuclear power plant and many other things, that is, the potential candidate must be either insidious or an animal, and the perfect candidate must be charismatic, insidious animal. I assure you, for example, that Daniel Ioannisyan has a much better chance of becoming a leader of the "revolution" than Vanetsyan, Tsarukyan, Dashnaktsutyun or others ...
21-06-2020, 18:39
About two dozen medical workers of "Gyumri" Medical Center have been infected with coronavirus, about 30 are isolated. Armen Isahakyan, director of the medical center, told Armenian News-NEWS.am that although the hospital does not specialize in treating patients with coronavirus, a large number of people have been infected with the virus for the past month. and so the infection spread to the medical staff.

"We first set up an intermediate department, where we had to sort before the planned surgeries so that we could see who we could operate on and who could be sent to a specialized coronavirus hospital. That's how the patients who were sampled began to be in our isolation ward, but they still don't have the answer to go to another hospital, so when they feel worse, they turn to us as a multi-profile hospital. And since they don't do research in polyclinics after 5 o'clock, many people come to us in the evening, they can come every 5 minutes. And as a result of not taking the test after 12 o'clock, it happens that the patient stays with us for one or two days, until the answer is received and in case of a positive, he is taken to a specialized hospital or, in severe cases, to Yerevan. When the number of patients increased, due to the lack of sufficient oxygen devices in Gyumri, the patients stayed with us for a day or two until they were discharged, or in the case of those who were transferred to Yerevan, when the hospitals were overloaded. Thus, it turns out that we are not specialized, but we treat patients with obvious symptoms of the virus at some stage of the disease. Extremely serious patients come and die, and only then it turns out that they are positive, ”said the director.
21-06-2020, 18:36
Russia's Investigative Committee has released a video in which rescuers remove the body of a 12-year-old boy buried in concrete in the basement of Astrakhan region. His mother is suspected of killing the minor.

The published footage shows how they are trying to remove the boy's body. One specialist removes the concrete and the other removes the residue.

The child's concrete body was found on June 19 in the basement of his older brother's house. It turned out that his mother killed her 12-year-old son with a heavy stone during an argument, and then hid the child's body in the concrete basement.

On March 6, the woman and her husband contacted law enforcement and said that their son had gone to school two months ago and had not returned.

A criminal case has been filed against the woman for the murder of a minor.
21-06-2020, 17:52
Gegham Manukyan, director of the information-analytical department of "Yerkir Media" TV, wrote on his Facebook page.

"Dear ones! The news spread rapidly. Be calm. Everything is OK. In the morning I noticed the trace on the window, which I am not in a hurry to evaluate yet. Do not worry. Good Sunday evening to all of you. I will prepare for my program Ankets tomorrow and our news releases. ”
21-06-2020, 17:37
"The decision is hasty. Nikol Pashinyan's pro-Moscow political course follows this logic, and following it, it was not difficult to assume that this was the case, "said Sasna Tsrer, head of the Sasna Tsrer pan-Armenian movement. Member Zhirayr Sefilyan.

According to him, the latest political developments are directly related to Nikol Pashinyan's June 24 visit to Russia. "Both the issue of Kocharyan's release, the issue of Tsarukyan's arrest or the process against the PAP in general are connected with June 24. I can say that before June 24, Mr. Pashinyan intended to present himself to Moscow from a stronger position. Of course, learning about that decision from the opposite camp, they launched a counterattack. Gagik Tsarukyan's famous speech on June 5, I think, was the first manifestation of that attack. What is unfortunate for us is that both of these forces are directly and indirectly controlled by Moscow. Regardless of the fact that both sides are losing popularity today, I think that Prosperous Armenia should not be in the political field, but both sides are exhausted by all this, but the sad thing is that as a result. Our country is exhausted, this is what worries us, and that is why we are making statements and making proposals to the current government to get out of this quagmire a few days ago. ”
Sefilyan thinks that this "dough will still draw water for a long time", but in the last stage we are, in fact.

"The 5th column is being prepared. For me, it has always been a signal that if we hear that Kocharyan is being released, it is the last stage - if the current government led by Pashinyan continues this process, they will lose. Another thing is that we will not allow the former to return, that is out of the question. It would be right for us to join hands with the current authorities to prevent their return. However, Pashinyan is moving in the wrong direction, taking the whole burden on his shoulders, "he added.
21-06-2020, 17:07
It turns out that during the closed-door session, during the discussion of Armen Tavadyan's pre-trial detention, Judge Azaryan said that the investigator should not fall to the level of the head of the SIS. The khasatryan Sasun found out, complained to the Badasyan rustamik, and this caused a lawsuit and he applied to the BDK.

It should be reminded that the BDK is headed by the Vardazar Rubo, the Danibekyan Anna Bofrand, and Arthur Vanetsyan. Naturally, there is nothing reprehensible in Azaryan's action from all aspects, but considering who Vardazaryan Rubo, Badasyan Rustamik and their leader are, everything can be expected from this case.

Today's hearing has been postponed due to the absence of one of the judges, we will continue.
21-06-2020, 16:27
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, today, on June 21, an emergency occurred in Yerevan. According to preliminary information, the unknown person damaged the window glass of the house of a resident of one of the buildings on Sarkavag Street in Yerevan.

The operative group of the Kanaker-Zeytun Police Department headed by the investigator of the investigation department arrived at the mentioned place. According to the preliminary information, from June 19 to June 21, in the still unknown conditions, the outside part of the window of the living room of the resident of the mentioned building was damaged.
21-06-2020, 16:16
Kayqer.ru published information a few days ago that on June 17, in Yerevan, on Israelyan Street, the officers of the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service used violence against 60-year-old Armen E.

After the publication, some officials of the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service were upset that Marine H., who had applied to the Police, and the injured Armen E. և Kayqer.ru had condensed the colors.

Today, on June 21, Armen E provided a video to the source, which we present to the readers.