» Moscow states that Aliyev betrayed himself.

Moscow states that Aliyev betrayed himself.

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Russian TASS news agency, citing an anonymous source in the Foreign Ministry, referred to the statement made by Baku President Aliyev to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Referring to Lavrov's statement that the number of mercenary terrorists in the Middle East in the Artsakh conflict zone is reported to be 2,000, Aliyev said he regretted that high-ranking officials from so-called neutral mediation countries could make statements based on baseless information.

An unnamed source in the Russian Foreign Ministry told TASS that they did not understand Aliyev's "emotional response." According to a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry, it is noteworthy that Lavrov did not accuse any country of bringing terrorists. Quoting Lavrov's statement, the source of the Russian Foreign Ministry states. "As we can see, there is no reproach in the commentary against Azerbaijan or any other country."