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Alain Simonyan has posted a beautiful video with his daughter
NA Vice President Alain Simonyan posted a beautiful video on his Facebook page with his daughter Victoria, writing: "My Viking
My Viking #viktoriaalen »:
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Yesterday the President of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan arrived at the place of the murder of the former director of the National Security Service Georgi Kutoyan. The police let him in. Later he came out of the building and wept at the entrance.

Various comments have been made on the videos about Hrayr Tovmasyan's visit. Interestingly, one young police officer chanted "The next one is going to hit you." The photos depicting this commentary were posted on his page by Gegham Petrosyan.

We could not be reached for comment by the police, but our calls remained unanswered.
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Attempted assassination attempt against Arthur Vanetsyan ...
Yesterday we informed that the Chairman of the Public Council Styopa Safaryan is actually aware of who killed the former director of the National Security Service Georgi Kutoyan. Safaryan did not name names, but wrote that he thought Arthur Vanetsyan was the target, but that night black was the target. At night, "the target has changed ... I extend my condolences to the Kutoyans' family," he wrote.

Safaryan's statement led to a lot of discussion. Many have noticed that Safaryan also speaks of the danger to Vanetsyan. At first glance, the impression is that Styopa Safaryan had been informed in advance that action was being taken against Artur Vanetsyan, but "the blacks were the target at night." The law enforcement has something to do here and should ask Safaryan for an explanation. After all, he is the head of a constitutional body designated by the prime minister, perhaps possessing important information.
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Upon hearing of the death bot of former National Security Service head Georgy Kutoyan, CC President Hrayr Tovmasyan arrived at the address. There were videos on the Internet about how Hrayr Tovmasyan mourned Kutoyan's death, he just couldn't contain the tears.

Former Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) MP Mihran Hakobyan has published photos of Kutoyan and Hrayr Tovmasyan, making it clear that they were close friends.
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What are the similarities between the deaths of Hayk Harutyunyan and Georgi Kutoyan? Zhoghovurd
"The news of the death of former Director of the National Security Service Georgi Kutoyan yesterday shocked the whole republic. His body was found in his apartment with a gunshot wound to his sleep.

ArmLur.am reported yesterday that the incident with Kutoyan occurred the day before when he was alone at home and his wife and child were at their parents' home. We had also reported that the shot had been fired from a gun belonging to him, and there were traces of shots on the walls of the house. Later, Artur Melikyan, the head of the General Investigation Department of the RA Penitentiary, informed that a criminal case was opened under Article 110, Part 1 (to commit suicide), and confirmed our information.

"A Glock pistol was found at the scene. We found out on the spot that the gun was legal. Kutoyan received the weapon from the Georgian security chief as a reward. There are many capsules and bullets in the room where the body was found, ”he said. Interestingly, this is the second case of the death of a former high-ranking official in still unknown circumstances after the velvet revolution. In 2019, the body of former RA Police Chief Hayk Harutyunyan was discovered.
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Zhoghovurd daily asked former National Security Service (NSS) former director Arthur Vanetsyan's assistant Vahagn Boyajyan what the former NSS director Arthur Vanetsyan was worthy of giving him a nominal weapon, according to Armtimes.com website owned by the RA Prime Minister's family. In response, Vahagn Boyajyan stated: "That information is a lie. I have never received a weapon from anyone, especially a nominal one."

Asked by the newspaper whether he currently has a working relationship with the former director of the NSS, or whether he is involved in the work of the foundation he founded, Boyajyan gave a negative answer, refuting that information as well.
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8 hours ”writes: “Yesterday at the RPA Executive Body session, the third president of Armenia, RPA leader Serge Sargsyan referred to the death of former National Security Service (NSS) Director Georgi Kutoyan. 168 Hours Sources Sargsyan admitted quite hard The news of Kutoyan's death, whom he had appointed to the post of Director of the National Security Service, assessing his professional and human qualities.

According to our information, Serzh Sargsyan Kutoyan's death was described as "very strange" and said at the hearing that when Kutoyan learned of the criminal case against Serge Sargsyan, he had expressed a desire to stop studying, return to Armenia and become a member of his defense team. But S. Sargsyan urged to finish his studies and then return to Armenia.
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Today, January 18, a tragic car accident occurred in Yerevan. At around 03:20 pm, a resident of Yerevan's Nor Aresh district, 24-year-old Henry Markosyan, was driving a Mercedes with a license plate 70 OA 370 on Khorenatsi Street, near the Erebuni police station, in an unidentified circumstances, at an unauthorized L The car of the 088 number, then moving forward, crashed into the garbage cans of Sanitec and, moving forward, crashed into a tree, crashed it, then collided with the No. 80 electrician and partially crashed into the middle of the road.
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Hraparak daily writes: “We have been informed that Gurgen Khachatryan, the son of former SRC Chairman Gagik Khachatryan, who is currently under arrest, has also been charged. As soon as he arrived in Yerevan, the NSS staff approached him and took him with them. According to our information, he was charged and released on signature.

Our source says that he is accused of money laundering, but the case has not yet been initiated and has nothing to do with his father's case. And the case was kept secret for Gurgen Khachatryan to return to Armenia. We contacted Gurgen Khachatryan. He was not at all surprised by our question, but he denied that there was any case brought against him. The NSS answered us: "We don't publish anything because of the preliminary investigation secrets."
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The air temperature will drop by 8-10 degrees at night, but it will not last long.

YEREVAN, January 18 - Sputnik. On January 18 in Syunik and Artsakh, on the 19th and 20th of the night snow is expected in most of the regions, on the 20th and in the afternoon, with no precipitation expected on the 21st and 22nd. The wind will be southwest at 3-8 m / sec. We got information from the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The air temperature will go down by 6-8 degrees on the night of January 18, and then rise as much.