» Mel Daluzyan has deleted his Facebook page

Mel Daluzyan has deleted his Facebook page

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Mel Daluzyan has deleted his Facebook page. She is no longer bringing her page to the social search field, and in the Messenger app, emailing a weightlifter is not possible.

It should be noted that Mel Daluzyan has been hotly criticized recently for the film Mel.

Director Inna Sahakyan is making a documentary on weightlifting. Mel is among the full-fledged projects of the second round of 65 applications submitted to the Armenian National Film Center in 2019. The state has allocated 20 million drams for financing the film.

This fact has been the subject of much debate. Various public, cultural, and political figures addressed the topic, both offending and encouraging.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan also touched upon the film during the NA-Government Q&A, noting that Mel Daluzyan is under his personal patronage.