» Exclusive video. They tried to assassinate MP Hansel Mkoyan

Exclusive video. They tried to assassinate MP Hansel Mkoyan

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"The March 26, 2020, attempted murder, 66-year-old Samvel Petrosyan, a resident of Akhalkalaki, literally insulted my brother's 12th-grade student Armen Mkoyan. On the same day, at 15:00 the same day, Giorgi Petrosyan and his supporters opposed Karapet Mkoyan (my son), who was accompanying his cousin. The controversy took place at the café owned by Giorgi Petrosyan near Gold and my house. Hearing those rumors, I went out of my house to reconcile the dispute and asked my friends and their supporters to disband.

I came to my house with my relatives. The situation was already settled and peaceful when Samvel Petrosyan, Giorgi Petrosyan's father, a former police chief of Akhalkalaki, a former MP from the National Movement Party in Georgia, got out of his car and left. In the direction of his son, he said to him: "You go home, I will deal with these questions."

After that he turned in my direction, quickly fired his gun and fired three times in my direction, I turned so that the bullet would not touch me. He could not shoot because the cartridge was jammed.

During that time, I raised my pistol and fired twice into the air for self-defense. During that time, police officers came and disarmed Samvel Petrosyan. During the investigation of this case, a search of Samvel Petrosyan and Giorgi Petrosyan's home resulted in the removal of 12 different types of firearms. All this is confirmed by the testimony of witnesses and the recording of the cameras at the scene. "