» Emergency. Cemetery destroyed (photos)

Emergency. Cemetery destroyed (photos)

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Today, on June 20, in the village of Geghanist, Shirak region, the cemetery of the village was not left untouched by the devastation caused by the tornado.

A Kayqer.ru correspondent reports from the scene that a large number of standing tombstones were broken with the help of a whirlwind. Earlier we reported that today, on June 20, an emergency situation took place in Shirak region. At around 11 in the morning, the residents of Geghanist village witnessed a tornado.

In an interview with Kayqer.ru, the villagers said that the tornado was unexpected and so strong that it not only knocked down fruit and non-fruit trees in a part of the village, but also uprooted many of them. "He even turned a tractor, tore and threw the roofs of residential houses, broke the windows of houses. Tornado collapsed the wall of the cemetery on the outskirts of the village. The only good thing is that, fortunately, people were not harmed, "they said. The villagers, led by the village head Senik Martirosyan, alerted the Shirak regional administration, from where the governor Tigran Petrosyan and other officials of the regional administration arrived. He and the officers of the Artik Police Department headed by the head of the department Mino Mkhitaryan arrived.