» I will not call for voting for this or that candidate or political force. Vanetsyan about the Artsakh elections

I will not call for voting for this or that candidate or political force. Vanetsyan about the Artsakh elections

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Artur Vanetsyan wrote on his Instagram microblog: “Tomorrow is a presidential and parliamentary election in a part of our homeland, the Republic of Artsakh. The people of Artsakh will form a government that must continue to raise the level of security of the country and new prospects for economic progress and the well-being of its citizens.

I will not urge you to vote for this or that candidate or political force, although I know many personally and have a great deal of respect for many. But I find it important to address some of the features of this election.

Previous The Artsakh elections are going through a difficult time for the whole planet. I urge you to ensure the highest level of security and sanitation at the polling stations so as not to endanger the health of election participants.

And secondly. I appeal to all the candidates, all the political forces, the people of Artsakh.

Dear compatriots,
The whole campaign was mainly in an atmosphere of program debate, political correctness, and mutual respect. My appeal is to continue to maintain mutual respect, in no case to allow internal disunity and hostility regardless of the outcome of the election. The enemy's dream is to see division and instability in Artsakh. I am sure that if we do not make that gift ourselves to the adversary, he has no way of winning us over. Authorities, elections are transient, changing. The interest of the state is unchanged. We are also responsible for future generations.

It is obvious that the next president of Artsakh should go for consolidation and consolidation of all the forces of Artsakh. This is the historical demand that is set before the next authorities of Artsakh.

Dear Artsakh people
Your choice will be monitored both in Armenia, in the Diaspora and in the world. Everyone will surely respect your free choice. I am convinced that Artsakh, Armenia, and the Diaspora are capable of overcoming all challenges together. Before our eyes the world is changing. It is now a phase of courageous ideas, literate programs, and united work. In this transformative reality, Artsakh will surely find its place, becoming a more stable, developing, dynamic country capable of defending its security and its interests in the face of any challenge.

God save our people. "