» The mayor of Shushi announces important news

The mayor of Shushi announces important news

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The mayor of Shushi Artsvik Sargsyan assures that Shushi is in safe hands, because the city supports the Artsakh-Armenia-Diaspora trinity. The mayor of Shushi, who is in the defensive positions of the city, assured "Armenpress" that Shushi will continue to speak Armenian, and the bells of the Church of the Holy Savior will continue to ring in Shushi. "Fake photos are spread, as if a flag was placed on a mosque, but when you study it, it becomes clear that it is a forgery. Let them not think that Shushi will be theirs. Shushi will never be theirs. We must win, we must live in Shushi, "said Sargsyan.

Artsvik Sargsyan emphasized that the Azeris always fled in front of the Armenians on the battlefield. "As long as I took part in the war, they ran away from me, they were running away, we could not even see them. There was a time when we met in peace, they said, when you want to attack, let us know so we can escape. Yes, today that nation is not fighting, the mercenaries are fighting, and they have to come, because if they do not come, they will shoot back. But it is temporary, we will celebrate our victory in the near future, "said Sargsyan. The mayor of Shushi assured that the enemy had suffered serious losses in the battles for the defense of the city and continued to suffer.