» The context of the minister's speech sounds a bit cynical. Vahan Ishkhanyan about the tragedy of Nor Hachn

The context of the minister's speech sounds a bit cynical. Vahan Ishkhanyan about the tragedy of Nor Hachn

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Writer, publicist Vahan Ishkhanyan wrote on his Facebook page:

“The tragedy of New Hachin. Are four children and an elderly woman a victim of neoliberal politics?

Four children and their grandmother died yesterday, Nov. 16, from a gas accident in New Hachn.
The press reports. "Police and investigators have identified the home, including 77-year-old Janna Simonyan, 16-year-old Edward M., 12-year-old Serine M., 15-year-old Tigran S. and 14-year-old Janna M. the body of a man. "

Parents of children divorced, living in Ukraine, children left with grandmother.

But that's not all. The announcement by Social Minister Zara Batoyan reveals that two of those children attended boarding school, but since September 1, they have been absent as the government has begun closing its boarding schools.

The government plans to close four boarding schools in Armenia by December, but the closure process has already begun in the summer.
Liberty reports. "There were 260 children in four boarding schools in June, now they are 130. According to the minister, the needs of all children and their families have been assessed. At this point, they cannot return home, and the reasons vary from violence to harsh housing conditions. ”
However, the ministry has decided that these two children in Nor Hachin will not be a problem if they leave the care of an elderly 77-year-old to four children. It turned out to be a problem that ended in a tragedy.

Many of the extremely poor in Armenia are unable to keep their children boarded. I have written about such a course. I remember the woman, she had four children, her husband was in jail, she had no home, a wealthy man in a village like a barn had a roof, a house cleaner made some money, and four children went to a boarding school. The woman said that boarding was a salvation because she could not feed her children. When I found out that the boarding houses were closed, I remembered this walk and imagined the plight of many poor goats. Now this tragedy.
Social Minister Zara Batoyan justifies:
“The tragic incident that took place hours ago in Kotayk Marz has already begun to be blamed on the deaths of children, as two of them, a 15 and 14 year old sister and brother, were boarding students. They (like all weekends until now) lived with Grandma.
According to preliminary information, they died from a large amount of gas in the kitchen.

Parents divorced and left the country, grandparents and four grandchildren were included in social programs, vocational training programs for their brother, children returned home in September and lived with their legal guardian grandmother who loved and cared for them.
I'm sorry for what happened. If anyone, including the ministry and myself, is to blame for this accident, law enforcement should act at ease.
And I leave you with a moral description of those who exploit such a case with children.
Be careful and follow safety rules. "

The implication of the minister's words is that even if they had visited a boarding school, they would still have come home on a Sunday and died. It sounds a little cynical. First, they appeared at about 1 pm on Saturday, but it is not known at what time they died. And also, if they continued to go on board, the sequence of events could be different. And here's the last sentence: "Be careful and follow safety rules" is already a vicious cynicism thrown in after the deaths of four children and an elderly woman.

If anyone in this story needs to be called for caution, first of all, for the government to be cautious and with your liberal reforms, do not eliminate the state's care for the needy.
This tragedy is also the responsibility of not only the Minister of Social Affairs but also the entire government for the careless attitude of many pedestrians who have deprived their children of boarding schools.

The neoliberal ideology of the government, the careless politics of privatization and saving deprive many public servants of their jobs. They regularly report on the privatization of new areas: state audits are closed to give to the private, canteens in the army are given to the private, and so on. Care for the elderly and children is also being privatized.

The Prime Minister announces that the services of elderly homes, orphanages and boarding schools are being awarded by private organizations. That is to say, the prime minister eliminates the caring, living, and commercializing of the idea of ​​care, bringing it to market so that by competing with the private, they can earn money and thus serve. Perhaps such a commercial service was planned or not planned at the Nor Hachin camp.

If the prime minister's belief is the egotistical approach that everything is conditioned by personal interest, and because there is no personal interest in the state structure,