» Tigran Mukuchyan about Tsarukyan's statement

Tigran Mukuchyan about Tsarukyan's statement

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Gagik Tsarukyan, the leader of the Prosperous Armenia party, recently referred to the act he is accused of, noting that it is fabricated. "I was a partner, I signed a memorandum, I was an owner, they went and looked at what work had been done so that I could represent my country well. What I have done, I have done for the honor of my country, for the people, for the future. They mislead the people and keep in touch with the old ones. Who was Mukuchyan? The first election fraudster to be called for elections. How is it that Mukuchyan exists now? ”Said Tsarukyan, and NA deputy Naira Zohrabyan added,“ because they still need it. ”