Вчера, 10:46
Moscow and Yerevan cannot act against each other as they are strategic partners, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated at a meeting with Russian journalists.

“There can be no such thing as we want to harm Russia. At least that is our understanding of strategic partnership ... We can never and will not act against each other, "Pashinyan said, referring to concerns that US-funded biologics labs in Armenia might operate against Russia. Pashinyan also noted that these laboratories, although created with US funding, are now the exclusive property of the Republic of Armenia.

"No foreigner can penetrate into these objects without the permission of our country's authorities," he said. Pashinyan also spoke about why Lavrov's visit to Yerevan did not sign a memorandum allowing Russian specialists to enter laboratories.
"We had a draft agreement with Russia, we were ready to sign it, but our Russian partners decided to work on it again. We will work on it, and when both sides agree, we will sign it, ”Pashinyan said.

In fact, during Lavrov's recent visit to Armenia, no memorandum was signed on biological laboratories opened in Armenia. It means that there are still disagreements.

Apparently, the Russian side is still not satisfied with any issues, they are trying to get great powers from the Armenian side. So it can be concluded that the Russian side was dissatisfied with Yerevan at the last meeting of Lavrov.
At the same time, Pashinyan told a meeting with Russian journalists that the price of Russian gas for Armenia by 2020 will increase. spring will not rise. "The price of Russian gas will not rise until spring," Pashinyan said.

He added that as a result of discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the issue, the parties agreed that the tariff should be such as not to harm the Armenian economy.

That is, there is no final decision on this issue yet, and tariffs may change in spring.

Instead, Pashinyan's only assurances are how good the Armenian-Russian relations are. He does not miss the opportunity to make reverberations in the direction of Russia.

Tamar Bagratuni:
Вчера, 10:39
The daughter of RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Mariam Pashinyan, has posted on her Facebook page a press release, according to which she is building a pub in the small center of Yerevan, which has been her old dream.

"Let's start the day with laughter and laughter," wrote Mariam Pashinyan, quoting one of the thoughts in the article. "And how much money is being built? We think it is understandable."
Вчера, 10:35
If you remember, months ago NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan mentioned at the Civic Contract Party congress that Armenia is a bastion of democracy, and in that sense we are ahead of all in the world.

Against this backdrop, a group of Armenian lawmakers has actually left for the United States and is getting acquainted with the American democratic experience there ... I don't understand what counter-revolutionary steps you are taking. You've gone to study how Trump is impeached, you might want to come here and impersonate our "vindictive nation, the gift of God", don't get serious.

So Americans should come here and learn how to elect a speaker of the 130-member parliament to the 130-seat National Assembly, "democratic" laws, surround the National Assembly and court buildings, determine the means of escaping people during the conversations of the country's top officials and special services; detention, as well as instructions to lower the judges and then continue to serve.

This is democracy, or you have fallen behind the Tutsis.

Karine Mamikonyan's Facebook page
Вчера, 10:16
On July 8, 2018, a resident of Kotayk Marz reported to the Police that at about 11:30 am on the same day a minor girl was driving in front of their home on the vehicle of citizen K. Gasparian during a "Vardavar" car and her vehicle. A quarrel broke out between the two, at around 12:30, when K. Gasparyan's son called Gasparyan's hometown, threatened to kill him, demanded a knee-jerk apology. who hit his face.

A criminal case was initiated in the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Armenia in connection with the case under Article 137 1 1 and Article 119. 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia. According to the Prosecutor's Office decision, the further execution of the preliminary investigation of the criminal case was continued in the Abovyan Investigation Department of Kotayk Regional Investigation Department of the RA Criminal Code.

As a result of investigative and other procedural actions in pre-trial proceedings, a number of circumstances of the case were revealed.

The preliminary investigation revealed in particular that on July 8, 2018, a minor girl and a group of her children were drinking at each other during a "Vardavar" on Kotayk 3rd Street and adjacent to it, during which the child also drank Karen Gasparyan. BMW X3 car.

