22-06-2020, 19:45
The council of the "Homeland" party has issued a statement, which reads:

The "Homeland" party welcomes the decision of the "Prosperous Armenia" faction of the National Assembly to apply to the Constitutional Court.

We state that the political authorities, led by Nikol Pashinyan, today committed the most dangerous act in the history of the Republic of Armenia, carrying out a constitutional coup and thus creating grounds for the complete destruction of the rule of law.

We expect our other parliamentary partner from the "Bright Armenia" faction to join the initiative of the "Prosperous Armenia" faction. At the same time, we draw the attention of our colleagues of the "Bright Armenia" faction to the fact that in order to check the compliance of the constitutional amendments with the Constitution, it is possible to apply to the Constitutional Court guided by Article 169, Part 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution. points 4 or 4, which provide full and exhaustive opportunities for that. We hope that the "Bright Armenia" faction will join the initiative of the "Prosperous Armenia" faction to apply to the Constitutional Court, ensuring the preservation of the constitutional order in the Republic of Armenia, protecting the legitimate interests of the society and the most important values ​​of democracy. "
22-06-2020, 19:42
The end of the coronavirus epidemic is not yet over! There are countries where the number of new cases of the disease is quite high, and in countries where it has been possible to make the situation manageable, the authorities are afraid of a second wave of coronavirus. The BBC has tried to understand whether the second wave of coronavirus will be dangerous and whether it is possible to avoid it.

A second century ago, the second wave of the Spanish flu pandemonium killed more people than the first wave. Virologists at UK universities believe that the possibility of a second wave of the COVID-19 virus is unequivocal. And how dangerous is it?
22-06-2020, 19:37
In one of the subway stations in St. Petersburg, a family couple sang songs with guitar accompaniment.

A group of teenagers beat a pregnant woman and her husband because they did not like the style of music. The injured musicians needed medical treatment.

Initiated a criminal case.

The video of the incident was posted by Izvestia on its Twitter page.
22-06-2020, 19:27
The Secretary General of the Council of Europe responded to the steps taken by the Constitutional Court to meet the requirements of the current Constitution of 2015 and thus to resolve the crisis in the Constitutional Court.

In her statement, Maria Peychinovich Burich particularly called on the Armenian authorities to be guided by the recommendations of the Venice Commission in overcoming the constitutional crisis in the country and by gently implementing the relevant articles of the 2015 Constitution in accordance with Council of Europe standards.

The proposals of the Venice Commission became a subject of discussion in the parliament today. Although the steps taken by the Armenian authorities to address the crisis in the Constitutional Court were generally welcomed, the Venice Commission regretted that the draft resolution submitted to the National Assembly did not take into account the opinion of the Venice Commission. will allow the composition of the court to be gradually changed to avoid drastic and immediate changes that threaten the independence of that institution.
22-06-2020, 19:21
Republican Party of Armenia
The statement of the executive body is presented below.

The Republican Party of Armenia.
* Analyzing the events of the new phase of the occupation of Armenia, which started in April 2018,

* Emphasizing that democracy is impossible without respecting and upholding the principle of the rule of law (just as the people constrain their government under the Constitution, so any public authority is constrained by the Constitution).

* noting that gross disregard for and violation of the country's supreme law is not only a retreat from the values ​​of the rule of law, but also a dangerous path to anarchy.
22-06-2020, 19:07
Large fire on Ashtarak highway (video)
22-06-2020, 18:47
Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) has issued a statement on the adoption of the draft amendments to the Constitution.

"Dear compatriots,

Today, the "My Step" faction of the RA National Assembly adopted the draft amendments to the RA Constitution, which obviously contradicts Article 169 of the RA Constitution, as well as Article 86 of the RA NA Rules of Procedure, which directly stipulates that the draft constitutional amendments be adopted in the first reading. Then it must be submitted to the Constitutional Court to find out the compliance of the proposed changes with the RA Constitution.
22-06-2020, 18:11
Today, on June 22, the Constitutional Court decided to resume the proceedings on Article 300-1 of the RA Criminal Code, based on the application of the second President of the Republic of Armenia, to determine the issue of compliance with the Constitution.
22-06-2020, 17:51
"The kings of Photoshop

Figure 1 - CANCER
Figure 2 - There is no brandy!

When the pro-government deputies are drunk at work.
In this case, it is normal that they should overthrow the constitutional order.

Unable to hide his undisguised joy, Ruben Rubinyan published a picture of himself losing his head under the influence of alcohol in order to comply with the leader's order.
Then he realizes that the proud citizens of that picture will see that it is not enough for our walking deputy to drink "Nairi" brandy, which unfortunately is not available to everyone's pocket, he drinks another one at work and decides a whole nation under the influence of alcohol. for.
Realizing the big omission, he removes the picture from his page and publishes a new picture, having already cut the brandy bottle and glasses from the picture with Photoshop.

I have the right to think that a few days ago, when this young MP spoke very boldly about Gagik Tsarukyan, at that time he was under the influence of alcohol.

Tell the deputy that being under the influence of alcohol does not mitigate the punishment for expressing oneself about the elders or for overthrowing the constitutional order.

PS I will come to your trial with "Nairi" Sea

PS Before feeding the people so many lies, remember that there will be many people like me who will notice your every step and prove to the people that you are dishonest towards your STRONG CITIZENS.
22-06-2020, 17:32
The National Assembly adopted amendments to the Constitution, by which the incumbent President of the Constitutional Court is dismissed, and three members of the Constitutional Court are sent to retire. RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made a Facebook post about this.

"The amendment to the" NA Rules of Procedure "law was adopted, which will come into force after being signed by the President of the Republic, after which the NA President will publish the package of Constitutional amendments, and from that moment the chairman of the Constitutional Court will be dismissed." add

"I am proud of our political team, the My Step faction."

It should be reminded that today the National Assembly adopted in the second reading and in full the draft law "On Constitutional Amendments" with 89 votes in favor.