» A "red light" may be lit in front of Erdogan. "Republic of Armenia" 05

A "red light" may be lit in front of Erdogan. "Republic of Armenia" 05

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"Putin could enter into a military confrontation if Erdogan continues to hold the same position, rejecting, most importantly, the demands of the Russian side in the Caucasus and Syria," he said. Erdogan must develop a new regional and international strategy to counter Russian and European pressure, in particular tensions with French President Emanuel Macron, which are backed by many European countries, including Germany. The Germans do not hide their nervousness over Erdogan's attempts to block the US-German initiative in Libya. Thus, Erdogan can return to the arms of the Americans to withstand all attacks, to which he seems indifferent, as he believes that he has more trump card than Russia, the longtime and traditional enemy of the Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey. "After the conversation with the Russian leader, Erdogan stated that Turkey will continue to act according to its own vision and agenda, no matter what others say or do," the daily writes. Details: https://shabat.am/en/article/239922/Erdoghani-arjev-karogh-e--karmir