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National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia

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The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia, after a consistent, active struggle by the special services of foreign states to detect, prevent and thwart intelligence activities against the sovereignty, territorial integrity, foreign security of the Republic of Armenia, has revealed treason as a result of operative-intelligence-criminal-judicial joint actions. one case. In particular. The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia has obtained sufficient information that MS, a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, in 2015 During his stay in Istanbul, Turkey, for the purpose of working abroad, he appeared in the sight of the Azerbaijani intelligence services operating in that country, was recruited by the latter's employees, after returning to Armenia in 2019. During the year, he received an offer to receive information on the Republic of Armenia արտաքին Foreign Security of the Artsakh Republic, Armed Forces, Armaments or to transfer information already available to him, including army personnel, weapons, ammunition, number of military equipment եխն type, military units և on their command staff, defense districts, engineering structures, equipment, and more recently on human casualties, etc. Assistance to foreign special services for foreign security and hostile activities. Moreover, in order to carry out certain tasks, the MS, continuing its criminal intent, removed the restrictions on military service through a double medical examination, took measures to enlist in the RA Armed Forces, in order to gather information again, to carry out hostile activities. to transfer to another state, which, however, he failed to do, as the relevant authorities rejected his application for employment. A criminal case was initiated in the RA National Security Service on the grounds of the crime envisaged by Article 299, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code, within the framework of which MS was arrested on suspicion of committing treason directly, during which he confessed. Testimonials: The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia is fighting backwards in order to prevent, prevent and reveal the principles of the constitutional order, crimes against the security of the state.