5-06-2020, 21:37
Iveta Tonoyan, a member of the Prosperous Armenia party of the RA National Assembly, wrote on her Facebook page: "Prime Minister's Spokeswoman Mane Ghorgyan has not yet made a speech to PAP Chairman Gagik Tsarukyan. Of course, we assumed that the government, which had completely failed the anti-epidemic policy against the coronavirus and left the society alone with infection and social needs, was in a state of panic, but we really did not imagine its real scale. Only a frightened government that has failed to engage in dialogue with the public can respond to objective criticism in such a way, especially since the main motive for Mr. Tsarukyan's speech was national unity, solidarity, and the call to unite national potential. However, the response of the Prime Minister's spokesman is more remarkable in the sense that it contains obvious elements of political cynicism and blackmail.

The government, through its spokesperson, in fact announces that under criminal pretexts it can unleash criminal prosecution against anyone who enjoys the respect of the society and dares to criticize the unpromising policy pursued by the government. The government thus announces that it is declaring war not on the coronavirus and poverty, but on the opposition, the largest parliamentary opposition faction. At the same time, it becomes clear that the controversial laws have been passed not to establish law and order in the country, but to use them as a club against the opposition.
5-06-2020, 20:57
RA Prime Minister's Spokeswoman Mane Ghorgyan responded to PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan's criticism of the government. He wrote on his Facebook page in particular:

"I think Mr. Tsarukyan is simply concerned about a number of criminal cases involving money laundering, electoral bribery, tax evasion, and corruption.

If Mr. Tsarukyan thinks that his political statements will disrupt the normal course of the investigation, it is a miscalculation, because everyone in Armenia is equal before the law, as well as before the law on confiscation of illegally acquired property, which Mr. Tsarukyan may have reason to worry about. "

It should be reminded that PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan stated today that 100% of the government should be changed because all spheres have failed.
5-06-2020, 20:43
Dr. Hayk Manasyan wrote on his Facebook page ․

"Do you know what is happening now?" People infect their friends with whom they communicate every day. People infect their families, with whom they communicate every day. People infect their work teams with which they communicate every day. Tomorrow, when one of those friends approaches his company, family and team with a fresh infection, he can't infect them anymore, because it is impossible to infect the same people twice. And we mostly communicate with the same people around us, in the family, at work. There are complete villages and settlements in Armenia, where people do not communicate with anyone other than their neighbors for months.

On the other hand.

There are 3 million people in Armenia, but only half a million work and get in touch. Therefore, it is the half a million that should be considered as the driving force behind the epidemic. And in that main contingent, 100 thousand will not exceed the number of employees who frequently communicate with the society - drivers, cashiers, medical workers, people in the service sector, etc.

Infection of those 100 thousand will become a turning point to break the backbone of the epidemic. And they will be infected in the first place, because a lot of contact poses a high risk of infection.

We have an average of 500 registered cases a day. The unregistered is about 2500 cases on average. It took 40 days to infect 100,000. From May 4, June 14. Approximate. Very approximate. So, stay tuned, there is nothing left. ”
5-06-2020, 20:23
Happiness lives with many subjects. It seems to me that there are no common standards for everyone. Now I think there has been a lot of happiness in the past. Basically, it turns out that you don't realize how happy you are at that moment. All three people have that problem: to capture the moment of happiness at that moment, not to wait, or tomorrow will come, the next day will come ... For me, that word has an abstract meaning. Maybe it's because I'm an abstractionist. Even a small, seemingly insignificant event or event can give you positive energy, but to put it bluntly ... That word is bigger and more responsible.

Painter Ara Petrosyan

Personal and professional happiness.

My father and I went to NPAK for my solo exhibition. My father was 82 at the time. He was looking at my work, he was happy. I was happy for him too. My father died a few months later.

Happiness is when you achieve the quality you want in your work. Of course, it's nice when people look at you and appreciate your work. But the most impressive thing is when you like your job. Experience has shown that in such cases, the work is appreciated by others.

