5-11-2020, 19:52
Karo Poghosyan, the son of a famous photo of a tree watering in positions, is from the village of Mets Sepasar in the Shirak region.

The photo of a soldier watering a small tree in the positions, which was spread on the Internet, has received many positive reactions these days, thousands of users posted it on their pages and considered it one of the symbolic photos of today's war. Karo Poghosyan, 26, a soldier of the NSS border troops, is from the village of Mets Sepasar, Shirak region. He is now injured and is in the resuscitation department of the National Burn Center, said Karo's mother Shoghik Soghoyan.

"My son has been in the intensive care unit for 17 days. He had many fractures. He was first transferred from Artsakh to Astghik Medical Center, where he was operated on, and then transferred to the intensive care unit of the Burn Center. Mrs. Shoghik.
Karo has been on the front line since September 27. On October 19, while returning from the positions, their car was bombed, Karo was miraculously saved.

"My son was miraculously saved, to be honest, I still could not talk to him and understand how the incident happened. He was in the same car with him - his cousin Ashotsk, who died, but he does not know anything, he does not even know the other comrade-in-arms "It was a terrible incident. I was worried that day. We found out about the incident on the evening of October 20 and rushed to Yerevan," said Karo Poghosyan's mother.

Karo is the only son of the family, he has three older sisters. He wanted to serve in the border troops, he loves the military, he has been serving in the border troops for five years.
5-11-2020, 19:37
Today they tried to bring supplies to the Red Market by cars and make a breakthrough. Several cars were damaged, including a car loaded with personnel. They were thrown back in that direction.

Summing up the day of the war, the representative of the RA Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan said this during a briefing.

According to Hovhannisyan, the fights are not intense, but they have some complications with small groups. There is no wide opportunity to destroy the enemy forces face to face.
5-11-2020, 19:16
The artificial state called Azerbaijan has found itself in a situation from which it fears that for years it will be left behind for a large-scale attack. He found himself in this situation exclusively at the hands of Turkey. The oil-exporting state, which has involved mercenary terrorists, high-paid Turkish military commanders, as well as high-paid Turkish special forces in this war, is once again unable to resolve strategic issues with Azerbaijan itself.

This disgrace is already being talked about in Azerbaijan, there is no great enthusiasm in the society during the first days of the war. We should not confuse the hatred of Armenians with the decline of enthusiasm for war. They hate Armenians in the same spirit, but they also have a problem with the psychology of war ...
5-11-2020, 19:11
French Ambassador to Armenia Jonathan Lacotte posted a photo on his Twitter page, in which he says that the French military is protecting Armenian churches and educational institutions.

"Sad pictures. But it is a strong symbol of the protection that the nation offers to all its citizens. "The threat against the French of Armenian descent is a threat to the whole of France," Lacotte wrote.
5-11-2020, 18:27
Our boys raise the flag in the brought position and pray "Our Father". Video
5-11-2020, 18:27
The battles continued all night yesterday, they were not silent for a minute, said the representative of the RA Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan during the press conference.

"The continuation of the fighting depends on the fact that the subversive groups, which are located in the forests, communities, roads, gorges and other places near the city of Shushi, try to solve a certain problem in any way," he said.

Hovhannisyan mentioned that the fights in the morning continued hotter.

"During the day, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in the north, in the area of ​​the Red Market, in the south, with small attacking groups in different places, with the help of artillery fire with a small amount of armored vehicles, tried to advance again, were repulsed, suffering some losses," said the Defense Ministry spokesman.

As for the subversive groups in the nearby areas of Shushi, Hovhannisyan said that the latter, mainly meeting the resistance of our armed forces, do not fight for a long time.

"During the day, we managed to ring and destroy some of them, throwing them away with losses.

The President of Azerbaijan says that these troops are attacking Shushi, but the question is, how come we have to find and destroy the attackers one by one? "They do not look for attackers during any kind of war, the attackers come," said Artsrun Hovhannisyan.

According to him, the battles continue and tonight, according to him, the battles will be the same as yesterday.
5-11-2020, 18:17
Official London has prevented the UN Security Council from taking a common position on the settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh. This was reported by sources in the Russian IA Realist.

Earlier, Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan stated that one of the member states of the council had disrupted the coordination of the UN Security Council's common position on Artsakh.

According to him, it was about the common position of the Council, the ceasefire, the inadmissibility of the intervention of third countries, the presence of terrorists in the conflict zone.
5-11-2020, 18:15
"The shooting battle is going on right next to us. The destruction of the subversive group continues. The logic of their actions is clear. they try to get out of the circle. Their movement is observed from the air. "The boys are following the road, the subversive formation can come out of anywhere," Pegov says in the video.

It should be reminded that the non-Azerbaijani Defense Army informed today that the enemy forces made attempts to attack in different directions, which were neutralized by the Defense Army units. In particular, small hostile groups observed in Karin Tak և Lisagor areas were destroyed by sniper fire of our snipers և other means of fire. In the direction of Shushi, an accumulation of enemy armored vehicles was observed, which was destroyed by the precise fire of the units of the Defense Army.
5-11-2020, 17:59
The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia, after a consistent, active struggle by the special services of foreign states to detect, prevent and thwart intelligence activities against the sovereignty, territorial integrity, foreign security of the Republic of Armenia, has revealed treason as a result of operative-intelligence-criminal-judicial joint actions. one case. In particular. The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia has obtained sufficient information that MS, a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, in 2015 During his stay in Istanbul, Turkey, for the purpose of working abroad, he appeared in the sight of the Azerbaijani intelligence services operating in that country, was recruited by the latter's employees, after returning to Armenia in 2019. During the year, he received an offer to receive information on the Republic of Armenia արտաքին Foreign Security of the Artsakh Republic, Armed Forces, Armaments or to transfer information already available to him, including army personnel, weapons, ammunition, number of military equipment եխն type, military units և on their command staff, defense districts, engineering structures, equipment, and more recently on human casualties, etc. Assistance to foreign special services for foreign security and hostile activities. Moreover, in order to carry out certain tasks, the MS, continuing its criminal intent, removed the restrictions on military service through a double medical examination, took measures to enlist in the RA Armed Forces, in order to gather information again, to carry out hostile activities. to transfer to another state, which, however, he failed to do, as the relevant authorities rejected his application for employment. A criminal case was initiated in the RA National Security Service on the grounds of the crime envisaged by Article 299, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code, within the framework of which MS was arrested on suspicion of committing treason directly, during which he confessed. Testimonials: The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia is fighting backwards in order to prevent, prevent and reveal the principles of the constitutional order, crimes against the security of the state.
5-11-2020, 17:37
Harut Avanesyan, chairman of the Berdzor city branch of the Union of Freedom Fighters, wrote on his Facebook page.

"As a result of military operations today, the Armenian side managed to capture one military hill on the front line in the direction of Berdzor. Leaving the enemy 12 bodies, he fled from the occupied positions in panic. 1 HMM և 1 military truck was destroyed by our artillery fire.

The situation on the front line in the direction of Berdzor is completely under our control. The Turk will not set foot in Berdzor. "