» Enemy fires at Koti (video)

Enemy fires at Koti (video)

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“Safety is paramount, we will not endanger anyone, not us or our guests. So this year we will celebrate the day without guests and only in a family environment. My daughter is very understanding, calm, mature, approaching the question. We had explained to him a few days earlier that the day would passive. Although in our case this may not be the case because, regardless of isolation, we are many, ”he said.

Gohar noted that most of the day the girl would be engaged in online lessons, after which they would prepare for an outdoor family gathering.

“Meline's friends have formed a group to congratulate her. She was very happy with this surprise from her friends. Of course, there will still be interesting moments. We've already figured out what would be the best surprise for my daughter, ”Gohar said, noting that the girl has recently become interested in Michael Jackson's creative life. "He believes Jackson is alive." He tells us, please invite him to my birthday. The theme of the anniversary is the life and image of Michael Jackson. We ordered an illustrated cake in line with the theme, and my sister made a picture on the cover. Meline is looking forward to some more songs. There is simply no gift she has ever wanted to receive. The topic chosen will be the best surprise for my daughter. ”