15-11-2019, 22:32
No agreement has been reached on the criminal case
Sasun Mikaelyan, Andranik Kocharyan and Hovik Aghazaryan, MPs of "My Step" faction of the National Assembly, had a secret meeting with Gagik Tsarukyan, head of the NA PAP faction. According to rumors circulating in the parliamentary backstage, the parties have sought to find a consensus on a draft law on the fight against criminal subculture and law thieves. We inquired whether Arthur Poghosyan, a member of the NA PAP faction, is there any agreement on this issue.

- I have to be honest and try to convince you the reality - no projects have been discussed at all. And the meeting speaks only of our parliamentary solidarity, of discussing partnership issues. There is no such thing as an agreement on a "thieves in law" project. It was just a working meeting with Mr. Tsarukyan, I am not aware of the details, we were not present.

- MP from your faction Vardan Ghukasyan has said that "smart people like the law thieves are not under the world, the most intelligent are the thieves in law" and should not fight against them. Is this also the faction's point of view?

- I am sure that this was Mr. Ghukasyan's personal opinion. The faction has its opinion and has expressed it.

15-11-2019, 22:18
Here's an episode of elementary manipulation from your favorite and most trusted campaign.

Yesterday we made a statement on this episode, denying that there were no questions left.
But come and see, and the government servants continue the parade of betrayal.

They put together a picture of yesterday's hero, child, and us to reinforce the impression of interconnectedness in the reader's brain.

The headline also mentions us to reinforce the same impression and questioning to avoid misinformation (yes, what, we don't claim, we ask).

The article itself shows that there is no connection, the hope is that they will not go beyond the title and the material will not be read.
Pulmonary manipulation.

In the end, as if to maintain balance, they write that they have applied to me and I have answered "that I am very busy".

No. I replied that it was not convenient for me to speak now, but I did not wish to call them a little later. They didn't need it, I just put it on galchka.

But even if they were pursuing, they would hear only one thing from me:

"We do not find it appropriate to communicate with foreign agents and Nicol's personal use campaigns"

Good luck, thank you.
15-11-2019, 21:51
Political scientist Gagik Hambaryan wrote on his Facebook page:
“On November 9, I was informed by the media that there were emergency cases in the capital. hooligans: Tamela Arzumanyan, 57, and her husband, Hovhannes Torosyan, enter Yerevan's "St. Zoravor ”,“ St. St. Gregory the Illuminator "and" St. Anna "churches, and during the liturgy were clearly disrespectful to the faithful, spit on the clergymen, shouted and dragged the believers in the church ...
 The first and last names of this lady and her husband seemed familiar to me, and after a brief search I found out that these are the same scumbags who have been entangled in anti-Armenian propaganda since 2015, and in 2016-17 begged the Azerbaijani government to save them. From Armenia and grant asylum in Azerbaijan ...

 In January 2017, almost all Azeri media quoted Tamela and her husband's anti-Armenian theses on Artsakh and Armenian-Azerbaijani relations ... The lady was hiding her anti-government activities under an anti-government sermon that could not be deceitful ... Someone dissatisfied with Armenian authorities to seek asylum from Azerbaijan, which considers us hostile country and people ... A person dissatisfied with Armenian authorities may seek asylum in all countries, but not in Azerbaijan ... Contrary to Tamela Arzumanoglu and especially anti-Azerbaijan rhetoric used against us to convince the international community that Artsakh Armenians do not need that in Azerbaijan, Armenians themselves feel safe and comfortable ...

 It should be reminded that Tamela Arzumanyan's "project" with its anti-Armenian impetus became quite active at the time when official Baku was implementing the so-called "Armenian-Azerbaijani Peace Platform" project, which involved several marginal citizens of Armenia who cooperate with great pleasure for money. with the Azerbaijani secret services and the MFA, further intensifying anti-Armenian propaganda ...
And now, this patriarchal so-called Tamela, who begged the Azerbaijani dictator Ilham Aliyev to take him to his childhood in the city of Mingechevir, attacked the Armenian Apostolic Church with his no less humiliating husband and daughter and tried to portray him as a Catholic. .. In fact, behind all this are more dangerous forces and structures whose main purpose is to destroy the Armenian Apostolic Church ...
I wouldn't be surprised to find out that these anti-church and anti-state protests are also sponsored and funded by official Baku ... I would also like to remind that this lady is pleased to be featured on all Azerbaijani-language sites in Azerbaijan and recently gave a humiliating interview to armenia.az. On March 7 of this year and again made anti-Armenian and anti-state calls ...
PS Interestingly, the fact that the incumbent Armenian authorities treat all this as an observer ... It seems to me that the anti-ecclesiastical activities of Azeri agent, hooligan Tamela and his family like Mr. Pashinyan's government ... "
15-11-2019, 21:32
Political scientist Styopa Safaryan wrote on her Facebook page: "As I understand it, Vazgen Manukyan in the" Justice "parliamentary faction led by Stepan Demirchyan in the 2003-2007 parliament, It was Kocharyan's part… And I and many others for their upstairs toys in 2004 On April 12-13, we were injured on Baghramyan Street, hospitalized and operated on ...

      eh world, world ... "
15-11-2019, 21:21
In the yard of the Gyumri Fridtjof Nansen Child Care Boarding School # 2, the twins, who were found in a polyethylene bag a year ago, want to move the family back home from the orphanage. Twin uncle Gevorg told Sputnik Armenia about it.