For me, painting is a mix of personal and professional. And when you are actively involved in socio-political events by profession, by art, then the boundaries between personal and professional are blurred. At that time, it is difficult to answer the often-asked question of what art is for you, or whether art is politics or politics is art. For me, art is politics, and politics is art.
5-06-2020, 19:36
3-year-old Anna-Maria is no longer the only child in the house. Sometimes he has a feeling of childish jealousy towards his brother Marat. "He has both jealousy and attention. I am often told that next year I can leave my son alone with Anna Maria and go somewhere. He is very sympathetic to his brother. When Marat cries, Anna Maria runs and brings the baby's pacifier and plays with her brother. He is jealous when the child is in Arame's arms, he is the father's daughter, "Anna said with a smile.

Until yesterday, Anna was busy organizing her daughter's birthday party, and her photo appeared on Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's Facebook page, where she posted photos of herself in a public place without a mask and not following the rules of the ban.
5-06-2020, 19:15
Gagik Tsarukyan, the leader of the Prosperous Armenia party, held an urgent sitting of the PAP political council today, June 5, in compliance with all anti-epidemic rules.

At the beginning of his speech, Tsarukyan noted that the situation in the country forced him to make sober assessments today and present solutions to the problems facing the people.

"You know that the government was given the opportunity, at full time, to be able to fulfill the expectations of the people, that is, their promises that they gave to the people, and on the basis of which they became the government. We also supported those changes so that we could make it a reality, and of course there was an opportunity to make the people's expectations come true.

But when their structure, program, composition was formed, I said that it was impossible to fulfill these promises and expectations with that composition. The main problem is that there are people, officials, managers in that staff, who in real life did not put the stone on the stone, did not lead any sphere, there is a lack of experience, and it was clear that it would not become a reality. You can see, I said that a year and a half ago, that the people are not a testing ground, the state is not a testing ground, and that there must be experienced people who have shown professional results, and it doesn't matter if they belong to a party or walk together.

I said at the time that it was impossible to live up to those expectations, and that we needed to change 97 percent, and today, seeing these failures, I can fully say that not 97, but 100 percent need to change, because all sectors are failing. " said Tsarukyan.
5-06-2020, 18:39
Facebook user Hovhannes Khachatryan posted a video on his page and wrote:

"It is obligatory to wear a mask in public open places, Mr. Paret Avinyan, that is the law you have adopted.

And they take off the mask only when eating, they announce all day long in the streets, at least listen to it. And you neither eat nor ride a bicycle.

Mr. blogger, put it on your page and let people say what they think ... ”
5-06-2020, 18:36
Former director of the RA National Security Service Arthur Vanetsyan has sued RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his spokesman Mane Gevorgyan. We are informed about this from the Judicial Information System.

The lawsuit was filed on June 4 and was signed by Judge Lilit Sargsyan of the Court of General Jurisdiction of the city of Yerevan.

The plaintiff demands to oblige the defendants to publicly deny the defamatory facts, to remove them, to publish the text of the denial, as well as to compensate the damage caused to honor and dignity.

Arthur Vanetsyan's representative Aramazd Kiviryan said in our conversation that the reason for the lawsuit was Mane Gevorgyan's April 29 Facebook post.

Kiviryan noted that in general they demand compensation in the amount of 2 million drams. According to him, the spokesman speaks on behalf of the Prime Minister, that is why the lawsuit was also filed against the Prime Minister.
5-06-2020, 18:29
On her Facebook page, Regina Prazyan referred to the scandalous video that appeared on the Internet today, in which the police detained a young man who did not wear a mask.

Didn't the man brought in by the police accidentally say, "I'm not a boy who puts on a mask and go this way and that?" It was actually a provocative video, when a man says "I'm coming, do it" 20 times and throws himself at me in order not to obey this and that. No one touched my neck, so I couldn't even breathe !!!
5-06-2020, 18:18
Gagik Tsarukyan, the chairman of the Prosperous Armenia party's political council, held an urgent sitting today. He stated that the current situation in the country has forced him to make sober assessments and present solutions to the problems facing the people. Gagik Tsarukyan touched upon the policy pursued by the government in different spheres, noting that all the branches of the economy have failed.

The PAP President called on all possible and healthy forces of Armenia, the Diaspora, Artsakh to unite, noting that he is ready to meet personally with representatives of all healthy political forces, intellectuals and figures concerned with the country's future, to discuss realistic plans to get the country out of this situation.