22-06-2020, 14:12
Lawyer Alexander Kochuba wrote on his Facebook page. "Old owners have been replaced by new owners ․․․

Today I applied to the chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia with a lawyer's inquiry. "Contra Legem" law firm represents the interests of several dozen employees of "Armcollection" CJSC. I was provided with information and documents, the investigation of which shows that "Armcollection" CJSC will be liquidated, and its functions will be "delegated" (actually given) to "Araratinkasatsia", which according to the seemingly well-founded data belongs to Khachatur Sukiasyan ( Grzo).
22-06-2020, 13:54
According to Hraparak, on August 3, 2020, Gorg Grigoryan filed a lawsuit against Mariam Pahlavuni, the wife of the RA Deputy Prime Minister, paratrooper Tigran Avinyan, claiming honor and protection from public insult.

It should be reminded that the reason or reason for such a lawsuit was the article of "Hraparak" in which it was presented that Mariam Pahlavuni had said about George Grigoryan. "Even without it, everyone knows whose dog it is."

And Gorg Grigoryan first demanded an apology from his wife instead of his wife, then, not receiving it, he applied to the court.
22-06-2020, 13:43
On the way, they stopped my son, insulted him, beat him, and now they want to bring another question to my son. He was an MP with them, but did not get down, did not interfere in the fight, got out of the car! Lyova Baghdasaryan, the father of Gor Baghdasaryan, who took part in the fight on Tichina Street in Malatia-Sebastia administrative district, told Tert.am.

It should be reminded that according to Shamshyan.com, yesterday, on June 21, an emergency occurred in Yerevan. At around 10:40 p.m., Hayk Stepanyan, a resident of Zovuni village, Kotayk region, called the 102 Operative Management Center of the Yerevan City Police Department and reported that about 40 people had beaten him on Tichina Street in the Malatia-Sebastia administrative district. Hayk Stepanyan introduced himself as a founding member of the "Guardians of the Revolution" initiative.
22-06-2020, 13:23
Victor Soghomonyan told Sputnik Armenia how the process of treatment of the second president of the Republic of Armenia is going.

YEREVAN, June 22 - Sputnik. The second president of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, is at home, but is receiving inpatient treatment. This information was given by Victor Soghomonyan, the head of the office of the second president, in a conversation with Sputnik Armenia.

"Today Mr. Kocharyan spent at home, but will regularly visit the hospital, as he is receiving so-called inpatient day care. He is feeling well, is undergoing rehabilitation treatment, "Soghomonyan said.
22-06-2020, 13:15
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, the Arabkir Police Department is preparing materials on the June 20 incident in Yerevan, during which a shot was fired. As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports, at around 6:00 pm, the Arabkir Police Department received a call that a shot had been fired on Baghramyan Avenue, near the Writers' Union building.

The operative group of the Arabkir police department headed by the deputy head of the department Avdisho left for the scene. While the police were clarifying the circumstances of the incident, the Arabkir Police received a call from the University Hospital No. 1 that a citizen had been taken to them with a diagnosis of "tears in the cheek and upper eyelid."
22-06-2020, 13:01
Hayk Stepanyan paints his cars, his house and his office, which were acquired after the revolution. The house in Zovuni has an approximate market value of $ 100,000, the monthly salary of the office is 280,000 drams, this is Haykna, who according to those who know her was in a bad social situation before the revolution, and the bread was called Kaka. According to the news, these are financed by the former Malatya oligarch, now the big owner of the hearts of the authorities, with the cooperation of the government.

But this is another side, they are so involved in the role that they stop people's cars on the street and hit them for a signal, and then when they eat a cat to hit, they quickly run to the police and give false testimony, claiming that they cursed Nikol ...
22-06-2020, 12:20
NA Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan, referring to the fact that the alarms related to the RPA election violations and electoral bribes were not given a legal process, said. "First of all, no one can say that there will be no cases related to it and we will not review the cases related to the cases you mentioned.

Second, a report was found within the framework of a criminal case related to a specific official and a criminal case was initiated against it. What did he say, if there is no criminal case against one, why is there a connection with the other? We can't compare one with the other and not do anything about it. "
22-06-2020, 11:54
The paratrooper urges citizens to actively send evidence and relevant materials.

"It's not that we don't have any evidence at all. Just if people have any videos or pictures that will help justice, let them send it, ”the NSS said in a statement.

The Prime Minister called on the people to take an active part in this criminal investigation. "I really like the factor of individual responsibility of citizens in the struggle against Tsarukyan."

"Think about the security of our citizens at risk. It only depends on one person to imprison Tsarukyan, and that one is you, ”reads the Prime Minister's Facebook page.

NSS notification. Tsarukyan, who is suspected of the alleged crime, is considered innocent, as his guilt has not been proven by the court, so hurry up.
22-06-2020, 10:42
The issue of adopting the draft law on replacing the President of the Constitutional Court and judges in the first and second readings was discussed at the special sitting of the National Assembly today.

The National Assembly adopted the draft law in the first reading. The bill was passed with 89 votes in favor. It should be reminded that the opposition boycotted the sitting and did not take part in the voting.

It should be noted that after the adoption of this law, Hrayr Tovmasyan resigned from the post of the President of the Constitutional Court.
22-06-2020, 10:39
Yesterday, June 21, 2012, members of the "Guardians of the Revolution" initiative, together with NA Deputy Speaker Alen Simonyan, visited one of the restaurants in Ashtarak gorge. Simonyan. The boys told the members of the "Guardians of the Revolution" initiative to end the senseless quarrel and let everyone go their own way, but the "Guardians of the Revolution" did not agree. The meeting took place, as a result of which a fight took place at the instigation of the "Guardians of the Revolution".

According to the rumors hanging in the air, the "Guardians of the Revolution" initiative is funded by pro-government oligarch Khachatur Sukiasyan, nicknamed Grzo.