» Scandal. The launch of anti-repatriation in Armenia

Scandal. The launch of anti-repatriation in Armenia

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On November 11, I was sent to Tajikistan for a week by Tajikistan's Public Relations and Information Center SNCO and Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University to represent Armenia at the international conference. On departure, an airport employee took my residence card from me, stating that the computer was invalid.

When I returned to Armenia on November 16, I was banned from entering Armenia at Zvartnots Airport without any explanation. They were deported to the Russian Federation for 12 hours without bread and water in the transit zone.

My friends, friends and all my acquaintances know me as a Patriot who, for many years, had to live far away from the homeland, but nevertheless decided to return to Armenia, live and create in his native land, contributing to the development of Armenian statehood.
I have dedicated this goal for at least the last 8 years of my life.

2016 I graduated with honors in Foreign Relations from the Russian-Armenian University, receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Chinese Studies.
2018 I graduated with honors from the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy at the same university, earning a Master's Degree in International Studies.
During my studies I had the honor to represent the Republic of Armenia in international conferences and competitions in Russia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Georgia and a number of other countries. 2014 I have been recognized as the best student of the Armenian-Russian University, in 2017 - the best student of the Republic of Armenia. I have authored more than 80 scientific articles.

Currently, I am studying as a Plaintiff in the Political Science and Regional Studies section of the Russian-Armenian University.
2019 Since January 2008 I have been working at the Orbeli Center at the Public Relations and Information Center of the RA Prime Minister's Office as an expert on Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.
Instead of a finalist; On my way back from Yerevan to Moscow, looking out of the window of my plane, I was amazed at the sunlight descending on the mountains of the Armenian world, at the same time recalling the negative emotions that had been in my memory for over 20 years before moving to Kazakhstan with my family. The difference is that for the first time I was leaving my country at the decision of my parents, and this time I was forced out of my homeland.

I regret to note that if the Armenian authorities do not respond adequately to this problem, I can conclude that what happened was a pre-planned action aimed at deporting genuinely loving Armenians from the country, instead of those of unknown origin and orientation. for the purpose of filling the earth. Is New Armenia intended to become the second country after Azerbaijan whose access is closed to a patriotic Armenian? I hope that the relevant authorities will be able to adequately resolve this issue, otherwise any thought voiced by them can now be viewed as a conspiracy against the Armenian people and the Armenian statehood.

Let no one think that after this story my warm and positive feelings for my Homeland will be lost. Moreover, I have to go through these difficulties and return to my homeland. Glory to Armenia and the Armenian nation!

PS I thank all those who did not remain indifferent and expressed their support to me in this regard.

Written by Andranik Hovhannisyan