» Raise your head from the "grave" Levon Ter-Petrosyan

Raise your head from the "grave" Levon Ter-Petrosyan

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Thus, Nikol Pashinyan finally made the months of months of "dispersing" the current staff of the Constitutional Court and appointing his accomplices a reality. In order to have the CC of his heart, he urged the entire political team to commit a serious crime, such as the overthrow of the constitutional order, the usurpation of powers of the judiciary. What the ruling faction did in the National Assembly was nothing more than a group rape of the Constitution.

Under the threat of a political decision, or rather a team leader, the faction unanimously adopted a bill to terminate the powers of the three judges of the Constitutional Court, which also terminates the powers of the current chairman of the Constitutional Court, he becomes an ordinary member. Not only the Armenian legal community but also the Venice Commission spoke out against the unconstitutional and illegal nature of the process.