Children in polyethylene bag. A shocking case in Gyumri
“Now we are improving our living conditions. We will rent a new house to bring the children home, ”he said.

Anahit Kalantaryan, head of the children's affairs department at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, told Sputnik Armenia that they had decided to take the children to an orphanage with the consent of the children's mother. There was no resistance.
15-11-2019, 20:50
The Yerevan City Court of General Jurisdiction, presided over by Judge Artak Tadevosyan, returned from the consultation room shortly after ordering to arrest Alexan Petrosyan, a former MP, known as Mappi Alik, for two months.

A motion was made by the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Armenia to arrest him. Alexan Petrosyan is accused of assisting with money laundering. We had earlier written that the charge relates to the case of former Minister of Nature Protection Aram Harutyunyan. The former Republican MP was arrested, but the arrest decision was declared illegal and he was released. His son was also arrested, who was also released under what circumstances it is not known. The point is that the preliminary investigation body does not comment on the case, Alik Petrosyan and his son.
15-11-2019, 20:28
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, the Resident Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia sent a letter to the Prosecutor General's Office of Kotayk Marz. Kh.'s application accusing a group of individuals of abusing official authority.

R. Kh. Filed a complaint with the Prosecutor General's Office and stated that in 2013 Minister of Transport and Communication Gurgen Sargsyan, by a decision of the RA State Property Administration, paid one of the $ 5 million boarding houses in Aghveran community of Kotayk marz, contrary to the procedure provided by the RA Constitution, free of charge. He handed over to the leader of the Rule of Law party Arthur Baghdasaryan.

According to Shamshyan.com, the listed building is the "Board" boarding house.

Notification. The person suspected or accused of the alleged crime shall be presumed innocent until proven guilty in accordance with the procedure established by the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia by a legally valid court verdict.
15-11-2019, 20:15
"I am a Christian Aghazarian Hovik, but I am not a believer. And it is very sad for me that my seven year old granddaughter is praying: this is called proselytizing. There is no need to teach other things in the name of church history, to pray, etc., "MP Hovik Aghazaryan told" Law ".

- Does our Father pray?

- Our Father still has nothing to say.

- But what is in prayer? When has prayer been considered a prostration?

- It is not normal that my seven-year-old granddaughter crosses and turns to God.

- What is abnormal there, Mr. Aghazaryan?

- For a 7 year old child it is a psychic. I repeat, I am a Christian, I am not a believer, and I consider it a proselytism (How can one consider Christianity to be a Christian - Father?).
15-11-2019, 20:14
According to widespread rumors, women who were taken to the hospital bought and ate cattle from one of the meat shops in Kapan.

YEREVAN November 15 - Sputnik. According to our information, today, November 15, an emergency was registered in Kapan Medical Center. Three women living in Kapan were hospitalized, two of them pensioners.

After appropriate research, doctors diagnosed anemia in women.

According to widespread rumors, women who were taken to the hospital bought and ate cattle from one of the meat shops in Kapan.

It is not excluded that the causative agent of the disease was transferred from the purchased meat.

The circumstances of the incident will be revealed by law enforcement and specialists.
15-11-2019, 20:05
Actor Sos Janibekyan wrote on his Facebook page: “Whenever there is an occasion or a wave, I can say from my heart, but more balanced.

1) To make a feature film, besides the highs and lows that it has achieved in its field, as a valuable product of cinematography, the world is interested in a man (the movie's protagonist) who also has oddities, complexities, and complexities in his personal life. I can come to Joker with many examples of world faces.

2) If someone is scared to watch this kind of movie, it can be said that he is afraid of awakening his inner sleeping desires.

3) We have been watching movies, boyfriends, murders, blows, explosions from a very young age. Of these, my surroundings and my offspring become neither murderers nor boievers. To say more, while adoring Michael Jackson, I didn't change the color of my skin anymore, and the movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger got pregnant didn't force anyone to get pregnant. I have artist friends who watched the film about Van Gogh for a couple of hours, but to date, thank God, they have two ears.

4) If they talk about Christian values, but are very angry and destructive and are ready to ax someone who is out of their imagination, then these people only seem to be close to Christian values.