2-06-2020, 22:20
The situation in the food market called "Meimandar" in the territory of Armavir region is quite tense. We have recently received an alarm that dozens of policemen have entered the market area and are trying to remove the villagers. The citizen who alerted us informed that the market employees do not agree with the decision, they oppose it, but the police have a strict instruction that the market will not work.
We were also informed that the red bears are also in the market at the moment and are trying to remove the employees from the market area at any cost. The situation is the same in the Malatya market.

It should be reminded that the employees of the market called "Meimandar" held a protest action yesterday, on June 2, announcing that they cannot but work. The situation was tense at that time as well.

It should be added that after the siege session, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan gave a briefing and stated that they will follow the rules of anti-epidemic very harshly.

"From now on, we will follow the rules of anti-epidemics very hard, without taking into account any argument. If someone sells food, he should think in advance that the sale should be organized according to the rules set by the guard, in order to avoid prohibition and economic damage, "Pashinyan said, citing examples in commercial areas when a violation of the rules is registered and it is decided to close it. , they argue that in that case the food of the traders will be spoiled and they will suffer economic losses.
2-06-2020, 22:14
I just warn you, yes, there may be dozens of scoundrels who may be fake, maybe not, say, what are you saying, you are threatening our government, but the point is that the numbers I said about the coronavirus are They are printed on the website of the Hopkins Institute, enter the website, look, I just said that if the coronavirus continues, we will not die from it, we will die from the war. Former Prime Minister of Armenia Hrant Bagratyan told ArmDaily.am about this, explaining the statement made during the "In front of the mirror" program that if he had been Ali's place, he would have attacked Armenia in 3-4 months.
2-06-2020, 22:00
Edmon Marukyan, the leader of the "Bright Armenia" faction of the National Assembly, recently referred to the Prime Minister's recent statements live on his Facebook page. According to him, this is not the time to look for guilt at all, because we do not solve any problem with it.

"Seeking guilt is the job of non-governmental organizations, that is, the independent sector, it is the job of the opposition, but in Armenia the government is dealing with it. Leaving his main job in Armenia, the government has launched a "who is to blame" campaign. And the easiest thing to do is to burden people. People are to blame, they went to St. John's on Sunday, the workers of "Gloria" were to blame for standing in line for a bus. I found out that "Gloria" has 26 buses, but maybe it should have had 50.

The pictures that are now being published by the Prime Minister, he should have collected them, convened a curfew and said, "What are you doing? You don't control the districts, because such gatherings take place there. You didn't control Dendropark, Garni-Geghard. But those pictures are published, and the citizens are to blame. There is a group of citizens, mostly people who live well, think that yes, the people are to blame for all this happening, and those good people are also in favor of closing it completely and being very quarantined. People who live well also think that no one should leave the house at all, and those people who live well also give that advice from outside, from the Diaspora. These people do not know, for example, how the worker of "Gloria" lives, how the seller of greens of the Maimandar market lives. Instead, they decide. And you don't know why they decided that the Meimandar market was to blame for the spread of the infection. Everyone is to blame, except the main culprits. As a representative of the opposition, I want to say, dear people, let's stop looking for culprits. Now we have to deal with the case, we know the place of the culprits, the time will come, I think an investigative commission will be set up in the parliament, probably not in this parliament because it is meaningless with this majority, but it will be created and we will see who is guilty. Those who have made the existence of the epidemic and its seriousness serious since the first day are to blame, and when everything is not serious, then they try to make it serious, but it doesn't work because people don't listen, "Marukyan said.
2-06-2020, 21:32
In the first issue, Grig had 4 guests at the same time: Inna Khojamiryan, Diana Shatveryan, Sona Rubenyan and Arusik Tigranyan, but this is not a clear format. According to Grig, each issue will be different from the previous one. The humorist was satisfied with the first shot.

"Our project is not in the classic late night format. Every detail starts from the pavilion, each time we have a conversation with guests of different sizes. He also differs in the fact that there is a very big dance show in the program, besides, each issue ends with a big stand-up show, "he said and added that he loves this format very much, he has toured all the world's evening shows.
2-06-2020, 21:29
Marina Khachatryan, President of the "Healthy Society" NGO, spoke at the "Mirror" club about the struggle against the coronavirus and the internal political situation.

Details in the video.
2-06-2020, 21:10
A person infected with atypical pneumonia in 2003 may not be infected with COVID-19. Such a conclusion was reached by American and Swiss scientists. The results of the study were published in the journal Nature.

Experts have found that infection with the SARS-CoV virus, which causes acute respiratory distress, promotes the production of antibodies targeting the S protein. In turn, it is responsible for connecting coronavirus and receptors to the cell surface.

And scientists have come to the conclusion that one such antibody, S309, can effectively neutralize SARS-CoV-2 S protein. Thus, people who have had acute respiratory illnesses may not be infected with the new coronavirus.
2-06-2020, 20:57
NA Deputy Speaker Alen Simonyan writes on his Facebook page

"Dear friends!
A user with simple magic changed the date of his video from January 26 to January 8 using Facebook tools, you can check for yourself. Others rejoice and enjoy your credibility
You can cheat on Facebook with focus, but that virus does not recognize such tricks and such accumulations can be fatal.
Please follow the rules for public health once again.
2-06-2020, 20:38
Officers of the Malatia-Sebastia administrative district police department recently evicted journalist Lusine Khachatryan and her minor child from the apartment. Khachatryan warns Hetq that police actions are illegal, that he has not been provided with a document on eviction permit, while he has a letter from Edgar Petrosyan, deputy head of the Yerevan City Police Department, according to which the police actions related to the eviction have been suspended. until the end of the administrative dispute related to the apartment. Khachatryan's entire property is currently in the apartment, the door lock has been changed.

"I am going straight to the embassy with my child in my home clothes. I don't have a homeland. I demand shelter, ”says Khachatryan, who was on the street with the child.
2-06-2020, 19:47
Laboratory tests of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method will be banned in Armenia today, June 2.

According to the RA Government's statement, based on the RA Government's decision N 298-N of March 16, 2020 on declaring a state of emergency in the RA, the RA curfew stipulates that

«1. It is prohibited to conduct laboratory tests for polymerase chain reaction (hereinafter referred to as PCR) for the diagnosis of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the whole territory of the Republic of Armenia. ) proper system.

2. In order to diagnose coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for laboratory tests by PCR, the standards and requirements for the technical equipment of the laboratories, the quality of the number of specialists, as well as the safety standards are determined by the order of the Minister of Health.
2-06-2020, 19:43
Former Prime Minister Hakob Chagharyan writes on his Facebook page. "The RA Penitentiary informs that the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has deprived the ONLY airline of flights to Europe, and the ONLY one of the destinations.
Let me clarify that EASA has given the Aviation Authorities of the Republic of Armenia an "honorable" place in the BLACK AWARD of its unreliable partners.

If a drop is embarrassing, it should be removed

As a result, the Armenian airline MIAK lost its MIAK European regular route. The other company, with its 3 A-320 aircraft, has the opportunity to fulfill the contracts. The PKK literally repeated the "idea" of Deputy Prime Minister Avinyan in the National Assembly a week ago, "Instead of entering the ground out of shame, to explain such an explanation to 16 (mainly the most backward in the African continent) countries"

In this case, all specialists in the field of regulation, starting with Deputy Prime Minister Avinyan, responsible for all 42 shortcomings mentioned in the EASA audit, led by the President of the Penitentiary, if they have a drop of shame, should be fired and held accountable.


I invite all state officials, the authors of this stupid point of view, to a debate on Central Television. ”