» Our interests coincide only with the interests of Russia. Arthur Danielyan

Our interests coincide only with the interests of Russia. Arthur Danielyan

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The vast majority of our wounded soldiers and victims did not even see the Turk. I spent 30 days on the front line, every day of God I was under shelling, the average number of bullets fired at us in the first twenty days was about 300 a day, but even I, being on the front line for 30 days, have not seen a Turk with the naked eye. seen except snipers. Arthur Danielyan, the leader of the Adequate party, who returned from the front line, said this live on his Facebook page, noting that he would leave for the front line again in a few hours.

"Whoever we talk to says that we do not have time to enter the battle, our army is out of order without entering the battle," he said.

Arthur Danielyan, referring to diplomacy, noted that our interests coincide only with Russia's interests. "Now they have started begging for Russia's support, but even that, for some reason, we are doing with great pride. "Even at this moment we are asking for help from Russia, just as anyone who thinks someone owes them something would do. In the language of coercion, we ask them to help us," he said.

The leader of the party mentioned that a situation has been created, which in chess language is called "vilka", it is a situation when your opponent occupies a position, as a result of which, regardless of your steps, you have to sacrifice a figure. According to him, both Armenia and Russia are now in those "forks". It looks like a minefield, but instead of mines, they are geopolitical and domestic political villas.

"Russia understands that until there is a change of government in Armenia, it will not be possible to support Armenia in any way. "There is no weapon or quantity of weapons that will correct the situation, because any weapon is used by people, specialists," he said.