» Horoscope for November 18

Horoscope for November 18

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Aries. New interests are likely to arise, and you will be pleased to open up areas and areas that were previously closed to you. It is most suitable for any communication, both practical and informal. Meetings are quite enjoyable, you get the support of your interlocutors and their attention is focused on ideas and projects that you find most promising. Cash inflows are possible - not tangible, but nice.

Taurus. You act reasonably well, which is why you don't make serious mistakes. Even if you are sharp in some cases, your friends are not offended because they are familiar with your character. Many problems remain unsolved, but that doesn't bother you much. Instead, you are more concerned about your personal affairs, and needless to say, because problems with your neighbors have arisen that require a solution.

Twins. The day is not at all convenient for communicating with influential people trying to get their sponsorship, you fooling one after another and as a result crossing over your ventures. Many celebrities make important decisions, disregarding the opinions of others, thereby gaining new opponents. There are financial difficulties, mostly because of your fault, because you spend far more than you can afford.

Cancer. It is not desirable to engage in commercial activities, and you should make deals with great caution. Solving even the simplest problems takes more time than usual. Difficulties arise in both business and personal relationships - you even argue with the people you have a sincere sympathy for. Hoping to find a language with the leadership or make a good impression on influential people, you are stubbornly displaying your worth, but it does nothing good.