» Why is Russia talking about terrorists?

Why is Russia talking about terrorists?

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Inter-ethnic conflict expert Nairi Hokhikyan wrote on his Facebook page.

Russia has been speaking more actively since November 3 about the terrorists who infiltrated Artsakh. Although official Moscow expressed concern about the terrorists in October, there were no clear positions. Meanwhile.

- On November 3, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that "the number of mercenaries involved in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict zone has reached 2,000", "Vladimir Putin discussed with Recep Tayyip Erdogan."

- Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on November 5 that "members of terrorist organizations are being transferred from the Middle East to the Karabakh conflict zone, whose hands, as we have already said, are covered in blood up to their elbows."

- On November 6, Sergei Naryshkin, Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, officially stated that "they have accurate information about the presence of terrorists in the war zone, including from the Middle East, first of all, Syria," as evidenced by the Armenian side. "We get this information from a number of countries, from different sources, from our various partners, from the Middle East, from partner services in the Middle East," Naryshkin said.

"Sergei Naryshkin" also confirmed that the Turkish intelligence service is involved in the war in Artsakh.

❌ Turkey և its artificial satellite Azerbaijan continue to claim that they have nothing to do with any terrorists.

What process are we witnessing?

This is the Syrian scenario with Russian planning. As in the case of Syria, Russia has repeatedly pointed out the atrocities of terrorists, especially since 2015, as well as their cooperation with Turkey. Turkey has consistently denied this.

Considering the security of the Syrian civilians and the support of the ally of the Syrian government as important, Russia started carrying out air strikes on the camps of terrorist groups after 2016. Turkey could not say out loud at the time that the Russian air force had targeted its armed forces, as official Ankara had never admitted to cooperating with terrorists, and if there was no cooperation, the terrorists and the Turkish army could not be in the same camp.

: As a result, the Turkish army suffered a huge loss of manpower and military equipment as a result of Russian air strikes.

Թուրքական Will the Turkish and Azerbaijani governments, which consistently deny their connection to the terrorist groups that have infiltrated Artsakh, be able to protest if a large number of Azeris and Turks are killed in the near future as a result of air strikes?

It was not accidental that the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that an attempt was being made to turn Artsakh into a terrorist enclave, which is inadmissible.