Вчера, 05:26
Today, January 18, at 05:28 (GMT 01: 28hrs), the Seismic Network of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia registered 40,950 latitude latitude and 43,990 longitude longitude east of Armenia from Ashotsk village. 10 km south-east, 10 km deep, 3.6 magnitude earthquake.

The magnitude of the earthquake in the epicenter was 4-5 points.

The quake was felt in Spitak town of Lori marz, in Hartagyugh (Chaltakhchi) and Shirakamut settlements, in Gyumri town of Shirak marz, as well as in Jajur and Ashotsk villages.
Вчера, 05:06
168 Zham writes: “Yesterday at the RPA Executive Body session, the third president of Armenia, RPA leader Serge Sargsyan referred to the death of former National Security Service (NSS) Director Georgi Kutoyan. 168 Hours Sources Sargsyan admitted quite hard The news of the death of Kutoyan, whom he had appointed to the post of NSS Director, assessing his professional and human qualities.

According to our information, Serzh Sargsyan Kutoyan's death was described as "very strange" and said at the hearing that when Kutoyan learned about the criminal case against Serge Sargsyan, he expressed a desire to stop studying, return to Armenia and become a member of his defense team. But S. Sargsyan urged to finish his studies and then return to Armenia.
Вчера, 04:53
Zhoghovurd daily writes: "Zhoghovurd" daily has learned the details from the meeting with RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and NA "My Step" faction MPs. According to our information, Nikol Pashinyan noted that through these meetings he will be able to understand who the deputies are working for, what activities they are engaged in in the parliament.

 Interestingly, information has been circulating for a long time that there is a list that 20 MPs from the NA "My Step" faction want to leave the faction. And, apparently, Nikol Pashinyan has received such rumors too, and he has decided to gather all the members of the faction and henceforth deal with his parliamentary team more seriously.
Вчера, 04:30
"Fact" newspaper writes: "As you know, the body of former head of the National Security Service Georgy Kutoyan was found in one of the apartments of Paruyr Sevak Street in Yerevan yesterday. Former director of the National Security Service Arthur Vanetsyan has stepped up his security service after Kutoyan's mysterious death.

Our sources claim that Vanetsyan's relatives and relatives persuade him to leave the country at least for a while until everything is "washed away". Artur Vanetsyan could not find out this information, he did not answer phone calls yesterday. "
Вчера, 03:45
As we have already reported, today the body of former NSS director was found with gunshot wound.

According to ArmDaily.am, Kutoyan had recently returned from England, where his sister lives. He lived with his father in Shengavit district, not Paruyr Sevak's apartment, where his body was found. The former head of the NSS did not use alcohol, so the brandy bottle is at least strange. In a conversation with us, one of Kutoyan's relatives said that he had met George Kutoyan in the New Year, that he was in a good mood, had many plans, and those close to him could not understand why he went to the apartment where he did not live.

It should also be noted that a Glock pistol and more than 30 bullets and shells were found in the apartment of former NSS director Georgy Kutoyan's apartment, suggesting that the pistol may have been recharged twice.
Вчера, 03:37
Glock 17 or Glock 21? This is an important issue as the Glock 21 is a 45-caliber weapon and the sound of the shot would be heard in the neighborhoods as well. In addition, the 21 gunshot wound had to be at least 20 cm in diameter. Usually at the level of these ministers they donate 21 models ...

Next question: yes, glock 17 is the most widespread weapon for hired killers. More than 40 capsules and one pistol were recovered from the scene. Was there a single gun at work?

Next issue: glock is one of the unique guns that has the option of automatic fire mode. That is to say, 40 shots from two glock can be performed in a very short time. Guard with 19 bullets.
Вчера, 03:16
Today, the Armenian press and the Internet have been shocked by the news of the death of former director of the NSS Georgi Kutoyan.

On January 27, one of the apartments of Paruyr Sevak Street in Yerevan found the body of former head of the National Security Service, Georgi Kutoyan, with gunshot wound.

By the assignment of the President of the RA Penitentiary, Hayk Grigoryan, Deputy Chairman of the Penitentiary, Artur Melikyan, Deputy Head of the General Investigation Department of the RA Penitentiary, and V. Mesropyan, Deputy Chief of the General Investigation Department of the RA Penitentiary Department left for the scene. Investigators of the investigation department of Kanaker-Zeytun administrative division of the RA Penitentiary Department H. Harutyunyan worked at the scene. Headed by Gevorgyan. During a briefing with reporters at the scene, Chief of the RA Criminal Investigation Department Artur Melikyan, answering a number of questions about the circumstances of the death of former NSS chief Georgi Kutoyan, said that they had come to the scene where Kutoyan's wife and father had been.
Вчера, 03:02
A number of international media outlets also covered the accident in Yerevan today, the death of former director of the NSS Georgi Kutoyan. Russian vesti.r reports that the body of 38-year-old former director of the National Security Service of Armenia Georgi Kutoyan was found in an apartment in Yerevan's Paruyr Sevak Street. The site, referring to Russian Interfax, reminds that Georgy Kutoyan was dismissed on May 10, 2018, following a change of government in Armenia. Another vesti.r reported that Kutoyan's body was first noticed by the woman. The website quotes the Deputy Chairman of the Penitentiary Artur Melikyan.

Russian gazeta.ru also touched upon the incident extensively. In addition to official information, the media also quotes a number of Armenian media reports that an empty cognac bottle and a gun were found near Kutoyan's body. "Kutoyan has not found his place lately and has been depressed," gazeta.ru writes.
Вчера, 02:39
Ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan wrote on his Facebook page:

I am very sorry for Georgi Kutoyan's death (murder, suicide). My heartfelt condolences to his family members, his wife, his parents. I am very sorry especially for a young son who has already had the burden of bearing the various characteristics and circumstances of his father's young life throughout his life, depriving his father of the opportunity to hear.

An institution with a complex public perception like the NSS has led this death (murder, suicide) yet another deadlock for objective judgments about the virtues of a member of government. During the difficult time of his tenure, Georgi Kutoyan has been stubborn in public relations, but there is no text of rebuke.
Вчера, 02:23
“Nikol Pashinyan's distrust of his teammates is deepening. It is no accident that he entrusts “responsible” work to his own family members only.

According to our information, Pashinyan is most concerned about the fact that some members of his team have started playing games with other political forces and representatives and can change the field at any time and leave him alone.

The wave of harsh criticism directed at Artur Vanetsyan had another purpose. Some within Pashinyan's team may be more rebellious than Vanetsyan and say things the former NSS chief cannot yet say.