» There are school-aged children among the infected. Arsen Torosyan

There are school-aged children among the infected. Arsen Torosyan

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"There are school-age children among the infected," Health Minister Arsen Torosyan said. "The infected children feel good and have no symptoms. It's not a life-threatening or even moderate-gravity course. "

The minister denied the journalist's assertion that there were two-month-old children among the infected.

“We don't have two-month-old children. When we mention being less vulnerable to any age group, we mean healthy children of that age group. If there is, for example, a natural or acquired immune deficiency, or in the treatment of any other disease, we artificially cause immunodeficiency to any person, including a child, it automatically becomes at risk for any infectious disease, including coronavirus. We must make extra efforts; for example, to protect children receiving chemotherapy. "
Referring to the number of cases registered in the regions and their growth, Torosyan said that soon there will be a map of Armenia, which will indicate the settlements where the cases were registered. Most cases were registered in Yerevan, Armavir, Kotayk, Ararat marzes. There are relatively few cases of infection in other regions.

“There are not many cases in Gyumri, one can count on the fingers. They are isolated, the scope of their communication is simple and isolated. Gyumri Infectious Diseases Hospital continues to treat our citizens from other settlements where the disease has been confirmed. "

Torosyan claimed that Armenia has no shortage of tests, so far 1440 tests have been done, 290 of which were positive.

"One nurse, one doctor and one ambulance driver have been infected with coronavirus," the minister said, noting that their lives were also not at risk.