» Say let Sikr be ․ Vanetsyan to Alen Simonyan

Say let Sikr be ․ Vanetsyan to Alen Simonyan

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The source of the NA ruling faction Dejavu says that recently the deputies of "My Step" are quite upset, because they do not imagine what will happen to their fate, if Nikol Pashinyan really resigns, they will dissolve the National Assembly.

The majority is sure that in the future parliament, no matter how many deputies they can hold, they will not be in power and they will be "eaten".

The source of Dejavu informs that Ararat Mirzoyan elaborates his personal plans, almost does not deal with other issues, has little contact with his teammates.

Vice-speaker Lena Nazaryan is almost always with her Soros friends, they think what can be done after appearing in that situation.

Alen Simonyan, they say, is generally knocking on the door. He often communicates with oligarch Khachatur Sukiasyan, who promised him that he would be number 5 on the list, that he would be placed somewhere, no matter what, whoever came, he would take it upon himself, he would make an agreement For Allen.

However, Alen Simonyan is not so inclined to rely on one person, he even said that Sukiasyan may not be able to solve his problems, he will forget about me, or he will lie at all!

He tried to reach an agreement with his wife, to talk to Arthur Vanetsyan, in order to restore relations. Through his wife, who has been friends with Vanetsyan's wife, Nona, for a long time, he informed us if we could meet. However, Vanetsyan said, "Tell him to be careful, he is not a man, he is a tireless gyada, he came out."