» "Hraparak" Pashinyan poured "dog's lap" on Vahagn Hovakimyan's head

"Hraparak" Pashinyan poured "dog's lap" on Vahagn Hovakimyan's head

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"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "The joint sitting of the" My Step "faction and the board, which was attended by Nikol Pashinyan on Saturday, was again heated. The main topic was the special sitting of the National Assembly starting on Monday. Nikol Pashinyan once again threw a "dog's lap" at Vahagn Hovakimyan's head, and several "buckets" reached Vladimir Mirzoyan's godfather, chairman of the State and Legal Affairs Committee Vladimir Vardanyan. "He said I am not interested in what you have done or will do, solve the problem as you want, and solve it in such a way that problems do not arise with Venice and other international organizations. He stressed that you do not work well with those structures, "said our source of" My Step ". The deputies who were subjected to "Lynch" blamed Rustam Badasyan. Nicole said ․ "I don't care, you have to do the job without creating a problem, otherwise it will be bad for you."