» "We Should Cling to Our Love and Not Let It Go." Hasmik Khojyan's 25th Anniversary Anniversary Celebration, Surprise and Important Decision

"We Should Cling to Our Love and Not Let It Go." Hasmik Khojyan's 25th Anniversary Anniversary Celebration, Surprise and Important Decision

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“As always, my anniversary started at midnight, though this time without guests. Every year my friends come in at midnight, this time for no apparent reason, and my parents have organized everything. Despite that, I had no lack of warmth or attention. The bells and greetings began at midnight. There was no one who was supposed to congratulate me but forgot to do it at midnight, ”the actress said.

Hasmik does not usually arrange a birthday party, but has long decided to celebrate her 25th anniversary with a party. The plans, however, failed.

“I had long ago decided to celebrate my 25th birthday, I was provided, organized ... a place, a cake, a dress, a design, everything was decided, but it was canceled. If it were not for a state of emergency, I would cancel because what is happening in the world is very sad. You can't just live for yourself and not notice what's going on around you. I couldn't just be happy for myself, ”he said.

This year more than ever Hasmik has grown. “I didn't sleep at night on my birthday. For the first time, I felt like I was growing up. I could not imagine such a birth to be so alone. I'm not talking about physical loneliness, just this year I was able to be alone with myself. This is an opportunity for us to look inside, to develop the world, to change our outlook, and when all of this is also your birthday and you are growing up for a year, you think about what you did, what you achieved, what you could do that you didn't do, what you did You have to do ... I don't want to regret my actions, I have to supplement and overcome many things. You have to get what you want from the heart, because our life is too short. We need to hold fast to what we have and love and not miss. We should try to cling to our love and not let go of it, ”he said, adding that what he did not do that night has become a goal, but he will talk about it after he has done it.

In particular, Hasmik emphasized the importance of time, as a result of reflections on this period. “The most valuable thing is time, if you dedicate time to any person or business, then it's a priority. Your time will always be appreciated. If you give yourself time, you love it, if it is not appreciated, it is pointless to waste time. Failure is also an assessment, as it is a great lesson, you need to be smart and understand at all times who or what is right for you is driving you forward. In any relationship, whether it be love, friendship, work, or other, it's important to push you energetically, if they don't, they don't appreciate the time you give. "

Returning to the anniversary, Hasmik noted that there were no surprises. “My girlfriend's house was organized by law for me, although I find it difficult to call it a gathering. In any case, I had a cake both at home and there, I blew candles twice and dreamed twice. Surprisingly, I had the same dream twice. Every year I keep a dream and forget it. This year I decided to remember it before it happened. "

Hasmik does not like to reveal her gifts because they are already her personal property, but mentioned that many of them were due to delivery services, received both targeted and anonymous gifts, and had no shortage of flowers.

“I have also received gifts from friends in Europe. These days, when everyone is very confused, it is a pleasure to not forget to give you a smile. After all, you start to appreciate the world more accurately, ”he observed.