According to the investigation, K. Gasparian, demonstrating disregard for his own advantage over other residents and traffic participants, demonstratively stopped the car in the middle of the road, obstructing traffic, lowering his car and driving in a drunken manner. , to insult a minor, and then to use violence against the minor.

The girl's father, who witnessed the incident from the balcony, demanded K. Gasparyan to leave the child immediately and leave, but Gasparyan cursed the father of the child and then tried to use violence against him, but the dispute stopped with the intervention of the gathered.

However, K. Gasparyan, not tolerating what happened, at about 13:00 the same day invited the child's father to his abode, where in the presence of his son and the latter's two friends and the guardian of the abode, as well as the victim's brother's son and neighbor, demanded the child's father. he has to apologize for contradicting himself.

In the light of the sufficient evidence obtained, the charge against K. Gasparyan was amended during the investigation and his charge was brought under Article 258 25 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia.

The conclusion of the preliminary investigation was announced, and the criminal case, with the indictment, was sent to court.
Вчера, 10:02
From morning till night he was guarded by those who saw him. "My move" MP Maria Karapetyan said this during a press conference today, referring to Nikol Pashinyan's statement on Mel Daluzyan's personal protection.

“This man fled Armenia because his life and health were in danger. The atmosphere of hatred, hatred that can be created by some individuals or groups is not something that can create danger for a person, ”the MP said.

According to Karapetyan, the statements that the film is ordered by the state are incorrect.

"A nation that, with its past, knows what it means to be described as less than human and therefore to be massacred, should be more sensitive to such a language and not use that language," Karapetyan said.
Вчера, 09:58
Yesterday, as it is known, Colonel General Movses Hakobyan was appointed Chief of the Military Control Service of the Ministry of Defense. Kamo Kochunts was appointed Deputy Chief of the Military Control Service of the Ministry of Defense, and Colonel Vachagan Nersesyan was appointed Chief Inspector of the Military Control Service of the Defense Ministry.

According to ArmDaily.am, the MoD is currently busy designating an office for Movses Hakobyan and his staff. Not only about three, but about ten. Movses Hakobyan had a small staff as a military inspector.

The MoD is now waiting to see how Colonel General Movses Hakobyan and Defense Minister Colonel David Tonoyan will interact with each other.

Their relationship is not warm but they are not particularly tense. But now the situation has changed: how should former Minister Movses Hakobyan deal with Tonoyan. Movses Hakobyan's post was substantially reduced if, as a military inspector, he had been able to freely enter the interior of troops, closed institutions, and now he is just the head of a Defense Ministry.
Вчера, 09:50
By the decision of the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan the chief military inspector Movses Hakobyan, his first deputy Kamo Kochunts and deputy Vachagan Nersesyan have been dismissed.

After the announcement of this decision, many thought Pashinyan had decided to get rid of one of the brightest figures in the former government, Movses Hakobyan. He is at the forefront of the army's problems and can be said to be one of the generals whose activities have also damaged the army.

Even after Movses Hakobyan's (Moss) appointment, Andranik Kocharyan, Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security, stated that the Prime Minister had seen problems in the structure, which was headed by Hakobyan; “It is only the Prime Minister's competence. It proves that there were problems in that institute and the Prime Minister made a decision, ”Kocharyan told reporters.

A day later, however, it emerged that Hakobyan and his former deputies had been appointed to new posts; "By the corresponding orders of the RA Minister of Defense.
- Colonel General Movses Hrant Hakobyan appointed Chief of the Military Control Service of the Ministry of Defense,
- Major-General Kamo Grigory Kochunts
Appointed Deputy Chief of the Military Control Service of the Ministry of Defense;
- Colonel Vachagan Nersesyan has been appointed
Chief Inspector of the Defense Ministry's Military Oversight Service, ”RA Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan said on his Facebook page.

