22-06-2020, 17:25
The documentary presents the story of a young man who has great goals, desires and works towards their realization, but all this is interrupted by a problem that is prevalent in Armenia.
22-06-2020, 17:12
According to Zara, she has decided to dye her hair in such a way that it does not have the problem of permanent discoloration and the disabled hair is restored. "I imagined a darker shade, but since I would have a problem with lightening to return to a lighter color, I chose the fiery one," he said, adding that the change in style was due to his psychological state. - I had about two in one. Recently, we constantly hear negative news, we live in an atmosphere of fear, we do not express ourselves at work. All this also contributed to my change of style. Now I get a lot of energy from my hair color. ”

According to the actress, her son, Noah, at first thought that his mother was a liar. "Because he saw me in different characters, he thought so, then he was surprised, but he liked the new shade."

Zara emphasized that she had hair of this color about 9 years ago. According to him, if the risk is justified, he is not afraid of style changes. "If the specialist says that something will suit me, then I will take a risk. Lately, I have been turning to experts I know so that there are no unsuccessful attempts. Even if I am dissatisfied, I think it is hair, it will grow. ”
22-06-2020, 16:52
Alexander Minion, the head of the medical team from France, who spoke at the briefing after the curfew, said he was flattered by the treatment and warm reception. He also expressed his admiration for the work of Armenian doctors, who, although very tired, continue to save lives.

"There is new news that Dexamethasone may already be used in Armenia, but as it has been mentioned many times, this disease will last a long time, and it is not that this drug will immediately stop the spread of the infection," said the professor from France.
22-06-2020, 15:14
After the release of key defendant Robert Kocharyan on bail on March 1, Arsen Nikoghosyan, a judge of the Criminal Court of Appeal, was given a bodyguard.

In response to the question of the Armenian News-NEWS.am, the Public Relations and Information Department of the RA Police said that based on the letter received from the Supreme Judicial Council, the police ensures the security of Arsen Nikoghosyan in accordance with the law.

It should be reminded that after releasing Robert Kocharyan on bail of 2 billion drams, on June 19, Judge Arsen Nikoghosyan submitted an application to the Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, stating that his 18.06.2020 As a result of the relevant decision, a number of posts insulting and threatening him and his family members (including messages sent to his personal page) began to spread on a number of news websites and social networks.

Judge Nikoghosyan was summoned to the Supreme Judicial Council to discuss the application. Listening to the judge and discussing the received application, the Supreme Judicial Council applied to the RA Police on the same day to take appropriate measures.

In response to our question, Gor Abrahamyan, Adviser to the RA Prosecutor General, said that the Prosecutor's Office is investigating the posts threatening the judge and his family members.

Robert Kocharyan was released after paying 2 billion drams in court deposit. During this time, the bodyguards of several judges examining Kocharyan's precautionary measure were provided. Now the police are also ensuring the safety of Judge Anna Danibekyan, who is examining the March 1 case.
22-06-2020, 15:09
A few days ago, the new project of "Deputate Show" - "Father's House" sitcom - was launched. Producer of the project Andranik Harutyunyan had previously announced that actor Garik Sepkhanyan would play the role of a brother from the United States, but instead of Garik we see rapper Narek Petrosyan on the air.

Kayqer.ru contacted the parties to find out why Garik Sepkhayan was left out of the sitcom's cast.

Narek said he did not know why he had replaced Garik.

Andranik mentioned that he had already shot two series with Garik, but they had to shoot the scenes with his participation again. "It is not on our initiative that Garik is not filmed in the sitcom, he will tell the reason," Andranik said, adding that Garik is their friend, the relationship has not been damaged.

In a conversation with us, Garik emphasized that he has no problems with the staff of the project, they are friends, but there is a shortage of time. "Because I had so many jobs, I couldn't stay in the project due to lack of time. I did not plan in advance that I would not be able to do my job. ”
22-06-2020, 14:57
The "My Step" faction has proposed new changes in its draft on the members of the Constitutional Court.

YEREVAN, June 22 - Sputnik. After the adoption of the draft constitutional amendments in the first reading, some changes were made. Vahagn Hovakimyan, a member of the "My Step" faction, co-author of the bill, stated the information at the sitting of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs.

According to him, the main change refers to the fact that after the adoption of the constitutional amendments, they will gain legal force without being ratified by the President of the Republic of Armenia.
22-06-2020, 14:50
The investigation department of the Arabkir police department is preparing materials on the incident that took place on June 20 in Yerevan, during which a shot was fired.

As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports, at around 6:00 pm, the Arabkir Police Department received a call that a shot had been fired on Baghramyan Avenue, near the Writers' Union building.

The operative group of the Arabkir police department headed by the deputy head of the department Avdisho left for the scene. While the police were clarifying the circumstances of the incident, the Arabkir Police received a call from the University Hospital No. 1 that a citizen had been taken to them with a diagnosis of "tears in the cheek and upper eyelid." The police of Arabkir found out that the wounded was Karen K., a resident of Davitashen administrative district of Yerevan, and he was injured by a shot fired near the Writers' Union. After receiving first aid at University Hospital No. 1, he was taken to the Malayan Ophthalmology Clinic with a diagnosis of "left eye injury." The officers of the Criminal Investigation and Community Police Departments of the Arabkir Police Department, taking the necessary operative-investigative measures, found out that Denis A, a resident of Kotayk region, had an argument with Karen K. on Baghramyan Avenue near the Writers' Union. He shot Karen K. with a pistol, causing an injury. G. According to Shamshyan's information, today, on June 22, Denis A voluntarily presented himself to the Arabkir police department.

Notification. A person suspected or accused of an alleged crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty in accordance with the procedure established by the RA Criminal Procedure Code by a court judgment that has entered into force.
22-06-2020, 14:40
Unless we have a declining number of turns, we cannot say that we are following the anti-epidemic rules enough. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said this during the briefing after the meeting of the reserve.

"Now our infection rate is in the range of 1.1, which means that 10 infected people infect 11 people. Now I want to propose the opposite formula, that every 10 people who follow the rules, they do not infect 11 more people, "said the Prime Minister.
22-06-2020, 14:38
At the moment, we have 504 citizens in critical condition, 123 citizens in critical condition and 44 citizens connected to artificial lung ventilation devices. The Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan stated this during the briefing.

"In other words, 627 citizens are in a difficult and extreme situation, which is very worrying," Torosyan said, urging them to wear masks, not to gather in groups and to wash their hands often.

The Minister said that one should be ready to live like this as long as this challenge is not completely eliminated not only from Armenia, but also from the whole world.
22-06-2020, 14:21
Serzh Sargsyan responded quite quickly and operatively to the noisy statement of Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan that in 2016 the air of Artsakh was defenseless. Sargsyan said that in that case, about 20 drones and two helicopters were damaged. At the same time, he noted that it is extremely responsible and difficult to build an army during the war, and urged the army not to make the issue of armaments a matter of manipulating or manipulating political processes.

In practice, Serzh Sargsyan is right. Of course, the damage to the helicopters can hardly be considered an achievement of the air defense system, especially since one of them was hit by a hand grenade.