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31-03-2020, 20:45
“As always, my anniversary started at midnight, though this time without guests. Every year my friends come in at midnight, this time for no apparent reason, and my parents have organized everything. Despite that, I had no lack of warmth or attention. The bells and greetings began at midnight. There was no one who was supposed to congratulate me but forgot to do it at midnight, ”the actress said.

Hasmik does not usually arrange a birthday party, but has long decided to celebrate her 25th anniversary with a party. The plans, however, failed.

“I had long ago decided to celebrate my 25th birthday, I was provided, organized ... a place, a cake, a dress, a design, everything was decided, but it was canceled. If it were not for a state of emergency, I would cancel because what is happening in the world is very sad. You can't just live for yourself and not notice what's going on around you. I couldn't just be happy for myself, ”he said.

This year more than ever Hasmik has grown. “I didn't sleep at night on my birthday. For the first time, I felt like I was growing up. I could not imagine such a birth to be so alone. I'm not talking about physical loneliness, just this year I was able to be alone with myself. This is an opportunity for us to look inside, to develop the world, to change our outlook, and when all of this is also your birthday and you are growing up for a year, you think about what you did, what you achieved, what you could do that you didn't do, what you did You have to do ... I don't want to regret my actions, I have to supplement and overcome many things. You have to get what you want from the heart, because our life is too short. We need to hold fast to what we have and love and not miss. We should try to cling to our love and not let go of it, ”he said, adding that what he did not do that night has become a goal, but he will talk about it after he has done it.

In particular, Hasmik emphasized the importance of time, as a result of reflections on this period. “The most valuable thing is time, if you dedicate time to any person or business, then it's a priority. Your time will always be appreciated. If you give yourself time, you love it, if it is not appreciated, it is pointless to waste time. Failure is also an assessment, as it is a great lesson, you need to be smart and understand at all times who or what is right for you is driving you forward. In any relationship, whether it be love, friendship, work, or other, it's important to push you energetically, if they don't, they don't appreciate the time you give. "

Returning to the anniversary, Hasmik noted that there were no surprises. “My girlfriend's house was organized by law for me, although I find it difficult to call it a gathering. In any case, I had a cake both at home and there, I blew candles twice and dreamed twice. Surprisingly, I had the same dream twice. Every year I keep a dream and forget it. This year I decided to remember it before it happened. "

Hasmik does not like to reveal her gifts because they are already her personal property, but mentioned that many of them were due to delivery services, received both targeted and anonymous gifts, and had no shortage of flowers.

“I have also received gifts from friends in Europe. These days, when everyone is very confused, it is a pleasure to not forget to give you a smile. After all, you start to appreciate the world more accurately, ”he observed.
31-03-2020, 17:53
Leader of Armenian chess Levon Aronian has published in his Instagram a poem dedicated to the memory of his deceased wife Ariana Kaoili.
31-03-2020, 17:22
In the case of coronavirus disease, another citizen was transferred from the Nork Infectious Disease Clinic to the medical department today. Alina Nikoghosyan, spokeswoman for the RA Ministry of Health, reports.

"I would like to point out that doctors have done everything to stabilize the condition of patients, including those with chronic cardiovascular disease, previously segmented lungs and other accompanying health problems.

I thank all our resuscitators and infectious diseases specialists at the helm of the reanimation service, ”he wrote.
31-03-2020, 16:54
The world of chess, including the Azerbaijani grandmasters, expresses condolences to Armenian chess player Levon Aronian on his wife's death.

Gary Kasparov, American chess player Hikaru Nakamura, former champion Viswanathan Anand, acting champion Magnus Carlsen, vice-champion Fabiano Caruana, FIDE president and FIDE president Aramyan expressed their condolences to Levon Aronian. Azerbaijani GMs Rauf Mammadov and Teymur Radjabov also made condolences.

"I congratulate you ... welcome, Levon," Mamedov wrote on his Twitter page.

"I express my deepest condolences, Levon ..." Rajabov wrote.
31-03-2020, 16:42
Dear Lori residents, I would like to inform you that there are 3 cases of coronavirus infection in Lori region at present. The range of contacts with infected people is clear, everyone is isolated. This was posted by Lori Governor Andrey Ghukasyan on his Facebook page.

“The situation in our region is controlled by the Ministry of Health, the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Providing emergency management and preventing the spread of infection in emergency situations is at the center of my attention all day long.

I urge you to refrain from spreading false or inaccurate information and to follow only the official news feed.

Please and I urge you to follow the instructions / restrictions of the Registrar and stay at home leaving only in case of extreme need. Do not endanger the health and life of you and your loved ones. "
31-03-2020, 16:08
The National Assembly today approved in a second reading a bill proposing not to put the coronavirus dead to death. The law was passed unanimously by 69 outright deputies.

The justification of the law is that in the event of the death of an infected coronavirus, autopsy poses additional risks.

