» Kocharyan said how Russia can help Armenia

Kocharyan said how Russia can help Armenia

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Armenia and Russia have a legal basis for military cooperation with several components. RA Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan said today at the joint sitting of the RA NA regional and Eurasian integration issues, financial-credit and budget committees, referring to Russia's possible support in the Artsakh war and in case of encroachment on Armenia's borders.

One of the agreements is the interstate agreement on the deployment of a Russian military base in the territory of Armenia. Shavarsh Kocharyan reminded that a certain change was made in this agreement in 2011, as a result of which today Russia has an obligation to protect all the borders of Armenia with Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

"Because before that it was fixed that the Russian Armed Forces stationed at the Russian sports base, together with the RA Armed Forces, counterattacked if there was an encroachment," it was mentioned along the border of the former USSR. In 2011, that restriction was lifted. "It means that it refers to all borders, including Azerbaijan," Kocharyan said.

Another cooperation agreement is the Agreement on Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, signed in 1997. Kocharyan commented that the second point defines what mechanism can work in case of danger of aggression against Armenia, and the third point - in case of aggression.

"We assume that there is a danger of aggression. If we state that it is aggression, the first person we should turn to should be the UN. Why? Because, if there is aggression against you, then you are applying for self-defense, then you should apply to the UN, referring to the relevant article, which is aggression against me, I, according to the UN Charter, applied for self-defense, to the allies. "Because if you did not accept it as aggression, how do you tell someone else that it is aggression against me?" Kocharyan commented.