» gg increases its services what is the reason

gg increases its services what is the reason

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One of the most demanded online taxi services in Armenia has announced raising tariffs.

YEREVAN, November 13 - Sputnik. gg Online taxi service has increased its services. Customers using the mobile app learned about this from emails received tonight.

"Minimum order values ​​may change due to city overload, which will allow the system to be replenished with new partners and avoid any delays," the letter said.

By the way, at the busiest hours of the day, the minimum cost of the gg "Economy" service is 800 drams instead of the former 500, and the cost of the gg service is 900 instead of the previous 600.

Surveying users complaining that the taxi service has been forced to raise prices "to meet recent high demand for cars and to distribute orders more accurately."

And for those unhappy with the increase in prices, gg recommends using the "ggShuttle" service, in which case it is possible to pay 300-500 AMD for the whole route by sharing it with other users.

Note that the gg taxi service operates in Armenia for 5 years and 7 months.