» Yura managed to destroy 5 enemy tanks, one Ural and one tractor

Yura managed to destroy 5 enemy tanks, one Ural and one tractor

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Yura Harutyunyan, born in Berd, Tavush region, died on April 15, 2001, for the defense of the homeland.

Yura had many dreams and goals. He wanted to become a dentist or dental technician.

After graduating from school, Yura entered YSU Ijjan Branch, Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics. Upon admission to the university, he immediately left for the service with the intention of coming and continuing his studies.

"Yura was a very happy person, his favorite pastime was to lift people's spirits. He was kind, willing and sensitive. Yura took care of everyone, but especially his mother. He always said that you will hear my name a lot, "Yura Harutyunyan's sister Nina Harutyunyan told LURER.com.

Yura had many pigeons, rabbits, which he cared for with great love and care. In his free time he loved to sing and play football.

On July 5, Yura left for the army with the first conscription of the summer. "My brother served in a specialized military unit in Gyumri for six months, receiving the rank of junior sergeant and left for Artsakh to continue his service. He managed to get two badges in Gyumri, ”the hero's sister says proudly.

Nina remembers with a smile that she told her brother about the news of her pregnancy during the war days, which made Yura very happy. "Yuras was very happy, he said that the news gave him the strength to fight, to return, that he would be the best uncle in the world," he recalls.

The latter told us a funny story about Yura և's mother. "When Yura was a little late for the call, my mother was very worried and started calling all the numbers that Yura had called during the last six months and asked for Yura. Yura also made a joke about it, saying that his mother called 097 and whatever number he dialed, he called and said, "Will you give it to Yura?" Nina recalls with a laugh.

Recently, the hero was able to master the dialect of Artsakh, with which he made his family members happy. "Every time we talked on the phone, Yura had to say, 'Oh, guys, we were starting to laugh,'" says Yura's older sister with a smile.

Yura, who fought for the defense of the homeland for 33 days, managed to destroy 5 enemy tanks, one Ural and one tractor. The hero described in a unique way the human forces and equipment of the enemy he destroyed. "He always called and said, 'I killed a two-legged ant and another big ant.' By two-legged ant, he meant an enemy, and by a large ant, he meant a tank, "Nina emphasizes.

Yura was a platoon commander, as his friends mentioned, he did not allow the recruits to leave the positions, to fight, there was even a recruit who told Nina that Yura had changed a lot in his life. "The recruit told me that when he had a cold, Yura went to get a warm coat for him (the recruit was ashamed to want a coat) and gave him his coat so that the recruit could sleep on it. He says that Yura has instilled courage in him, "says Yura's sister.

The day before his death, Yura saved the life of his friend, who is now continuing his treatment in the hospital. "The mother of the wounded soldier called us and said that Gor had just opened his eyes and said that Yura had saved his life. "Yura, risking his life, pulled his wounded friend out of the shooting and took him to the hospital," said the hero's sister, proud of her brother's humanity. end, they will come, tell about Yura's heroism. "To be honest, we did not think that Yura was so strong and that there could be so much strength inside him, we always imagined him as a small child in the family," said the soldier's sister.