» Alo, Economic Competition Commission, aren't you at home?

Alo, Economic Competition Commission, aren't you at home?

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Under this coronavirus rhythm, smooth, unobtrusive, like a dark wing, the inflation of Covid-19 extends from the greyhound to the exotic avocado and the highly national tomato-pepper.

The head of the Economic Competition Commission announced yesterday that there is no inflation and that it is under control.

How many days have social networks been overwhelmed by the surprise purchases made by our citizens living in Coronavirus?

Ginger, the same ginger itself, has increased by a few hundred percent from 2900 drams, lemon by 100 percent, buckwheat by a serious increase, the tomato-pepper duo I mentioned earlier.

And since there is no desire to list all the essential crops of the vegetable-vegetable, cereal and consumer basket, I just want to know where the Economic Competition Committee is.

I ask those who know, to let me know. I have checks to transfer.