This power is our power

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Carlos Raisyan writes:

“I left home to travel around Yerevan, particularly in the small center. At almost every intersection, four police officers were watching the traffic. First of all, it was eye-catching to the extent that they were kind and correct, but at the same time they were persistent and alert to the state of emergency. Those who know me know that I don't have that much loyalty to the police, and if I write this, then they do really extraordinary work.

There were very few pedestrians who were mostly journalists with badges. The other dozens of people I met were in masks and gloves. At the grocery store and pharmacy entrance, one worker was almost always clinging to the customers' hands. I didn't see any other shops or other facilities except banks and small shutters.

The prime minister announced in the morning that there would be no power cuts if utilities fail. A week ago the prime minister instructed creditors to delay credit payments by almost all financial institutions for at least a month. Only financial institution did not agree to delay payments, the Central Bank announced today that's license is being revoked.

I think it is unnecessary to talk about the work to be done in the health care system, because not only are many, many working well, but also the first, if not the first, in the world at the level of productivity, care and organization they have done.

I do not want and will not even compare what would have happened if it had been under the former authorities, but I would consistently stress that this power is our power, this power educates and teaches us, this power is for us and this The government needs our help and the same care as our residents need the help and care of the government.

Everything will be fine : Right now, everything is as good as possible in this situation, that's just as good as maximum.

If we continue in the same spirit, with the same organization, and with the same care, we will not only come out with minimal losses but also with much more positive energy, more respect for one another and a sharp rise in legal awareness.
Be healthy and keep going. "