» Babies in the bag kept dirty and careless at home. Will they give them back to their relatives?

Babies in the bag kept dirty and careless at home. Will they give them back to their relatives?

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Specialists visited a family of twins who moved home months before the orphanage. Seeing the condition of the children, they were transferred to the orphanage the next day.

YEREVAN, November 15 - Sputnik. In the yard of the Gyumri Fridtjof Nansen Child Care Boarding School # 2, a family of twins found in a polyethylene bag a year ago wants to move their children home again. Twin uncle Gevorg told Sputnik Armenia about it.

Children in polyethylene bag. A shocking case in Gyumri
"Now we are improving our living conditions, we will rent a new house to bring the children home," he said.

Anahit Kalantaryan, head of the children's affairs department at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, told Sputnik Armenia that they had decided to take the children to an orphanage with the consent of the children's mother. There was no resistance.

According to Kalantaryan, when the specialists went to visit the children, they saw that they had allergies like rash, and no care was taken for the treatment.

“The children were neglected, and leaving them there was not in the best interest of the children. Immediately after they moved to the orphanage, their treatment was organized. Now the kids are absolutely healthy, ”she said, adding that her mother visits the boys.
Ida Khachatryan, head of the Department of Family, Women's and Child Rights Protection at the Yerevan Municipality, said that when the children returned to the family in August this year, they decided to visit the home frequently and see what conditions the children were holding.

“Given that their mother had initially left them on the street, we thought we should not be satisfied with a single home. The children, by the way, live with their mother and grandmother in a one-room apartment. At home, we saw that there were many flies. The children's grandmother said it was due to the summer season. We asked to hang a curtain near the front door, saying that we would check again, ”Khachatryan said.

The second visit was earlier than planned, as a neighbor of the children's mother alerted that the children were being neglected. Specialists have visited and found that sanitary-hygienic conditions are not enough.

They saw food left open on the wardrobe, a mattress used on the floor, and the children's clothing was dirty. The mother of the child has been warned that if this continues, the children will be transferred to the orphanage. He explained that children do not have enough clothes.

“I had already solved the children's clothing problem and made another home visit to let them know that we would soon give the kids clothes. This time it was the same situation, plus the mother and daughter were arguing, shouting, that is, the house was in an unhealthy atmosphere. The next day we took the children to the children's home in Yerevan, ”Khachatryan said.
He confirmed that the children's uncle had called today and said they had moved to a new apartment and wanted to bring the children home.

CC the newborn was not wrapped in a polyethylene bag
By the way, in order to return the children to the family, the family must first register, after which the relevant specialists will have to go home again and report to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Recall that on October 17, 2018, at 8 pm, police received a call from a boarding school named after F. Nansen that two infants were found in the yard of the facility. It was found out that the babies were born in 2018. October 1. One of them is Vahe and the other is Vahan. The mother of the children is 19 years old.