» Coronavirus Diagnosed in Three Troops: MOD: 1

Coronavirus Diagnosed in Three Troops: MOD: 1

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Coronavirus Diagnosed in Three Troops: MOD:
RA Defense Ministry spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan presented on her Facebook page the explanation of RA Minister of Defense David Tonoyan in response to media questions

To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the armed forces, we have undertaken extensive medical preventive work, creating the necessary conditions for the military to remain free of the infection. However, it is not possible to prevent the penetration of the infection into the army, as a large number of servicemen are in daily contact with the civilian population.

On March 25, three soldiers from the military unit not involved in combat were sampled. Coronavirus was diagnosed in three servicemen as a result of a COVID-19 test. A coronavirus had been confirmed earlier by a family member of one of the servicemen. The confirmed cases of three conscripts are interconnected and related to one of the focal points in the country. According to epidemiological studies, these servicemen were previously isolated, which significantly reduced the risk of further spread of the infection.