30-03-2020, 06:11
Armlur.am has received a letter from Yuri Khachaturov, addressed to Andranik Kocharyan, the chairman of the parliamentary commission on investigating the circumstances of hostilities in April 2016, refusing to attend the committee session.

It should be reminded that by March 25 Khachaturov had to answer for his presence or not. Sources in the Zhoghovurd daily reported that Khachaturov had already sent a letter to Andranik Kocharyan, the chairman of the commission, saying that he had turned down the invitation.
30-03-2020, 06:01
Today your loved one will have a lot to tell you and share with you. Stars prompt you to listen carefully to what your loved one is saying, because it will come to you sooner or later.

Today the stars promise you a very interesting encounter. That meeting may turn into something bigger, but it's not worth the hurry.

It's a good day to argue with your loved one. That way you will relax and have a good laugh.
30-03-2020, 05:43
Dear children, dear parents. I am convinced that the social problem in Armenia is a problem of qualification, professionalism, skills and knowledge and this problem can only be solved through education. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote about it on his Facebook page.

“If not for today's, at least tomorrow's social problem, we must solve it today, including through education. Don't miss a single lesson. With today's education we are preventing tomorrow's poverty, "he said.
29-03-2020, 23:27
A large part of the world these days finds itself in quarantine. There is also an emergency situation in Armenia, and working remotely is becoming more and more urgent.

There are a number of applications that allow you to work and organize the lesson without leaving home.


It's great for communication within large companies, as you can configure multiple channels for dedicated employees. Speeds up the communication process because employees do not need to use the mail regularly. Available on smartphones and computers and supports all the messaging functions needed: chat, personal messaging, document sharing and alert creation.


Task Manager that lets you sort projects into shelves that can track all processes and quickly make the necessary changes. Available on all platforms.


A service that is already joking that if there were no coronavirus, no one would know about it. The group calling platform has received a steep jump in popularity as training and workshops have begun to pass through it.

A key feature of Zoom is the simultaneous support of 100 participants.

Chrome Remote Desktop:

Simplifies remote interaction with your computer by allowing colleagues to show you what is happening on your computer screen. Partners can in turn view screen recordings from their computer, smartphone or tablet.

Adobe Acrobat:

In addition to a number of key features, Acrobat lets you sign and / or place your name on digital documents. This solves some workflow problems away from the office printer.
29-03-2020, 23:00
During this time, Sona changed her hair color by choosing pink. The dancer loves external changes.

“I'm not afraid of change, I don't like stability. Since we are all now passive in life, I decided to take a new look at my life. I used natural hair for a change, which is a pleasure, but it's a good way to do it without damaging my hair, ”she said.

These days, the routine of the couple has also changed dramatically. Both Sona and Grig are used to a very active routine, with the new schedule initially stressful for the couple.
29-03-2020, 22:05
Anahit Badalyan wrote on her Facebook page:

"Dear all ...
Last night my test of COVID-19 showed a positive result due to my stay in Kapan Medical Center. I have had no signs of it, my self-esteem has been and remains as good as it is now. The initiative to take the test has been mine and my family's, and I have been wanting to take the test ever since I arrived in Kapan. My wish was not conditioned by any signs, because the latter, as I have mentioned, have never been and are not today. I only wanted to take a test because of the fact that I had arrived in Armenia by plane.

I arrived in Armenia from Germany at a time when the events had not managed to develop there. My college in Italy was closed on February 23, when one of the regions of the country had the first outbreak of the infection. I was hosted by my German classmate for two weeks. I've been in Armenia for 20 days.

From the very first moment I entered Kapan, I was severely isolated from my family. My parents didn't go to work, my sister went to class, I saw the sun from the window, and all this until the state of emergency was declared.

My family has been isolated so far.

All day long, I get baseless and unhealthy comments from different citizens. I was very surprised by the positive response to the test as I had been in Armenia for quite a long time, and there were no signs of me or any of my family members.
To those Kapanis who have been idle for a long time at home and are trying to interest their lives by bringing in unnecessary and baseless panic, please be careful in their formulations. My family and I have never interacted with anyone, so we have done our utmost to prevent any potential spread of the infection.

After coming to Kapan, I didn't even visit the people closest to me. I had a video chat with my girlfriends. I've been bored and bored by quarantine since most of you continued to work normally.

Now I am in the same city with my family, but I continue to communicate with them like they did in Italy. Our college is closed by the end of the year, and we haven't even been able to have a graduation event and get our diplomas. I haven't managed to hug and say goodbye to my friends who have made me a stranger in the house for the past two years. And now I am alone in the hospital with the ability to make the most of video calls with everyone and only see people through the window glass.

What do I say? In so doing, your baseless and false statements are more disgusting than I would have been under normal circumstances now. I have not introduced this virus to my body and I do not have to justify it to anyone, which is very sad for me and my family.

To this day, I have answered as many questions as possible to all concerned, knowing full well that everyone has the right to be concerned about their own safety and health. But as far as I understand you and your worries, at least half of that is to manage the character of your unruly and immature person.
29-03-2020, 21:52
It was February, when I first heard about coronavirus, which was widespread in China. To be honest, I was watching with great interest what was happening there and wishing I was thousands of miles away;

Day by day, I became more and more absorbed in the information about this new virus, but I didn't take it seriously.

In those days, we decided to leave for Egypt to rest and relax. The fact that Coronavirus had left China did not hold us back, and fortunately during our stay there, there was no official confirmation of the incident.

Days before returning to Armenia, I learned from the Internet that the malicious virus is already in our country. I cannot say I was scared, but I did not attach much importance to that reality;
29-03-2020, 21:27
Advisor to the RA Minister of Health Ashot Sargsyan posted photos on his Facebook page, which read:

"That's how they stay at home in Dubai ..."
29-03-2020, 21:02
The Russian authorities promise to gradually but surely tighten the necessary controls.

YEREVAN, March 29 - Sputnik ․ The staff of Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to work in the former regime. Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said this, commenting on RIA Novosti's approval of new restrictions in Moscow.

Moscow has declared self-isolation regime for its citizens. The decree was signed by the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. According to the decree, universal self-insulation is effective on Monday.
29-03-2020, 20:59
According to one of the variants, the reason for the fight is the long-standing conflict between current and former Georgian MPs Henzel Mkoyan and Samvel Petrosyan.

YEREVAN, March 29 - Sputnik ․ Samvel Petrosyan, a former member of the Georgian parliament, a member of the Javakheti district council of the Patriotic Union of Georgia, has been arrested in Georgia and faces up to seven years in prison. The information is reported by "Darkness" TV channel.