Maternity hospitals in Armenia are not provided with sufficient conditions to avoid spreading the infection.
31-03-2020, 16:02
"The March 26, 2020, attempted murder, 66-year-old Samvel Petrosyan, a resident of Akhalkalaki, literally insulted my brother's 12th-grade student Armen Mkoyan. On the same day, at 15:00 the same day, Giorgi Petrosyan and his supporters opposed Karapet Mkoyan (my son), who was accompanying his cousin. The controversy took place at the café owned by Giorgi Petrosyan near Gold and my house. Hearing those rumors, I went out of my house to reconcile the dispute and asked my friends and their supporters to disband.

I came to my house with my relatives. The situation was already settled and peaceful when Samvel Petrosyan, Giorgi Petrosyan's father, a former police chief of Akhalkalaki, a former MP from the National Movement Party in Georgia, got out of his car and left. In the direction of his son, he said to him: "You go home, I will deal with these questions."

After that he turned in my direction, quickly fired his gun and fired three times in my direction, I turned so that the bullet would not touch me. He could not shoot because the cartridge was jammed.

During that time, I raised my pistol and fired twice into the air for self-defense. During that time, police officers came and disarmed Samvel Petrosyan. During the investigation of this case, a search of Samvel Petrosyan and Giorgi Petrosyan's home resulted in the removal of 12 different types of firearms. All this is confirmed by the testimony of witnesses and the recording of the cameras at the scene. "
31-03-2020, 15:34
“It is not possible to have a passive day with my baby, whether you are at home or abroad. The mothers will understand me very well because the day is really full. While I am still taking care of my baby, this day is over. We do not have a passive day, even during the quarantine we live in a rather busy schedule, ”said the actress.

Marie mentioned that it is still difficult to say whether her son is an active or passive child, but it is a fact that she is always busy with her job.

“Now it is his walking season, he has become very active. In general, it is probably not very active. My son has already begun to fully express his personality. Whatever he wants should be at that moment. He loves spending time with animals, playing with our dog. He is a lover of cartoons. He also likes to spend time with us. If I leave him alone with his toys, he may cry, but he can stay with us in his father's arms for hours, too. He doesn't like it when I'm on the phone, he always does it with us, he loves attention. She is a very understanding child, ”said the actress.

Marie said that the restrictions on getting out were especially fortunate in this area because they have a backyard.
31-03-2020, 15:14
The logic of the fight against the spread of coronavirus in Armenia is slightly different from that of neighboring Georgia, RA Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan told a press conference at the Government Press Center, answering the question that a curfew has been announced in Georgia, although the number of infections there is five times less than in Armenia. Don't you see the need to announce a curfew?

"The logic of our restrictions is a little different, the logic of curfew implies human accumulation at certain hours, in various stores and supermarkets. We have discussed this option and realized that the risk to the models we have is increasing the spread of the infection," said Tigran Avinyan.

“We may modify to some extent the mechanisms by which individuals are allowed to move across the territory of the Republic of Armenia, and in particular persons leaving work should be provided with a document within two days indicating that they must go to work at this place. It should be given by the relevant economic operator or the relevant state public body that this person works here and should come to work, ”Avinyan said.

The Paretess mentioned that we would have similar activities, which would tighten the movement of people. “The issue of curfew has been discussed. If we now evaluate how effective the measures are, then let's say on Sunday we had an exceptional number of reductions. Transportation has fallen 30 times compared to the previous one, but we must bear in mind that human movements are taking place. We are not introducing curfew but new control mechanisms, ”he said.

As for the fact that Georgia has a reserve of foodstuffs for primary use in Georgia, is there a need to create such a warehouse in Armenia? "We have had a bill proposed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and already in place that provides for new mechanisms to constantly update our reserves, and those mechanisms are already in place. At this stage we do not need to discuss such issue, there is logistical provision of basic foodstuffs at this stage, there is no need for additional measures, which does not mean that we will not need such measures after a while, ”he stressed.
31-03-2020, 14:35
kayqer.ru has received information that there have been several cases of coronavirus infection in Geghi village of Syunik region, as a result of which the village roads have been closed and no one is able to get in and out of the village. We were told that the cause of the infection was that a citizen who had returned from Russia returned to the village and celebrated his birthday without knowing about the presence of a coronavirus.

We tried to get information from the Ministry of Health, where we were told that from time to time they were carrying out such epidemics in different regions and could not say specifically whether such a case had taken place or not.

Geghi community leader Vasil Grigoryan told kayqer.ru that there is one person infected with coronavirus in the village and is quarantined in the village: "He is about 30 years old, married, now in Kapan hospital." Asked if the family members are self-insulated at home, Grigoryan responded, "Yes the husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandmother who lives in their home are self-insulated." The village head mentioned that the villagers who are not infected are able to enter and exit the village, and the information that many have land in the village have come to cultivate and cannot now leave the village because of quarantine. “No, there is no such thing. There was no one to come and not let go. "

Asked if she knows how the woman became infected, Grigoryan said her husband and wife had returned from Moscow. Asked if her husband's coronavirus test was negative, the mayor said they did not test her husband because she had no symptoms.