29-11-2019, 15:34
Ministers' salaries and bonuses, after secret scandal-raising scandals, are now receiving MPs in astronomical numbers.

The post-revolutionary team that came to power by rejecting fraud and injustice gave MPs and NA staff 14 awards 14 times from January to November.

Here's the question: when the year is 12 months and until November it covers 10 months, how did it get, 14 times no bonus.
29-11-2019, 15:26
We are looking for a 30-year-old Colleen's office in the hospital. I ask, would you say Kolya's athlete's room? A middle-aged man in a black shirt with blue eyes greets us at the door of the hospital. There is tension on the face as if the last "grain of hope" is held firmly in its grip. Kolya's father is Hrachya Karapetyan.

Inside is Collee's wife, seated next to the bed, watching her husband. Kolya's look with a golden face is one point. This condition has been around for 2 months. The woman asks us not to take pictures, and says, "Well, you haven't seen Kolya, and I don't want anyone to see her in this situation."

We leave the hospital with Hrachya. We walk down the long corridor to the kitchen, where we start the conversation.
29-11-2019, 15:10
See how Susie's song "Wind Blow" has grown and changed
29-11-2019, 14:13
Sasha's Wife Turned to Nicole
29-11-2019, 13:59
2017 Kolya Karapetyan, an athlete who was badly injured in the European Championship, died today after eighteen months in a coma. Sambo Federation of Armenia reports.

The athlete sustained an injury in a medal fight. He was able to win a gold medal, but after the fight his fitness deteriorated. He has been in a coma since 2017.
29-11-2019, 13:34
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, today, November 29, a serviceman holding the front line of the Artsakh Republic received a gunshot wound from an enemy shot.

According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, the soldier was taken to a military hospital. Doctors are fighting for his life right now.
29-11-2019, 13:20
Copied half-naked photos of the woman and ...
As a result of investigative and other procedural actions carried out by the Investigative Division of Yerevan Investigation Department of Ajapnyak and Davtashen administrative districts of Yerevan, the circumstances of illegal access to computer information were revealed. A resident of Armavir province has been charged.

According to the data obtained by the investigation, a 33-year-old resident of Armavir province was divorced in Yerevan by a court verdict. In early December, on the cell phone of their underage child, seeing that the password on his ex-wife's Facebook page was protected, she copied half-hearted photos and messages from her personal messages on the site without her permission. Later that same month, a 33-year-old man posted photos and messages via the Weber App on the internet to his ex-wife's brother and sister, violating the inalienable rights and freedoms of a resident of Yerevan guaranteed by the RA Constitution as well as personal data protection.
29-11-2019, 13:20
On November 29, a soldier holding the front line of the Artsakh Republic received a gunshot wound from the enemy's shot.

According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, the soldier was taken to a military hospital, where doctors are fighting for his life.
29-11-2019, 12:56
Continuing the series of scandalous faces of the new authorities, today we would like to refer to the Mayor of Yerevan Hayk Marutyan, who during his tenure managed to find himself at the center of a number of scandals. The scandals began precisely during the campaign preceding the Yerevan Council of Elders elections, when Marutyan allowed himself to divide the political field among his own and strangers, stating that today the situation in Armenia is very clear: there are white forces and there are black forces, officially declaring that they are white forces, and All those who do not want their team to succeed are the black forces. Then he explained why he said so; “Because we and our success are Armenia's success. None of us has personal interests, no personal ambitions. ” Maruti's remark was similar to the famous notion that “whoever is not with us is against us,” which would hardly be a good place to start.
After being elected mayor, it is noteworthy that Marutyan appeared at the center of a scandalous story about KamAZ. Let us just state that to date, for some reason, all this has not received the proper attention of the relevant authorities, despite the obvious corruption risks there.
29-11-2019, 11:58
19-year-old and 18-year-old residents of Hrazdan city were arrested by the decision of the Chief Investigator of the Kotayk Regional Investigation Department of the Armenian Investigation Committee Armen Hambardzumyan. The men are suspected of causing several knife blows and injuries in the stairwell at the entrance of building 13 in Kentron district of Hrazdan city on November 26, in the area of ​​Levon Chuljyan, 66, a resident of the same building. The latter died on the way to Hrazdan Medical Center.

According to the decision of the Head of Kotayk Regional Investigation Department, Colonel of Justice Mher Vardanyan a group of investigators and group leader A.M. According to Hambardzumyan's decision, a criminal case was initiated under Article 104 (2) (8) of the RA Criminal Code. According to the photojournalist, the discovery was carried out by investigators from the Central Criminal Investigation Department of the Police, Kotayk Regional Police Department, Hrazdan Police Department officers and Kotayk Regional Investigation Department of the Armenian Investigative Committee. The aforementioned persons were taken to the Hrazdan Police Department as a suspect.