» No agreement has been reached on the criminal case

No agreement has been reached on the criminal case

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No agreement has been reached on the criminal case
Sasun Mikaelyan, Andranik Kocharyan and Hovik Aghazaryan, MPs of "My Step" faction of the National Assembly, had a secret meeting with Gagik Tsarukyan, head of the NA PAP faction. According to rumors circulating in the parliamentary backstage, the parties have sought to find a consensus on a draft law on the fight against criminal subculture and law thieves. We inquired whether Arthur Poghosyan, a member of the NA PAP faction, is there any agreement on this issue.

- I have to be honest and try to convince you the reality - no projects have been discussed at all. And the meeting speaks only of our parliamentary solidarity, of discussing partnership issues. There is no such thing as an agreement on a "thieves in law" project. It was just a working meeting with Mr. Tsarukyan, I am not aware of the details, we were not present.

- MP from your faction Vardan Ghukasyan has said that "smart people like the law thieves are not under the world, the most intelligent are the thieves in law" and should not fight against them. Is this also the faction's point of view?

- I am sure that this was Mr. Ghukasyan's personal opinion. The faction has its opinion and has expressed it.