» "Thieves in law" come to Armenia, what to steal, just stole, there is nothing to steal here

"Thieves in law" come to Armenia, what to steal, just stole, there is nothing to steal here

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There are 60 “thieves in law” of Armenian descent in the world, none of whom live in Armenia, and there is no point in coming here. This is the conviction of criminal lawyer Sergey Galoyan, who says that Armenian "thieves in law" have always arrived in Armenia on important occasions, but now there is no reason to come here. “Come to Armenia, what will they steal? They have just been stolen, and there is nothing to steal. Whatever it takes, the thief has already stolen, ”the criminal told Armlur.am.

According to him, representatives of the criminal world have always visited Armenia. Among them were Ded Hasan, Yaponchik, Salonik, Nurik, who came here mainly with Sfo Raf. At present, “thieves in law” only visit here in special cases.
“Svo Raf used to come to Armenia and sit down with everyone, talking from the first person. These meetings were usually held in places where no one would suspect, such as in any technical field.

It should not have seemed that the country's top officials are sitting with 'thieves in law', ”the criminal said, once again urging to take the criminal world seriously, and calling some killers, criminals or 'thieves in law' ridiculous and unacceptable. :
"Now everyone can be stabbed under every wall. Doesn't that mean that a 'thief in law' has appeared?" I don't write about such people in my books. They are very pungent. Part Three Mzon,
They come to Sisanci Bjo and say that they are thieves. The last person in Armenia who was a thief in law died last year.

Referring to the well-known "gang case", Sergey Galoyan noted that although he writes on this topic, he is referring not to those who are currently on the defendant's chair but to the actual members of the gang.