» "We should humiliate him, take him to the toilet." Malatia department tortured and humiliated detainee Forrights.am:

"We should humiliate him, take him to the toilet." Malatia department tortured and humiliated detainee Forrights.am:

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On the night of March 27, a horrific incident took place near Yerevan City Supermarket in the Southwest. The policemen were brutally beaten, then humiliated and forcibly taken to Malatia police station by 28-year-old Tigran Karapetyan, a resident of the same district. Gevorg Karapetyan's brother, Tigran Karapetyan, was alerted to Forrights.am.

“The police stopped him. There was a dispute that turned into a fight. My brother is arrested, he has injuries, that's all I know, ”said Gevorg Karapetyan. Tigran Karapetyan's lawyer Gurgen Hovhannisyan presented the details of the case. According to him, the police humiliated and tortured the young man. A criminal case has been brought against him. Part 2 of Article 316 - Violence against a representative of authority dangerous for life or health. Here's what the lawyer says:

"On March 27, at night, Tigran Karapetyan and his friend went to the" Yerevan City "supermarket on Ohanov street for shopping. Before she goes home, she knows the baby is not well, her throat hurts. How the father of a young child should go, drive fast, stand in front of City, cross the street. Before going to the store, the policemen in civilian clothes come. They stand in front of the car, but do it, how do you drive it and blaspheme? He answers, "Who are you talking to me like this?" Three people come out, beat and beat the street, dragging, dragging a friend's car, and hitting that friend. A friend testified at the police station, writing that he had fallen and injured his leg. He has acquaintances in the police system, he was told we would bother you. ”

According to Gurgen Hovhannisyan, Tigran Karapetyan was beaten in the car and mutilated, the video of which is in the investigator.

"The boy's throat was stabbed, he was cursed, he himself was cursed. He tried to get rid of the policemen and knelt in the car with one of the police officers. Then they drag him by the hair and take him to the police station, knock him to the ground, double his attention, spit on him, spit on his mouth. It happened right in front of the police building. Tigran says I'm going to get Nikol Pashinyan, they say 'To whomever you want, say,' and they give him nasty nonsense. They paint him when he blasphemes. There is all this in the video recordings made by the police, ”says the lawyer.