» Arsen Torosyan reports bad news

Arsen Torosyan reports bad news

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The number of cases registered yesterday has reached 566, as opposed to 428 the previous day, which is a significant increase, but we must prove that the number of studies has been almost as high.

The Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan said this today during the government sitting. Torosyan noted that 2,233 tests were performed instead of 1,751 the previous day, the percentage of positive new tests being about the same in general tests was 25 percent, compared to 24 percent in the previous day. Emphasizing that this is an important indicator, but it is also an absolute number in terms of service.

"As of yesterday, we had a relatively stable workload from the point of view of the bed fund. We had about 500 people who were extremely hard and heavy, but I can say that there were vacancies in the main large resuscitation departments to accommodate patients with such needs. And the best indicator that we are referring to in recent days is the number of patients in need of hospitalization. As of 9 am, we have only 32 people in need of hospitalization, of which only 4 are at home, the rest are in other hospitals, which must be transferred to coronavirus departments or hospitals, "Torosyan said.

Touching upon the situation, Torosyan noted that it remains tense, but along with the development of capacities, that tension is compensated by the growth of their opportunities.