In fact, Prime Minister Pashinyan is aware of Movses Hakobyan's actions and actions better than anyone else - law enforcement agencies have provided the Prime Minister with the necessary information. But he has no choice, as there are presidential elections in Artsakh in the near future, and Pashinyan has a problem with finding himself a loyal president in Artsakh. Pashinyan's only military base in Artsakh in this case is Movses Hakobyan. He headed the Artsakh Defense Army for many years and is from there. Hakobyan has ties to try to serve Pashinyan's political agenda. If in 2020, Hakobyan did not "bury" Artsakh's presidential election in a new Armenia, he would decide to resign, perhaps criminal cases could be instituted over his former activities.
Вчера, 09:36
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, materials prepared by Senior Investigator Vardan Babajanyan of the Traffic Police Road Traffic Accident Investigation and Investigation Division revealed injuries sustained in a November 17 accident in Yerevan. According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, it turned out that some time after the crash, a Mercedes driver, 21-year-old Gevorg Manucharyan and 22-year-old Hovhannes Avagyan, a resident of New Hachn, were taken to hospital.

As the photojournalist reported earlier, on November 17, a major and major car accident occurred in Yerevan. At about 10:50 pm, 21-year-old Gevorg Manucharyan, a resident of Abovyan city, was hit by a Mercedes E-320 number 35 QM 589 in Myasnikyan Avenue and straddled, turning partially onto the road, turning upside down.

According to preliminary information, there were no casualties. The driver was first assisted by residents in the vicinity of the crash. The fire and rescue squad of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the ambulance team of the Yerevan ambulance 1-03 were immediately operational. Arsen Karapetyan, the officer in charge of the Yerevan Traffic Police Operative Management Center, reported the crash to the 6th platoon of the 1st Battalion, where inspectors Seyran Sargsyan and Ararat Petrosyan arrived.

The car was converted to a safe place with the help of citizens. Narek Lobyan, 34, a resident of the town of Nor-Hachn, was trying to mislead the traffic police that the driver was himself. Traffic inspectors found out shortly afterwards that what he was saying was a "Gulnaz tattoo" tale.
Вчера, 09:26
The court hearing on the case of the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan and others is underway in Yerevan.
At a previous hearing, former president's lawyers had filed a motion to challenge prosecutor Petros Petrosyan. According to lawyer Hovhannes Khudoyan, numerous violations were allowed during the investigation.

In her speech, prosecutor Marina Khachatryan again touched upon the property of Robert Kocharyan and her family, which was advocated by lawyer Hayk Alumyan, demanding that the court maintain order.

Details in the video:
Вчера, 09:20
Hraparak daily writes: “Former MP Hakob Hakobyan, recently engaged in film production in Armenia, told Hraparak.am that he is working on a third film.

- Mr. Hakobyan, I heard you are shooting another film.
> - In process. It's about the Armenian and Azeri friends, the shepherds, our times are the 19th, when they become friends in the mountains, then the events go back, in the end the shepherds sign a memorandum, bring peace.

"In what mountains do they become friends?"

- On our Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

"Is it because they are friends?"

"They are sheep-ranchers. They meet each other by keeping the lambs."

- They are signing a memorandum, so what?

- Peace. They are so close to each other.

- Who are the actors of Azerbaijani and Armenian shepherds?

- Our Armenian actors. I can't say who, because we have accepted those actors, we are doing our tests, our specialists are working on which option to choose.

- You must be familiar with film production accounting. Not much for a 28-minute documentary?

- I can't say, depending on who's spending the money. If the owner spends, of course, he will spend mildly, if he spends the other, the money of the other, he will naturally make luxuries. I am fully funding my films.

- The scandalous Mel film is about 200 million, considering that 20 million is 10 percent of the film.

"No, you are saying such horrible numbers." There are no such budgets. But it all depends on what the scenes are, where they are, what they cost.

- Did you manage to get the money you invested in your films?

- No, we haven't received any money yet. We just made it.

- And "Mel" movie ... would you shoot such a movie?

- No, I'm not the only one making the films that I'm writing. Another movie I wouldn't even have written in another script.

- But would you, as a screenwriter, inspire the tragedy of a sexually transmitted person?

- Of course no. I am more interested in the reality that exists today, I am in favor of peace. And I stand for politics in a civilized way. "

You can read in full in today's issue of the newspaper.