» Ashot Bolyan killed in Moscow has nothing to do with the murder of Andiv Masik

Ashot Bolyan killed in Moscow has nothing to do with the murder of Andiv Masik

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The Investigative Committee assures that the athlete killed two days ago in Moscow was not involved in any criminal activity with any status.

YEREVAN, November 16 - Sputnik. Ashot Bolyan, an Armenian champion of Thai boxing killed in Moscow, did not have the status of a “thief-in-law” in the murder of Andivik Harutyunyan, an Andik of Masiv. Sputnik Armenia Naira Harutyunyan, head of the information and public relations department of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia, said this, refuting the rumors in the press.

“A person with such a surname is not involved in the case. The circumstances of Andranik Harutyunyan's death and the necessary investigative actions to find out the identity of the perpetrator continue, ”Harutyunyan said.
It should be reminded that the media reported that Ashot Bolyan had organized the massacre in Andivik due to money issues.

One of the newspapers also wrote today that in addition to organizing Andik's assassination, Bolyan was also involved in the organization of the criminal authority of Kayarants Tevosyan, Tevos Safaryan's brother, Arthur Safaryan. However, the RA Investigation Committee has not provided any clarification to this question yet.

It should be noted that the 40-year-old Bolyan's body was found on November 14 near his car in Moscow.

Masiv resident Andik was killed on July 2, 2019. A 32-year-old resident of the Grozny region of the Russian Federation has been indicted for his murder. Another person accused of assisting with the murder is in custody. After the incident, former RA Police Chief Valeri Osipyan had already announced that the murder had been ordered but had not disclosed the name of the client.

The murder of Tevarik's brother, Kayarants, took place in 2014 in the yard of a building on Arami Street in Yerevan. The Israeli criminal Iso Sargsyan, who was sentenced to 25 years in prison by a court ruling, was charged with the murder.