30-03-2020, 12:04
I went shopping, my paper pockets, though only 300 yards from our home in the city, an alkogel near me with a mask.
The picture in City, a mask very few people wore. They've probably never heard of social distance.

I was in line to pay, about 1.5; Just two meters away, one of them wants to enter. Well, of course, I warn that I'm in a queue.
"Stop coming a little closer so we know.
30-03-2020, 11:51
A tragic incident happened recently in Yerevan. Around 3:10 pm, the Davitashan police department received an alert that a citizen had jumped off the Davitashen Bridge to commit suicide.

As reported by photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, the operative group of Mashtots police department headed by Andranik Shahbazyan and the Davitashen police department headed by Mkrtich Varosyan have arrived at the scene.
30-03-2020, 11:36
Infections are about 7 times higher than those found

Doctor Hayk Manasyan wrote on his Facebook page:
“My questions are professional. They relate exclusively to infectious diseases, epidemiologists, health care providers.

What you say to the masses, what you won't say is not my problem. Answer me, if you are competent, a veteran of medicine.)
30-03-2020, 11:31
According to Sputnik Armenia, Ariana Kaoili has been transferred to the intensive care unit again because of problems with her lungs.

YEREVAN, March 30 - Sputnik. The health of Ariana Kaoili, the wife of FIDE world champion Levon Aronian, the leader of the Armenian Grandmaster, has worsened. This information was reported to Sputnik Armenia by our source at Astghik Medical Center.

According to our information, Kaoili has been transferred to the intensive care unit again because of problems with his lungs.
30-03-2020, 11:09
The aroma of aroma cures the pain of the soul, gives the person a sense of calm and protection.

Incense also suppresses the growth of germs in the air, water and also in the body.

Incense is a very rare Boswellia tree resin that grows in Saudi Arabia. Stakti is a resin of the Straits tree.
30-03-2020, 11:05
RA Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan did not specify whether restrictions on free movement of citizens would be lifted from March 31 or would their deadline be extended.

“Statistics for any day before March 31 will be relevant and important for decisions to be made on March 31. We have to wait, ”said Mher Grigoryan.
30-03-2020, 10:56
We have a large number of infectious diseases in Ararat province. The governor of Ararat province said yesterday that their number reached 85.
Details in the video
30-03-2020, 10:50
30-03-2020, 10:38
US scientists have tested eight strains of the new coronavirus that cause COVID-19. There are minimal differences between these strains, the Daily Mail reported.
"The virus is so slowly mutated that the strains are very similar to one another," said Charles Chiu, a professor at the University of California at San Francisco.
According to scientists, the new coronavirus is mutated 8 to 10 times slower than influenza viruses. This means that its various subtypes often produce the same symptoms, with no differences in mortality.
30-03-2020, 10:29
The April 2020 pension payment process will start on April 2.

As Armenian News-NEWS.am informed from the press service of the government, the cash payment of pensions (allowances) in the republic in April will be made exclusively at the beneficiary registration addresses.