Who is the traitor?

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"My Step" faction MP Arpi Davoyan posted a photo of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's son Ashot Pashinyan on his Facebook page և write ․

"This picture is about the scum of the painter sitting at the table, who definitely participates in the conversation, listens to the discussions, then secretly paints, keeps it for a month and publishes it, ironically calling it" In the Front Line ".
This is a practice specific to betrayal, to Ali's Ibrahim, and the disseminators are Ibrahim's little's Ibrahim ighs imbued with an insatiable desire to appear in the enemy's media.
The picture was taken on October 3-4, when the NA Speaker left for Stepanakert for the first time after the war, when Anna Hakobyan and Ashot Pashinyan were still there, when Ashot had not left for the front line yet. "