» 72-year-old coronavirus patient dies in Armenia

72-year-old coronavirus patient dies in Armenia

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Today, cyber-bullying is a major issue, which is much more difficult to control and can be individualized; the persecutor no longer needs to have a group around him and can self-persecute for an extended period of time, anonymously and with impunity. Cybernetic development brings new forms of persecution where one persecutor out of control can truly commit suicide.

In the West, especially in the United States, there are clear mechanisms for tackling bowling, primarily legal. The child, regardless of his or her appearance or developmental characteristics, has the right to go to school and be safe there. The schools also carry out psychotherapeutic work especially to prevent bowling. Bowling prevention mechanisms are also divided into legislative and psychological solutions. Bullying cases are being voiced and punished, and there are various programs in schools to teach children to live and learn, such as the highly effective Take the Lead program.