» Is Putin going to leave?

Is Putin going to leave?

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The State Duma has introduced a bill on the immunity of the former head of state, regardless of the presidency. As reports "Armenpress" Andrey Klishas, ​​Chairman of the Constitutional Legislation Committee of the Federal Council, told RIA Novosti.

Now the former leader can not be held criminally or administratively liable for an act he committed during his presidency. He must also not be arrested, detained, searched, interrogated or prosecuted if the case involves the responsibilities of a head of state. The bill excludes the indication of deadlines for illegal actions. "Thus, the temporary scope of the President's immunity guarantees is expanding, which has suspended the exercise of his powers," Klishas explained. The draft changes the process of deprivation of immunity. Now the former president can lose it if a serious criminal case is filed against him during the exercise of the powers of the head of state.

The process should be initiated by the chairman of the Investigative Committee. To do this, he must send the relevant document to the State Duma. Under the new bill, the former president could be stripped of his immunity by the Federal Council, and only on charges of high treason or "other serious crime" by the State Duma. The indictment must then be upheld by the Supreme and Constitutional Courts. The decision of the State Duma to prosecute and the decision of the Federal Council to waive the immunity must be made by two-thirds of the total number of parliamentarians in both houses, at the initiative of at least one-third of the deputies. The decision of the Federal Council to remove the president from office or deprive the head of state of immunity must be made no later than three months after the indictment, RIA Novosti reported.