» Read Putin's message instead of "fighting" Tsarukyan

Read Putin's message instead of "fighting" Tsarukyan

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Most of the global challenge is the consequence that societies have grown tired of the liberal-democratic world order and pursued primitive solutions, bringing populists to power. I am deeply convinced that coronavirus would not have developed in Europe especially if populists were not in power in a number of countries. Part of today's problems in Armenia is also a consequence of populism. The coronavirus will one day be defeated, but it will also be a defeat of emotional politics and populism. Societies will formulate a demand for pragmatic, rational figures and forces. This will be a global trend that we will see in Armenia as well.

When I posted such a Facebook post yesterday, some supporters of the government were in shock, inadequately responding to my post. Now I will try to substantiate what I am saying with concrete arguments.

For the past two years, Nikol Pashinyan's team has not been able to replace the revolutionary agenda with statehood, the slogans of revolution with state policy. In such situations, revolution becomes an irrational, unprofessional and unwritten slogan, which came to prove the disastrous coronavirus.

What Nikol Pashinyan now offers under the name of anti-crisis program has absolutely nothing to do with the revolutionary program, its approaches; They are conservative measures of the economic crisis that will only demonstrate a sufficient level of tax collection, imitation of economic activity and credit activity at the expense of worsening the social condition of the people, and increasing the value of debt to the people who create value.

At the same time, with the encouragement of the government, there is an active total propaganda against value-creating people, owners of realizing their social responsibility. This is exactly what is called populism; the lack of a clear vision with the urge to constantly look for internal targets.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a special message to Russians yesterday postponing a constitutional referendum, but more importantly, he has come up with a clear anti-crisis package. In his message, the Russian president spoke about social assistance, in particular, the government makes the unemployment benefit from 8,000 rubles to 12,000. Credit vacations have also been announced, meaning that citizens who are in a force majeure situation today, as well as representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, have been allowed to delay payments for several months.

Putin has not talked much about quarantine, he has talked more about social support.
I have never sympathized with the incumbent president of Russia, but I confess that his message is about what the citizens and business world who are in a force majeure want to hear.

Putin probably shuns revolutions and never talks about revolutionary steps, but in this situation he was able to propose truly radical solutions, making the agenda of overcoming the crisis and post-crisis Russia visible.

When Prosperous Armenia Party leader Gagik Tsarukyan put forward similar economic and social theses in Armenia, he became the target of attacks and labeling of "walkers" of different caliber and power. However, it was clear that only the PAP had adequate calculations in the parliament and thus presented a very pragmatic agenda in which the responsibility of the state, the owners, our citizens was in harmony.

Even if they are not understood by the Armenian elite, it is still a historical fact that Coronavirus has changed the world, including creating an imperative to replace the revolution in our country with statehood. Tsarukyan's message was about this, but our self-righteous authorities, with the complexity of the infallible, have no other capacity to hear opinions. They did not listen to Tsarukyan, at least read Putin's message and understand how the government acts in force-majeure situations.